MIJIA was established in mainland China. As a reputable brand, MIJIA specializes in the design and manufacturing of the latest Appliances, combining strong performance at an excellent price. Through diligent R&D practices and robust corporate governance, its products have enjoyed strong sales worldwide. With its ambitious goal to deliver exceptional technology products at affordable prices, the company continues to impress and delight users.

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Musste dieses kleine Helferlein auch unbedingt haben. Die Verarbeitung ist Xiaomi gewohnt top. Es liegen bei: die Pumpe selbst, 2 Adapter für Bälle und französische Ventile, Micro USB Kabel und ein Aufbewahrungsbeutel. Laden mit 5V/2A unten am Bodem unter einer Gummi Abdeckung. So lange sie lädt pulsiert die LED langsam. Ist sie voll, leuchtet die LED dauerhaft.<br>Zum aktivieren der Pumpe einfach den Schlauch links herausziehen. Am Bedienkreis Rechts kann mann den Modus wechseln (Fahrrad, Auto, Ball). Bei längerem Drücken kann mann zwischen Bar und PSI wechseln. Oben und Unten kann mann + und - den Wert vorwählen. Und zuletzt auf der linken Seite die LED Lampe An/Aus schalten.<br>Meine absolute Empfehlung !
Works Great for notifying on movement detection. The lens has a pretty wide angle and can cover a large space. The expandable storage through microSD is nice but a cloud solution would be better, though for this price I have no complaint. The App that manages the camera is good but it has three minute as a minimum delay between notifications and also almost everytime the app updates you need to reenter your credentials but without the app notifying you that you have logged out, meaning that you will not receive notifications until you log in again.
non metto mai le 5 stelle alla spedizione perchè spesso di fa attendere molto... detto questo, passando alla recensione al prodotto, devo dire che questo spazzolino è fantastico, abbinandolo a una accurata gestione dall'app ha delle funzionalità strepitose, come la pulizia lingua, massaggio gengive etc.etc. ottima anche la possibilità di incrementare di 30 secondi rispetto ai canonici 2 minuti di funzionamento, così come il sensore che segnala durante la pulizia se la pressione è eccessiva
Good product. Its the best one for the price from what ive searched around on other models. Its the only one without a bump on top which allows the machine to seep through beneath the cabinets. Very worth it purchase. One downside but very obvious, you have to take the vacummed dirt out manually. I would give this prosuct 5 out of 5 for value and reliability.
Placed in the dark part of house and working perfectly - shines to let you see but not make you blind at night... unbelievable battery life - everyday use (many times early morning and many times at night) and still working - love this lamp - all my family !!!
I am very satisfied with Yor support and ordering product. I have wanted about two months to receive my order, but finally, it came and I am very satisfied with it. I will continue shopping and ordering by Gearbest because You are the best and I believe You will soon be close to being first in this branch!
It measures temperature and humidity, it can be attached to a surface with a sticker. It can be bluetooth-connected to a mobile phone via MiHome app. Useful if it's cold and rainy outside and you can check the temperature in your garden from your house through your smart phone.
I decided to switch to this product and it has been working much, much better for me. I no longer get the dreaded "device unavailable" notice for the front door sensor. This sensor has been working flawlessly for the last few months. Sure, it's a bit more expensive, but it works much more reliably.
I often have to work all day at the computer, even in the evening, So my eye is very easy to strain, and feel stressed. So I was looking for an appropriate lamp to protect my eyes, I think this lamp is just right for me, its soft light make my eyes relaxed and comfortable when I work at computer
this is a fantastic laser cinema projector it quality order picture is excellent you can use this in the evening in a daytime I'm providing you used to write screen screen is very important if you going to use it in a daytime it it's worth every penny
Πολύ καλό προϊόν για τα λεφτά του (8€). Κάνει ότι λέει. Καλή διάρκεια μπαταρίας. Πολύ καλό για να δοκιμάσετε αν σας βολεύει η ηλεκτρική οδοντοβουτσα για μελλοντική αναβάθμιση σε καλύτερο μοντέλο.
O Produto chegou bem.<br>Houve um problema no envio, veio para trás mas depois chegou bem, apos ter aberto um ticket..<br>Bom preço para o produto.<br>Boa relacao qualidade /preço
Работать этим набором очень приятно. Для тех, кому важны качество поверхностей, отсутствие люфтов, богатый и при этом компактный набор подмагниченных бит. Надёжно и легко закрывающийся корпус. Никаких лишних батареек и прочей ерунды. Только физика, только хардкор!
Strong vacuum cleaner, works like expected. Easy to clean. A bit noisy, and the operating time could be longer. I recommend the product.
Facili da installare dopo aver levato la linguetta sulle pile. Si accendono subito e misurano sua umidità che temperatura. Si possono controllare da remoto con l'app xiaomi home facilmente con collegamento bluetooth.
I think its the best desk lamp i have. Serving me almost 3 years. I think its the best desk lamp i have.
Presi assieme allo spazzolino. Peccato che costino più di quest’ultimo. Certo la promo dello spazzolino era veramente fantastica. In ogni caso costa molto meno di quelli più rinomati.
la vera recensione è nello spazzolino, queste sono solo le testine di ricambio, che sono ottime. il gioco di incastro nella spazzolino, sopratutto rispetto ad altri modelli, lo trovo molto efficace
Veru good product for very good price. I hope it will last for very long time.
Very lovely and lightweight. It is more suitable for girls to use.
Wery good quality, long running time, fast and thorough shaving
Gran calidad, duración, comodidad, resistencia, transpirables
Très bon rapport qualité / prix.<br>Seul bémol, je ne peut pas être utilisé en dehors de l'application du constructeur.<br>Apres 2 ans d'utilisation, RAS.<br>Je recommande.
Lampada molto utile per spostamenti notturni senza accendere le luci,abbastanza luminosa da permettere il passaggio senza difficoltà
Economico, pulizia profonda, lo consiglio, le setole durano 60 giorni come descritto , li ricomprerò sicuramente
01.05.2020 tarihinde herşey dahil 2200₺ ye almıştım. Çok memnunum. Tavsiyem yedek parçalarla beraber alın.
Nagyon jó még azóta is működik elemet se kelet cserélni benne mágneses az írótű hozza amit a tábla oldalára tapad.
Fácil de instalar<br>Cómodo de sincronización <br>Estéticamente perfecto<br>Buenos como casi todo lo que hace Xiaomi
A very well-made product. The battery lasts for a long time. Fast shipping. I recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muito bom o produto,demorou um pouco o transporte,mas chegou bem embalado,pesado,de ótima qualidade.