ILIFE,intelligent sweeping robot's own brand of the ILIFE INNOVATION LIMITED relying on advanced technology, stable quality , extraordinary design , and efficient supply chain , ILIFE Robotic vacuum cleaners gain good reputation from customers all over the world.

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"ILIFE has launched a large low-noise suction sweeper, sweep drag integrated machine, navigational sweeping machine and navigational washing machine."

4.8 out of 5

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what people are saying
I was previously had the basic Il iLife model and so I wanted to upgrade to something more elaborate. A6 is an elegant powerful vaccum robot that is able to cover all my needs for an almost 75 m2 house. <br><br>Its easy to program it for automatic everyday use at a constant hour and the best part is that it returns in the initial position - for charging - by itself. I use it on tiles and does a pretty fine job. I would suggest A6 over the other vaccus because it has much power nice baterry, quickness and low noise operation...and most importantly for the way it looks! ELEGANT
Jestem zachwycona.<br>Przesyłka Fast szła do mnie tylko 2 dni (nie licząc weekendów)<br>Odkurza idealnie zbiera sierść po dwóch kotach i psie. Zawsze wynajdzie jakieś paprochy chociaż wydaje się ze jest czysto.<br>Z mopowaniem tez daje radę ,jeździ trochę chaotycznie ale jak da mu się czas to każde miejsce umyje i odkurzy. <br>Dobry stosunek jakości do ceny.<br>Polecam w 100%
odkurzacz robi swoją robotę, działa trochę chaotycznie ale pomaga utrzymać porządek w tygodniu, kiedy nie ma czasu wyjąć dużego odkurzacza. jedyną wadą jest to, że odkurzacz nie chce wjeżdżać na czarną wycieraczkę, bo myśli, że dojeżdża do krawędzi. niestety nie da się wyłączyć czujników. wirtualna ściana czasem przepuszcza odkurzacz.
I bought this because I didn't have the experience for using house-use cleaning robot.<br>This item was so cheap but the function was satisfied as my 1st robot.<br><br>The package was very fine with double-boxing for this fragile machine.<br>The remote control function is very simple, but that's great for daily use.<br><br>I couldn't mentioned about the wet sweeping 'cause I didn't use yet.
This vacuum exceeded my expectations, it cleans bare floors GREAT. It works well on short hair carpet but make sure your carpet or rugs don’t constantly shed. If they do then you will have to clean the rotor brush daily and it usually blocks the front wheel which causes it to go into circles. It’s very easy to pop out the wheel and clean the sensor so no big problem.
I thought this would be a gimmick but it really does clean the carpets and place itself back on charge reliable every day, I just keep the floor cleared of clutter and empty the bin, much less effort than vacuuming at all!
Bardzo dobry zakup jak wszystko od ILIFE. Dobre bo tanie i bezawaryjne. Kolejna kostka mojego inteligentnego domu ;)
Works like expected !<br>(not compared with others)<br>very good packed!<br>(into two boxes)<br>quick delivered!<br>(within 6 days)<br>Thats the reason of the reating<br>Thx
It,s moves chaotically. But but it vacuuming good. We can program it to turn on everyday, but only to a discharged battery. Not for example 1 hour.
Great value for money - does a great job at a price that is 1/5 of iRobot! Recommended this to friends that also bought it and are pleased.
com o tempo a peça começa a desgastar aconselho a compra de mais para depois substituir.chegou rapido e de facil montagem
Good quality items. Easy to replace spares. I would definitely recommend these items.
com o tempo a peça começa a desgastar aconselho a compra de mais para depois substituir.<br>chegou rapido e de facil montagem
i love it, i think this is one of the best things i ever bought in your website and i like very much.
i love it, i think this is one of the best things i ever bought in your website and i like very much.
it perfectly fits on vacuum and shipped fast but could be cheaper for its build quality
Very nice product, it does what it design for very well. About 25 days to reach me.
Working very good as my X5 filter.<br>looks like the original.<br>very good price.
good quality product as expected suitable for vacuum cleaners
increíble poder de succión, he comprado para toda la familia y después de muchos meses de uso casi a diario funcionan ala perfección,<br>los recambios ademas son muy economicos
Artigo de excelente qualidade que faz exatamente o que promete sendo tambem muito bonito ao nivel estetico
This is by far the best robotic vacuum cleaner I've ever used
Item is 100% suitable for my V7S vacuum cleaner and is mounted in one minute. As everytime great performance.
Fonctionne bien, télécommande originale, à remplacé celle que j ai perdu
wie gewünscht, Versand super schnell, toll verpackt
Otimo produto em relação qualidade/preço
Suplentes muito bons