Shenzhen Aurora Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2009, the first batch enterprises who specializing in building a 3D printing digital ecosystem, involving in the major developing and manufacturing of 3d printer, 3d filament, 3d education& classes service, 3d printing cloud platform and 3d integrative service. Currently, we has become one of the most influential high-tech enterprises. The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment. We believe, follow our heart and continuous innovation, providing the excellent products and service to the clients, we will win the future. In fact, we have been recognized as the rank of top 20th of global 3D printing and the outstanding integrated service providers in 3D printing industry in 2014, the designated 3d printer supplier of China Science and Technology Museum, China Science and Technology Museum Development Foundation in 2015, and the unique listed company of desktop 3d printer in China in 2017. Our products and services become the benchmark in 3D printing industry, and passed the ISO9001:2015 Certificate.

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It's my first 3D printer, but the third CNC machine. It looks nice, the materials are strong metal, with some plastic parts.The color touch LCD really gives a good user experience, because here all of the informations are easy read, understand and learn.<br>When it arrived, the package was in a good condition, but the filament-feedermotor-holder was bent. Fortunatelly I could fix it in 5 mins. The assembly to be read to use took trully 10 mins (7 screws and 3 wireplugs and thats all). The USB drive contains all of the instructions needed, and there are slicers for use (Cure and JGcreat). The JGCreat software looks designed for our printer, so using this to make gcode from an stl file will not cause unexpected surpises.<br><br>Based on the first trials, the Black Diamond glass is not so adhesive as it's written, but with some Hair lacquer it really usable!<br>The printing quality is really good, much better than a cheap acrilic printer (eg. A8) can be able to reach w/o tunings. I think is cheaper and efficient to buy an equipment with good parts and solutions integrated than buy a cheap printer and replace all the parts to make it usable.<br> <br>Unfortunatelly this JGAURORA A3S machine uses the widely used cheap LM8UU guides, and after 2 hours long failureless printing one of the guide get crased on the Y axle. I could replace it (costs 1USD), but it's recommended to change all of them to DryLin bearings.<br><br>After this 3 difficultes (bent holderplate, Hairlacquer to glassplate, replace broken bearing), I did not face any more annoying issue.<br>As a summary I really recommend this printer! It's also worthwhile to buy for beginners, but some mechanical experience is always recommended!
At first I have to say that the printer has a good structure, is easy to assemble and works well within the expected. The calibration of the bed is a bit annoying as it should be automatic. the impressions are of a good quality decent but not professional, I have only had it two semes and has been correctly defined so far. The connecting cables should be covered not outdoors, it is a good printer for people who are just starting out in 3D printing, but for someone who wants professional jobs they should invest a lot more money. This is not why it is economical, except when, as in my case, shipping is very far, which increases its value by 120%. the printer is well built, has a good performance and is good to start.
After I burned my power supply. I take more careful about check list before I turn on the printer.
the product works very well. Fast delivery. I will buy it again. I recommend buying at GEARBEST. I think everyone will be happy
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