Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co. Ltd., 2014, the registered capital of 1 million, 30 employees, e-commerce team professional development: mainly for wholesale B2B, company culture: the company to "focus on the headset, hard service" as the core value, all to customer demand as the center, hope that through professional standards and unremitting efforts, reshaping the enterprise network image, provide service guidance for the enterprise product promotion of cultural development; Product development and sales of the original Shenzhen Yuan Ze Electronics Co., the company focused on the field of electro acoustic, dedicated to domestic and foreign users of various levels of professional excellence and cost-effective products. The company currently has more than the industry's top acoustic engineers, as well as the complete supply chain advantages, can provide customers with the appearance of the design and internal structure design and complete acoustic rectification program. A sound quality performance and magic sound (Monster)'s high-end headphones sound quality products, we need only a dozen yuan of the cost of the product can be made. And the left and right ear plus or minus tolerance control in 2DB (the standard tolerance of the international headset is positive and negative 3DB) quality is stable and reliable. We are very familiar with the current international big name headphone audio tuning direction and technical specifications, so we can also make and some international big name some of the high-end product 1:1 sound quality. But the absolute advantage of the cost price, I believe that every customer will like. Our company to the advantage of product technology as the cornerstone of the industry into the industry, the production of a number of manufacturers refused to manufacture some low-end products. We can use the amount to control costs, but can not be used to reduce the cost of quality, which is the basis of our foothold. The company now has a number of long-term cooperation of OEM and ODM customers, product lines are set for the high-end market, customer product sales prospects are clear. The company currently owns two brands, KZ and G.K, in the Chinese market quite well received by users.

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If you like to put things into your ears and then require tweezers to get them out, these are your eartips.<br> Tried with my KZ ZSN and some Xiaomi Piston and, as you can see in the video, they can't hold the eartips, so once you take your earphones out of your ears, the eartips will stay.<br> Little advice, do not push them too deep. Better advice, do not use them.<br> Never have any problem with Gearbest, but lately, almost four in a row.<br> By the way, to say something positive, KZ ZSN, fantastic earphones.<br><br> Si te gusta ponerte cosas en los oídos y depués necesitar unas pinzas para sacarlas, éstos son tus almohadillas.<br> He probado con mis KZ ZSN y con unos Xiaomi Piston y, cómo podéis ver en el video, no soportan las almohadillas, por lo que una vez te quitas los auriculares, ésas se quedan dentro.<br> Pequeño consejo, no las empujéis muy profunas. Mejor consejo, no las uséis.<br> Nunca tuve ningún problema con Gearbest pero últimamente casi cuatro seguidos.<br> De paso, para decir algo positivo, KZ ZSN, unos auriculares fantásticos.
I must say for this price this earphones are great!! I just can't believe how clear they sound! They're clear and have a decent amount of base. With an eq the earphones can easily produce sound to any kind of preference. I had earphones that cost 3 times this price and these are better definitely. The cable is good quality only it's a bit "sticky" kind rubber that sometimes isn't good, they are definitely not for sports.<br>I loved the KZ's and will certainly try more of their models.
Ero alla ricerca di una coppia di auricolari senza il microfono perché la presa audio del mio notebook impazziva con un connettore a tre tacche.<br><br>Ho trovato questi KZ che mi hanno subito colpito per il loro design minimal e dark.<br><br>Ma la sorpresa più grande è stata provandoli: CHE POTENZA!<br><br>La resa dei bassi è favolosa e se ben posizionati sono completamente isolanti.<br><br>Sono rimasto davvero impressionato della loro qualità nonostante il loro basso prezzo. Per non parlare dell'affidabilità del rivestimento del filo e la robustezza del connettore. <br><br>Davvero consigliati!
I must say for this price this earphones are great!! I just can't believe how clear they sound! They're clear and have a decent amount of base. With an eq the earphones can easily produce sound to any kind of preference. I had earphones that cost 3 times this price and these are better definitely. The cable is good quality only it's a bit "sticky" kind rubber that sometimes isn't good.<br>I loved the KZ's and will certainly try more of their models.
The headphones came quickly and fine. The goods are nicely wrapped. Sound over Xiaomi Piston more bass, what my son appreciated. Overall, the headphones are super-crafted, we'll see how much they'll last.
These are not the best in-ears in the world, but they are far from the worst. The sound is a little on the bassy side with distinct lake of mids and highs but you get what you pay for.<br><br>They are also not the most comfortable ones but at least they are resistant and don't break in a few days
Bought these for my KZ ZS3, works extra so far. Built quality, surprised by it, and the cable itself is lengthy enough. Battery have a long live and consumption is awesome. Ease of use, easily attached to the existing standard cable slots on my ZS3. Sound volume is great ,Same as my corded normal ZS3 (which was my crucial option)
The KZ ES3 are great earphones for their price. I've had then since one year,and they are simply unrivaled at their price point. They have a V shape sound signature,so they have pretty good bass and treble,but midrange parts like vocals are recessed. The removable cable is a nice touch. Comfort is also good. They have a 18 ohm impedance and sound loud enough with smartphones
Отличные уши. Удобная посадка, сменный провод (не верьте никому все равно запутывается). Под мои уши подошли отлично. Пользуюсь уже около года, коллеге такие же подарил. Звук немного проще чем скажем в ZSR (которые к слову в мои уше не сели), но более чем достойный для такой цены.
É um um ótimo fone com graves excelentes, ótimo para ouvir músicas acústicas em flas, único contra dele é o agudo é um som muito brilhante que incomoda com o tempo, mas você pode resolver isso com um equalizador.
I'm suprised with this item. Full HD low freq sounds ideally fit with the lo-mid and lo-high and high freq. I tried them my phones and some professional equipment. Sound is clear and perfectly designed. I'll recomend them to my friends. BTW great type of package. I am in love
These earphones are only to recommend:<br>I use them daily for over half a year.<br><br>Cables and connectors don't break and take a lot of beating.<br>The microphone is good audible (but has some wind noise).<br><br>The sound quality is perfect in my opinion.<br>Medium bass and good highs
Muy buenos audífonos buena calidad para el precio que tienen. Los compraría de nuevo sin dudarlo. Son muy resistentes, los he jalado y guardado en condiciones poco adecuadas pero aun así han soportado el trato que les he dado. Me gustó mucho que hayan venido con más almohadillas para los oidos, de diferentes medidas. Audífonos de buena calidad.
A entrega foi muito rápida, chegando em 15 dias. Fones sensacionais, graves e isolamento do som excelentes. São leves e ficam confortáveis nos ouvidos. Os materiais são bons, principalmente do cabo que é emborrachado e trançado. Não tenho nenhuma queixa do produto durante este primeiro mês. Recomendo muito o produto e a GearBest.
Отличные наушники со съемным кабелем, звук очень достойный! <br>Сравнивал с piston 2. В этих показался лучше! Спустя 5 месяцев работают хорошо, однако, если вдруг сломаются - провод можно купить отдельно. Супер!
These in ears sound very nice. Balanced and clean. Occasionally they get sibilant with tracks that have very airy vocals but they are pretty nice overall for the price.
Perfect Cable!Perfect Cable!Perfect Cable!Perfect Cable!Perfect Cable!Perfect Cable!Perfect Cable!Perfect Cable!Perfect Cable!
Bons fones. Comprei para usar em monitoramento sem fio. Tem boa varredura de frequências. Encaixa bem nos ouvidos e o cabo é de excelente qualidade.
Very sturdy and rugged ,compact! Feels nice and will fit nicely in a pocket and doesn't take up much space.
Лучше поздно чем никогда. пишу о том что ими был доволен, звук радовал, а для меня это главный критерий.<br>Но к сожаления потерял.
The hearing aids are perfect, their finish is the sensation of a resistant product. The battery performs decently
Recebi o fone KZ ES3 porém o fio que conecta no lado esquerdo está soltando com facilidade. Detectei na primeira vez que usei para teste. Gostaria de saber o que posso fazer para ser ressarcido. Obrigado
Very good sound quality and composition. I've been using them for a long time. I dare recommend them.
Fone muito bom, som super definido, ouve todas as frequências bem nítidas, ótimo acabamento e estética, e bem bonito. O que me fez dar quatro estrelas foi que não se encaixou no formato do meu ouvido.
they are fair good as earphone for such amount od money. works fine. sound quality is quite good
Хорошее качество и дизайн. Удобный кейс с кармашком для дополнительных насадок.
A little large earphones, and the cable is twisting, but overall good quality
very good. muy contento con el producto.muy rápido y buena calidad.
Qualità della cuffietta abbastanza alta, i contro sono il cavo che si rovina dopo poco e la cuffietta in se che non rimane molto attaccata all'orecchio, ma per il prezzo va benissimo
Cabo de ótima qualidade, realmente melhora ainda mais a qualidade do áudio e o preço é excelente.