IMALENT Smart Flashlights The innovative design concepts and superior performance of these LED Flashlight models are a result of IMALENT assembling the best R&D team that not only exhibits a heritage of technical expertise, but also possesses a background of outdoor experience. IMALENT products are often the preferred choice of professionals engaged in unforgiving activities such as mountaineering, search and rescue, avalanche rescue, law enforcement, and other military and outdoor pursuits where your light cannot fail.

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Отличный универсальный фонарь, можно использовать как налобный или как ручной, нагрудный для чего имеется клипса. Интерестно реализовано изменение яркости фонаря, нажать кнопку и держать при этом режимы переключаются друг за другом по очереди, а потом просто отпустить когда будет достигнут нужный. Удобно то что турбо режим 3000 люмен включается отдельно двойным нажатием. Очень удобная магнитная зарядка, не нужно каждый раз вынимать аккумулятор. Наличие в комплекте высокотокового аккумулятора емкостью 3000 mAh.
(Google translate)<br>Nice toy for big boys. Bought with a coupon for 189 €. Supplied from a warehouse in Germany. It illuminates well and has a lot of energy in the battery. Indicated 32000lm luminous flux is unrealistic. According to the technical data used LED will be a maximum of 25000 to 28000lm. Spare battery I bought at for 98 €.
The lightcolour of the HR20 NW is great. i think its neutral white with 5000k and that makes it to a gread headlamp with ramping and a lot of throw. The HR20 comes with 18650 battery and could charge the battery inside, so you only need this package..
Good amount of lumens although they are not totally real. Good quality of materials. All accessories included.
The light offers three steady modes and one flashing mode, this light set is a comparative bargain, environmentally friendly feature, construction is sturdy and of good quality, after using various bike lights, thanks for the great product
Even against its big brother the DX80, this DT70 completely holds its own. The batteries have stayed within a tenth of a volt of each other after numerous cycles. The 8k lumen mode is frankly all you should ever need.
Отличный универсальный фонарь, можно использовать как налобный или как ручной, нагрудный для чего имеется клипса. Не обычно для такого фонаря отсутствие магнита в задней крышке. Интерестно реализовано изменение яркости фонаря, плавно без ступенчато с помощью колесика в верхней части.
it is so good. well made quality. the beam is so far for small body. no different between 1500 and 2000 lumens
The flashlight is strong and universal in its use. It has a stageless strength setting. The build quality is good - like every Imalent flashlight.
It's a really good charger, thank you! I need this for my flashlight and it was really the most profitable alternative among other.
-Batterias 26650 de gran capacidad, en test arrojan cerca de 5000 ma de carga con una gran capacidad de descarga