You may come to the city for many years, still not familiar with the city, often fell distress by not find the road You may driving at least twice a day , but for safety driving , a lot of beauty scenery can not take into account ... ... You may be a car driver, always encounter some drivers who do not comply with traffic regulations ... ... You may know that it is dangerous to answer the phone when driving, but for work .... Why the car as a transport which composition of thousands of parts can not make us feel the intelligence and security? when driving it may encounter congestion daily, and will worry of traffic accident I'm the same with the car owns, want to offer a colorful life for the car and also improve the security 12 years ago,we chose the automotive electronics as our research direction, and strive to build colorful intelligent life for the car. In 2013 we created the Junsun brand, and Junsun always stand in the perspective of the customer to offer the humanized design products, to identify with the customer, to improve the user Experience. Although the road ahead may not be flat, but we have not changed from the beginning.

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Dashcam macht Qualitativ einen guten Eindruck. Mit etwas handwerklichen Geschick lässt Sie sich auch gut verbauen. Um wirklich alle Kabel nicht sichtbar zu verbauen müssen einige Verkleidungen im Auto entfernt werden. Für den elektronischen Anschluss ist alles gut vorbereitet inkl. Sicherungen. Die Kamera hat den Vorteil das Sie ohne eigenen Akku auskommt, der somit auch nicht nach einiger Zeit den Geist aufgibt ! <br>Die Kamera bekommt einen Dauerplus und einen Zündungsplus , startet entsprechend bei eingeschalteter Zündung die Aufnahme und beendet Sie entsprechend.<br>Es ist vor dem Kauf nur darauf zu achten das der Fuß vom Innenspiegel nicht zu gross ist.
I have purchase Junsun E515 received , very good parking. Unboxed the item and installed in my Maruthy Wagon R by my self. Verygood product. 64 mb microsoft sdcard installed. Working very well. Thankyou Gear best.
Very satisfied with price . Works great ! . It is an overall great product ! You can watch live images from the car on your mobile phone .
rivenditore affidabilissimo arrivato prodotto prima dei tempi previsti ,curato l'imballaggio e prodotto di pregevole fattura. Dopo averlo montato e testato saprò dare un giudizio.
kamerayı yaklaşık 1 yıldır kullanıyorum güzel. ama telefon desteği yok maalesef sadece wifi den bağlanıp videoları izleyebiliyorsun ama kaydedemiyorsun saçma bir durum.
Utilisé principalement comme dashcam et camera de recul. L'assistant a la conduite est bien, reconnait bien les voitures sur la meme voie et les voitures en sens inverse.
Fiyatına göre çok güzel bir kamera. Daha fazla ödeme yapmaya gerek yok.