Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co. Ltd., 2014, the registered capital of 1 million, 30 employees, e-commerce team professional development: mainly for wholesale B2B, company culture: the company to "focus on the headset, hard service" as the core value, all to customer demand as the center, hope that through professional standards and unremitting efforts, reshaping the enterprise network image, provide service guidance for the enterprise product promotion of cultural development; Product development and sales of the original Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co., the company focused on the field of electro acoustic, dedicated to domestic and foreign users of various levels of professional excellence and cost-effective products. The company currently has more than the industry's top acoustic engineers, as well as the complete supply chain advantages, can provide customers with the appearance of the design and internal structure design and complete acoustic rectification program. A sound quality performance and magic sound (Monster)'s high-end headphones sound quality products, we need only a dozen yuan of the cost of the product can be made. And the left and right ear plus or minus tolerance control in 2DB (the standard tolerance of the international headset is positive and negative 3DB) quality is stable and reliable. We are very familiar with the current international big name headphone audio tuning direction and technical specifications, so we can also make and some international big name some of the high-end product 1:1 sound quality. But the absolute advantage of the cost price, I believe that every customer will like. Our company to the advantage of product technology as the cornerstone of the industry into the industry, the production of a number of manufacturers refused to manufacture some low-end products. We can use the amount to control costs, but can not be used to reduce the cost of quality, which is the basis of our foothold. The company now has a number of long-term cooperation of OEM and ODM customers, product lines are set for the high-end market, customer product sales prospects are clear. The company currently owns two brands, KZ and G.K, in the Chinese market quite well received by users.

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Auriculares "In-Ear" con muy buena calidad de sonido. Se escuchan muy bien las bajas frecuencias.<br><br>No son demasiado pesados. He estado varias horas seguidas con ellos puestos y no he tenido ninguna molestia. Se adaptan muy bien a la forma de la oreja (por lo menos en la mía). Además, los alambres que llevan los cables son muy prácticos<br><br>Las conexiones de dos pines de los cables con los auriculares son muy fuertes, lo cual es bueno para evitar desconexiones no deseadas.<br><br>El único detalle es que si te fijas en los cables interiores, ya que la carcasa es translúcida, da la sensación de que la calidad del ensamblaje no es muy alta. Aún así, no parece afectar al uso normal del dispositivo.
Español:El mejor precio por el nuevo módulo Bluetooth de KZ.Suenan bien para ser Bluetooth y sirve mucho por si tiene que andar con ellos afuera.Probado en unos Kzs10 suenan muy bien , no hay problema con la conexión Bluetooth se puede ver la batería del Módulo Bluetooth en Android 8.1.0 Recomiendo está Compra<br>English: The best price for the new KZ Bluetooth module. They sound good for Bluetooth and it is very useful in case you have to walk with them outside. Tested in a Kzs10 they sound very good, there is no problem with the Bluetooth connection you can see the battery of the Bluetooth Module in Android 8.1.0 I recommend it is Purchase
Дизайн<br>10/10<br>Кабель<br>10/10<br>Звук<br>8/10<br>Зависит от того что вы слушаете в каком качестве.<br>Хорошо пойдут для стилей инструментал (блюз джаз классика поп) електроника (чилвейв эмбиент транс спейс синт итд) <br>Для любого метала весьма задараны ВЧ "звенят"<br>Бас приятный не навязчивый но и не "обволакивает"<br>Это не чистая арматура а гибрид динамического и арматурного излучателя.
В целом не плохо. Звук подтянули, Улучшилась эргономика за счет уравновешенных "хреновен" (начиненных аккумулятором и электроникой) и качество сборки. Вроде бы ура! вот он хит! <br>Но, никто не любит обманутых надежд! Обещали улучшить качество приема-передачи, а по факту - связь отваливается при повороте головы! А это очень раздражает! Поэтому две звезды минус.
I have a pair of KZ ZS5 and ZS3, tested with the standard and bluetooth cables. This type-C cable is hands down the best improvement for the headphones. It increased the power delivered to the KZ ZS5 IEMs. It used to sound underpowered at 100% volume on my smartphone. With this cable I rarely exceed 60%. Simply amazing. <br><br>I hope that KZ will start including this type-c and/or its 3.5 mm analogue into all of its products!
KZ é uma otima marca de fones de ouvido, qualidade do som é perfeita, fones fabricado com material resistente que vai me permitir o uso por muito tempo.<br>Acho que poderia vim com um cabo reserva.<br>Vantagem dele é sem duvida a qualidade pelo preço quem é vendido, permite substituir a troca no cabo caso aconteça algum acidente, recomendei para todo mundo que perguntar sobre o fone.
Un excelente precio calidad, suenan muy bien, nunca había tenido unos Full Armature, pero puedo decir que tiene un excelente detalle, audio espaciado, en general tiene un audio balanceado, y por si eres de esos que les gusta el bajo, tiene un muy marcado bajo, no tanto como los ZS10 que te lo da un Driver dinámico, pero aún así, los tiene muy marcados. <br><br>En imagen, el color aqua, o verde o turquesa, cómo les quieran decir, no les hace justicia en persona, es un verde muy sutil y elegante. <br><br>Tiempo de entrega a México, 5 días.
Headphones are super!<br>The sound is crystal clear, clear, detailed. LF do not prevail, sufficiently clear and not smeared, the MF is bright and juicy, the HF does not reach 20kHz, according to my sensations, but it plays nicely for the ear.<br>I am very pleased with this product and if there was an opportunity, would order again!
The headphones are excellent, the sound is clean, made with good materials. I recommend buying it. Наушники отличные, звучание чистое, сделаны с хороших материалов. К покупке рекомендую.
I have the KZ ES4, so it already came with the new copper style cable. But I have to say there is a clear difference in music quality. Everything sounds more lively and full.<br><br>I'm no audiophile so I can't explain technically, but the music quality has definitely improved. My music source is a Galaxy S9 with Amazon Prime music.
Headphones are good, so for their price especially. I took a friend, I use an older model myself, everything suits me. The sound is good, the basses are present, the quality of the design and a very good wire.
High-quality sound<br>Excellent build<br>Strong cable sheath, also cable does not get tangled<br>The plug and kinks of the speakers are additionally protected from fracture
Отличный звук за эти деньги<br>Металлический корпус, дизайн прекрасный<br>Съемный кабель<br>Угловой коннектор<br>Пульт работает на Android
nice color green<br>kz is puting out another great model<br>good for monitoring<br>clear and nice sound<br>bass is amazing<br>i will buy more of those for sure
can be used for monitoring<br>fit is pretty good for the price<br>shell is some kind similar like kz zs10<br>sound isolation and bass is amazing
Эти наушники за свою цену просто находка. В таком ценовом сегменте лучший вариант. Звук просто превосходный. Огромным плюсом является съёмный кабель.<br>Как всегда быстрая доставка, хорошая упаковка товара.<br>Минусов не выявила.<br>Всем, всем. всем рекомендую.
Entrega rápida!<br>Produto muito bem acabado, agora em plástico, antes o ZS5 é de metal onde ficava um pouco pesado. Agora muito mais confortável. Som muito equilibrado.
great new model<br>shell is like for zs10<br>sound is great<br>fit and bass also<br>can be used for monitoring<br>will try all KZs now
muy buen producto en lo relacionado calidad/precio los materiales son de buena calidad exelente audio no se puede pedir más a la marca kz
Pros<br>- Solid little Case<br>- Metal pin in the hinge<br>- Decent clasp<br>- Has cutaway for a strap or lanyard
For the price, these are mostly the best earphones you can get. Robust body, nice sound, easy to use.<br>Recommending this for anyone, who want to have good phones for cheap price
Навушники повністю відповідають опису. Упаковано в фірмову коробку. В комплекті навушники і насадки трьох розмірів. Після розпаковки випробував їх на кількох тестових треках і мелодіях. Звук шикарний. Правий і лівий навушники не перепутані (в якомусь відгуку читав про такий косяк). В цілому навушки для своєї ціни класні. Рекомендую.
Love these little cases!! Perfect for chargers and headphones. There were enough for my Bluetooth headset, all of my various ear buds (multiple fit in each case!), and I even used one for my Square credit card reader
*Los colores que maneja la tienda son increíbles<br>*Los materiales son resistentes y de buena calidad<br>*Tienen un espacio considerable para todo ya que actualmente guardo mis audífonos con cable, las gomitas de repuesto, modulo Bluetooth y el cable para cargarlo.<br>*Tiene un costo muy bajo en relación calidad precio.
Amazing value earphones that have good sound quality and detachable cables.<br><br>The cables can be replaced and they are only a few dollars each which is fantastic.<br><br>No other issues from me.
Buenos materiales y cálida ideales para mis audífonos KZ ED12 o KZ ES3, lejos calidad en sonido ya los huso para una mejor experiencia considero que no hay mejor marca en auditorio como KZ
Buenos materiales y cálida ideales para mis audífonos KZ ED12 o KZ ES3, lejos calidad en sonido ya los huso para una mejor experiencia considero que no hay mejor marca en auditorio como KZ
The price is very good<br>I received what I expected<br>the audio quality is good.<br>the materials are resistant.
I'm happy with the purchase. Sound quality is great. Factory packaging and product quality are also impeccable. I can only recommend!
Very cheap, usefull, resistent. I liked it a lot. And I found it very pretty. For some reason, I loved the simple design of it.