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4.6 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 31 reviews

what people are saying
I feel sorry for those who pay 400€ for other versions of this chair...If I had paid the usual price of 410€ for this chair, after finding the issues I found, I would need to ask for a refund directly on PayPal,<br>Also, I was expecting a better customer support by Gearbestm however, the first option GB sent me was getting me a 15€ coupon...the second option was to wait, and keep waiting, and still waiting until I finally gave up - And I didn't ask for a refund or a full chair replacement, I just asked for the broken pieces to be replaced.<br>I will explain by parts - After mounting the chair, I noticed that this chair leaned a bit towards the right side, as you can see on the image where the left and the right sides are compared. I thought that this might be my fault, I might have done anything wrong, as it could be any loose screw or so, so I decided to double check all screws... I've noticed that one of the screws that unified the back-rest to the arm-rest wasn't really holding it tight, for my surprise, I noticed that the Screw-holder piece on the back-rest was broken (I didn't push this screw hard or even felt any resistance, I just noticed this screw extremely loosely). Therefore, I dismount that chair's section and noticed that specific part was broken, as you can see in the image. The screw holder metal piece was completely detached from the plastics.<br>At this point, I started to question this chair's build quality. The cherry on the top of the cake was when I analysed the bottom-rest and noticed that the screw holes had a considerable difference that doesn't seem to be quite symmetric, therefore, this might be what is affecting the chair's subtle leaning position, as you can see on the image. Considering that the bottom-rest is not completely flat, this can be making the difference.<br>If I would have such problems, this chair would be a nice place to sit when I tried it. I can't use it at the moment because I don't want to spend over 12 hours per day on a leaning position, and because my desk is too tall for the chair (not the chair's fault). This chair seems comfortable and good-looking, but all the trouble because of such a messy building quality, makes me regret of the acquisition... Have seen of reviews about this brand, and should say that this doesn't surprise me at all.
No smell at all despite some comments and it took its shape almost instantly!! I have used it for 4 days and no neck pain or discomfort ..its still early though to tell for sure!!Really good quality and the medium-soft firmness is ideal for me !! i recommend..
Enviaram-me uma almofada diferente daquela que comprei. Enviaram-me uma de qualidade inferior, que não é de latex, não tem o mesmo formato e ainda por cima está velha (amarela) e com defeito (não adquire o seu formato original, pois veio dobrada). Péssimo serviço. Não recomendo!
Very happy. Arrived quickly and not damaged. He loves it.
Good product, good build quality, worth the price.
Simple but really stores a lot! Like it very much!
Genuinely happy with the quality of the cover
Very nice product. Good quality!
great price!<br>so easy to shop!
Exceeded expectations!
Excellent!!! I love it!
Very good quality item.<br>Quality/price is an affair.<br>Reccommended !!!