The LiitoKala brand is fast becoming one of the biggest success stories in battery solutions. With an impressive portfolio of bestselling rechargeable 18650 and 26650 batteries and smart chargers, it's powering some of our most treasured everyday devices safer and for longer. LiitoKala's innovative R&D has helped to deliver not only incredibly affordable battery technology but also some of the highest reliability manufacturing in the world.

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Бюджетные батарейки, для недорогих фонариков, куда жалко ставить 3500mAh - самое то. Фонарь на Cree T6 проработал на ней 2+ часа в максимальном режиме. Зарядилась на номинал. Максимальный ток не тестировал, опасаюсь, да и какой смысл. Упаковка 2 шт. с пойнтами выходит на 4 доллара, берите, пока есть,
Good product.<br>Top..<br>++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Отличная универсальная зарядка, с неплохими возможностями, ставшая "народной" по приятной цене.<br>Отсутствие функции повербанка не критично все равно полноценный не заменит<br>Замеченные недостатки:<br>Размеры 4 см и меньше сложно установить, прижимается неплотно.<br>Для NiMh аккумов выбрать ток заряда менее 500 мА нельзя.
The batteries have already been tested, they work fine. I have not tested in other devices and I have not measured the parameters, they worked perfectly in the flashlight. Loaded once, two weeks ago, the flashlight used every night on fish. I can recommend batteries with a clear conscience, I'm happy with them.
Estamos ante un cargador de baterias de todo tipo y formato, es un cargador simple y barato.<br>Es de una marca reconocida y no falla.<br>se puede usar de bateria externa en el cuarto puerto de bateria.<br>se puede usar con el cargador usb de un movil normal e incluso con el del coche.<br>muy bueno, simple y barato
These 35A 18650 batteries are excellent. I tested them on various devices and been very satisfied by how efficient they are. Highly recommented. for more check my video review here
оценка-твердая четверка заказ пришел быстро все упаковано хорошо данный товар отличается своей универсальностью можно заряжать разные виды батареек выбирать режимы зарядки уровень зарядки контролируется на дисплее рекомендую этот товар
Great charger. Can calculate capacity of your battery which is great and voltage of battery too so its a very Capable charger and a really good investment. This brand provides very vid value for your money as well in my opinion
I was curious what the real capacity of these batteries is. It turned out that over 4000 mAh, which for me is a satisfactory result considering the low price. I can recommend.
This battery at low price is very goood, i would recommend for every one<br>It really has 2200mAh <br>My order arrived after 19 days
Easy to use charger. Batteries are quickly recharged. Thanks to the visible wheel, you can read exactly where the charging was going. I can only recommend.
Goog quality 5000 mAh Li-ion rechargable Battery<br>Very good value for price.<br>Fast shipping.<br>No cons at all.
This was my very first time to order a thing like that, I don't really believe them, but it var (very very) fine product :D ready to order more, like that :D
Nagyon jó minőségű akkumulátor ,az egyik legjobb amit vettem életemben,legközelebb is ilyet rendelek.<br>Hátránya nincs,ajánlom mindenkinek
Quick charging (mode fast or normal).<br>Detect the type of battery and also act as a external battery pack if needed.
Works as advertised and shipping time was surprisingly quick. Best charger for the money even better than some more expensive ones.
Отличные батареи! Реальная ёмкость действительно 5000 мАч! Я проверял на разряд зарядным устройством OPUS BT-C 3000. Надо брать!
Неплохие аккумуляторы рекомендую! Емкость честная! Может даже быть больше чуть и меньше ) Все доволен!
32A 3000mah For a little as $5. Are you kidding me. Amazing price and value. Actually really solid and last long. Will buy it again.
Produto veio certinho igual o do anuncio, não deu tempo de testar ainda mas parece ser de boa qualidade , recomendo a todos. O tempo de entrega foi bem rápido, o que demorou um pouco foi a postagem.
The product meets the requirements, I received the same as it is written in the description. Satisfied with it.
Собрал подарок товарищу:<br>-Фонарь Skillhunt<br>- 2шт 18650<br>- данное ЗУ<br><br>критерии выбора ЗУ были: небольшая цена, простота использования, компактность. <br><br>Выбором Литокалы доволен. Сборка качественная
Very good product! I am satisfied with them!<br>Pros:<br>- Not expensive<br>- Really 2600 mAh<br>Cons:<br>Not, yet.
Really good Charger<br>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>Incl. Wall Adapter and Car Adapter !<br>Good Display.<br>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>Works Perfect !<br>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Very easy to use, great for checking the quality of batteries.
Einfache bedienung, funktiopniiert einwandfrei und läuft und läuft und läuftläuft und läuft und läuftläuft und läuft und läuftläuft und läuft und läuftläuft und läuft und läuft.
Boa qualidade. <br>Chegou dentro do prazo previsto.