KINGKONGwas established in China.IRINoffers the best products as amazing KINGKONG focused on the .Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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I purchased this drone and had high expectations for the quality of the product! I can tell you that I am not disappointed.. Product is exactly as advertised.. I have been flying it for some time now and can tell you it is one of my best drones, I have multiple drones but I always seem to come back to the KINGKONG ET125... I have purchased quite a few products from Gearbest, and everything I have purchased from them has been excellently packaged and delivered in good working condition. They do a wonderful job with the merchandise.. It does take quite a bit longer to get here through the regular m ail. But If you want it delivered more quickly you always can pay the additional fees to get it delivered more quickly. All the prices are very reasonable and in a lot of cases they are lower then most of the other sites I have seen... So I am satisfied and will continue to shop with them..
Вот и пришел мне мой заказанный по акции 130-й шустрик в обновленной версии! хотя я думал, что придёт до рестайлинг с плохой батареей и старыми моторами от которых избавляется продавец из-за того, что все берут рестайлинг. Я был приятно удивлен когда вскрыл посылку и увидел там обновленную версию Кингкоши))) Спасибо продавцу за такую сочную скидку,без неё бы не купил себе этого шустрика! Жаль только не успел до нового года прийти. Короче я доволен!
Not many 2,3 inch props out there, but these have plenty of thrust and bite on 3s. Really like how they fly and for the money I paid for them (1,44€ for 10 pairs) they're incredible value. They are heavier than most 2 inch props, but in return very sturdy (like a 3 inch prop). So be sure your motor has the power to turn them!
this is one of the best drones that I've purchased in a long time performed very well very fast very quick agile and durable have went through many crashes and still runs perfect to this day love this drone would buy over recommend this to anybody
These are great props for the M80 - a good fit and much less prone to prop-wash. They probably don't produce quite as much lift as a good four blade, but as a learner a slightly calmer flying experience is all for the good.
This is my second 95gt, they stopped selling it in my country. After the order was shipped it got to me in 3 days, very efficient service, I’d definitely recommend this one
This is the ultimate starter drone , great for learning tricks .Its am absolute beast , it is indistructable and it flies awesome a big thumbs up for the et 100 !
It is very good, original spare parts! Good parts! This is my second order of this propeller guard. Drone it self is amazing!
this is the best propeller for zing 110 or similar quadcopter, very good quality and performance result.beatifoul color and easy strong fix at the quad with two screw for each propeller
아직 사용은 안 했지만<br>1104 모터에 잘 맞을듯 하고요..<br>들어있는 볼트는 5mm<br>짜리인 듯 합니다.
It was a good purchase for me. Works perfect so far!
I was thrilled with it!!!
The quality is good.
The quality is good.