JETBeam Electronic Technology Co.Ltd, was established in China. JETBeam Electronic Technology Co.Ltd,offers the best products as amazingFlash lights.JETBeam Electronic Technology Co.Ltd. focused on the Flash lights. (8 years later,JETBeam Electronic Technology Co.Ltd, employs more than 100 people.)Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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4.8 out of 5

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Excellent build. Excellent brightness.<br>Nice holster and lanyard.<br>A very good high-drain battery included.<br>Very beautiful design<br>Very very good heat dispersion... it will eventually overheat ONLY on turbo. On high it will run for as long as the battery can.<br><br>Cons:<br>No instant turbo. If you start cycling modes, you need to cycle them all until you get back to turbo again.<br>HOWEVER, whatever and whenever you press it activates the strobe that nobody needs, so be ready to accidentally strobe all the time.<br>Each time you remove the battery (or tailcap) you need too re-enable hight drain mode or your max output will be 2000lm. Nothing about this in the instructions manual, at least nothing understandable in english.
Quality light from a well-known and respected manufacturer. Two modes. Torsion head switching. Made of aluminum. Very good workmanship. I really liked it. I recommend.
Very bright LED. Not the brightest on the market but the light is nice and strong. One AAA battery. Three levels of brightness (with memory for the last one used). Great for the price. Very well made. Definitely recommended
Lanterna bem compacta, com excelente qualidade construtiva e com excelente performance.<br><br>sugestão: Ter atenção com a posição do clipe na hora de montar a tampa da lanterna, observando o alinhamento da trava do clipe com a ranhura no corpo da lanterna.
esta pequeña tiene una gran potencia de luz, la gente se sorprende cuando la enciendo piensan que es una linterna mayor usa pilas especiales CR123 pero se pueden conseguir recargables por internet
Lanterna com alta capacidade de luminosidade, extremamente compacta e fácil utilização. vem sem a bateria, porem foi fácil de encontrar uma compatível
Doesn't come with battery, but it has good build quality, great power, great funcionalities for a very reasonable price.
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