JXD is a brand focuses on design and producing tablet PCs. JXD is originally a famous China domestic electronics company and its JXD International was founded in 2012, to aim building up an international leading tablet PC brand.

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I am very pleased!, it was nicely packaged and the game itself was very cool, An excellent tablet that I am constantly using, Good sound quality and good picture quality

4.7 out of 5

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Not had a chance to fly as this is a gift for a friend, delivery took sometime but ordered with several other items, have read reviews about people having fly away issues, not sure if these ppl calibrated the GPS before each flight, but have found with other drones that it's worth taking the extra time to do this each flight, also as this is controlled via the phone app, I wonder if its worth disabling the phone network when flying, possible incoming calls and messages could result in a disconnect
Как же хорошо что я догадался купить её сразу с коптером. Как раз за один полёт умудрился потерять сразу 3 из 4 комплектных защит. Благо дополнительные выруличи. Выполнены из того же материала и также размечены куда должны крепится, в общем штука нужная особенно для новичков типа меня.
This is a nice little drone with FPV camera (WiFi), very stable and easy to fly. Very good quality for the price.With protective frame for propellers, a beginner can pilot it safely indoors.
Great drone for beginner, mid-range, multi-featured, good camera resolution, fast delivery and arrived in perfect condition. It comes with smartphone support and battery life is reasonable.
it is very easy to fly<br>mobile app is easy to use<br>good quality<br>8 minutes flying time<br>camera is great<br>2mp<br>easily carried in pocket
Maybe the price? There are no special advantages. <br>Нет особых преимуществ. Может только цена?
this toy drone will give you kind of good quality images and will bring you and your kids how hours of playtime... try not to crash it and if you do plastic glue will do the job.
azert csak negy csillag mert kb.4 honap utan kezdett puposodni,hozzavetolegesen 15-20 alkalommal volt feltoltve.<br>Amugy eleg strapabiro akumulatorok.<br>Thanks
Este foi o meu 1o drone o que me permitiu ganhar algum ‘calo’ neste mundo.<br>Requer algumas calibracões manuais o que permite entender o seu funcionamento.<br>Não se pode no entanto esperar que um equipamento deste valor seja equiparável a um topo de gama.
I got them as a gift, for free. It's nice to have extars for a change.
Il miglior vantaggio è il prezzo per questo prodotto, qualità ottima e spedizione entro i termini previsti
Il miglior vantaggio è il prezzo per questo prodotto, qualità ottima e spedizione entro i termini previsti
ótimo equipamento...<br>chegou perfeito<br>tive problemas com o prazo no meu país, devido aos correios
com uma boa resolução de imagem <br>fácil manuseamento<br>app muito fácil<br>leve e compacto cabe no bolso<br>vem c instruções em inglês
good item and decent quality. could be more durable.
Drone básico para iniciantes. Demora um pouco para Sincronizar mas depois é só diversão.
high quality drone, a lot of specs and feature to use from. highly recommend
Fácil de manejar. Recomendo. É como o descritivo..