KCamel was established in China.IRINoffers the best products as amazingKCamelfocused on the .Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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Again the order process was easy to fulfill, the price of the ABS was very good and became even better with "My Points" earned with previous orders. Payment was safe using Paypal and further processing of the order was smooth and fast. The status updates are very usefull and show how little time the complete process takes. Delivery within two days coming from the Gearbest Spain warehouse to Portugal with a transport company that has high standards in planning, communication and customer service. <br>For sure I will keep GearBest on my shortlist of favorite suppliers.
Fine filament, solid quality. White also is very neutral color, goes well with everything. Very recomended for those who just entered 3D printing world or those who need color or filamanet for universal use
Качество СУПЕР, запах отсутствует, запечатано хорошо, пришло за 20 дней, качество печати отличное, единственный минус Российской почте помяли коробку, сами катушки не пострадали
I am just starting out with printing and i am happy to shop with gear best the place where i bought my first 3d printer . i am very happy with price and the service nothing damaged and friendly couriers. An the points system is inviting as well.
Buen material, resistente y muy flexible, llego rápido y seguro, no es elástico pero es lo que estaba buscando, ademas el acabado es bueno, un consejo para las personas que recién empiecen con este material es que deben modificar su extrusor para que el filamento no se atore durante la la impresión con un archivo en Thingiverse pero solo eso.
Best quality on Gearbest, never fails absolutely love it.<br>Shipping and handling a very fast as usual.
Good quality for this price range<br>Good details<br>coloration is very beautifull<br>no problems with the extruder motor and with the hotend
Printed with 230 C for a nozzle and 65 C for Bed.<br><br>Results are very good.<br><br>It's possible to print it in a 3D printer with a Bowden.<br><br>I printed it on Ender 3<br><br>Color is nice - intensive
Other than the airtight packaging bring punctured, the product is as described.
Used it on ANet A8, worked perfectly.<br><br>The filament seems to be of good quality and I'm very happy with the results<br><br>good price for the product
1.sipariş verdikten kısa süre sonra elime ulaştı<br>2.fiyat bakımından düşünülmeden alınabilecek bir ürün<br>3.kaliteli ürün <br>4.herkese tavsiye ederim
Blends in well aesthetically. Beech wood colored but this is not wood. Matches almost exactly the IKEA Beech color when printed.
The filament has a good quality, I use it at 200 °C, I don't have problems with the printing and it provides a good surface quality.
Super PLA Filament. Spule wurde luftdicht und unbeschädigt geliefert. Der Durchmesser hat keine allzu großen Abweichungen. Die Spule ist dazu noch super ordentlich gewickelt. <br>Ich drucke es am liebsten mit 200C und 50C druck bett. <br><br>Einfach TOP!!!
i like it <br>and the great thing it came in time <br>im new in the 3d printing<br>and i was so happy with this filament colour
Filaments very well packaged in plastic and box carton, with no air particles in their packaging, fast and efficient.
Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!
Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!
Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!<br>Great quality product!
Love the colour. Prints good around 250 degrees and heat bed of 90. Wpuld recommend and definitely order again.
The product came fast without any problems, good package, didn't tried it yet. <br>Very easy ordering process.
I like this product alot i works great with med cr10.... it came fast in the mail... all in all a god product :)
it was in good shape and quality. ccolors are good , feels like that you wont dissapoint on it.
Works as expected. A safe neutral colour so a must have in stock.
quite good quality for this abs. It is transparent, however, after printing, the product finishes with a white colour and much less transparency.
Bon filament<br>La qualité est bonne. <br>Vous pouvez imprimer beaucoup de choses avec elle<br>Suggestion<br>Il n'y a rien de mal à ce produit
good produt i recomend ir os good and have Nice color
K-Camel 340M 1.75mm ABS white<br>good nothing to tell <br>Print with a anet a8 without any problem <br>bed at 100°C and nozzle at 230°C
Esta marca parece que funciona bien es de calidad media buena. Imprime bien. el precio normal. estoy satisfecho.
ürün kalitesinin güzel olduğunu düşünüyorum. onerecegim arkadaşlarım olacak.