MJX R/C, a high technology company, has been always committed to developing innovative & entertainment product with the faith of "dream" whose target is to bring incredible, new entertainment experience to the consumer all over the world.

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MjxR/C Technic

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Итак, оригинальные моторы для BUGS 3 и их модификации! Блин по конской цене! но что делать... БЛ... Размеры соответствуют, все посадочные тоже! заказал себе двигатель потому что у одного из моих по зиме была оказия, упал в снег весь коптер, потом естественно еще я на нем летал, но ввиду того что двигатели были теплыми когда упал коптер, туда набился снег, и после когда снег там застрял, при дальнейших полетах случилось следующее. Снег затыл, и повлиял на работу мотора следующим образом, он как бы подклинивал между статором и ротором, изза этого статор разболтался на своей оси и коптер полетел хуже! Дальше больше, статор колебался слегка на своей оси под действием магнитных сил ротора, изза этого питающие проводки испытывали нагрузку "туда-сюда" (как если бы мы хотели вращением отломить медную проволоку. В итоге коптер тогда упал! симптомы следующие: легкий газ - пострадавший мотор крутятся как надо... ГАз сильнее мотор вдруг сбоит и не крутится как надо и коптер даже не взлетел. В итоге обмотка обломилась где то глубоко в статоре, и изза этого её не найти! вот и заказан новый двиг! но цена КОНСКАЯ слишком!!!
Affordable drone with brushless motors (2750 KV).<br>Well made and impact resistant.<br>In acro mode it is fast and funny to pilot.<br>The six axis gyro offers stable flight.<br>It is a medium size drone so you can flight both outside or inside of a house.<br>The absence of flight aids force you to really learn to pilot a drone.
MJX B30008 Battery Holder with Fittings is original is an original product from MJX<br>It is compatible for MJX Bugs 3. There are Battery holder without fix, 4 fittings for cap, one fitting for xt60 connector, one fittinf for antenna.
Ho acquistato questo ripetitore WiFi perché avevo problemi di connessione in alcune stanze di casa. Ero orientato per prodotti più costosi ma il marchio xiaomi mi ha dato fiducia e l'ho acquistato. Il prezzo è introvabile e anche la qualità del prodotto è eccellente, ho risolto il mio problema di connessione anche nelle altre stanze di casa. Ottimo consigliato
Maybe the best quadcopter in its price. Failsafe features that work!<br>GPS positioning, low battery return, on key return to home, everything is working perfectly. Recommended.
MJX GR303 2.4GHz 4CH Two-way Transmitter is the original product from MJX.<br>It is compatible with MJX Bugs 3 Second revision. Look my video and foto.
Las gafas perfectas, se ve bien y no pierde señal en unos 150m a mas da saltos faltaria algun modo de colocar una antena, pero para al bugs 6 muy bien, para iniciarte o para que otros vean lo que tu buenisimas, el precio insuperable, ojo la pantalla se vende aparte
Very good Quality. And for an very fair and low Price to order on Gearbest site. delivery time was very short at this time. I like this product, because it ismanufactured in a very good Quality. And for this reason it promise a Long Service/life - time!
What can i say about this quad that everyone doesnt already know. It has great punch for a toy grade quad. Its fitted with brushless motors so you know you will get longevity out of these motors. Flight time is awesome and the range is quite good.
A good and original replacement for the MJX B3 in black color, in case you have destroyed the initial one from an unexpected fall or if you just want to move from red to black color.
Great quality, just like the original. Replaced the black one with this red canopy.<br><br>I dont know why do you require a hundred characters, it gets a bit tedious to write so much about simple items like this one.
Лучший квадрик за свои деньги, его легко модернизировать. Высота полета 290 метров легко! Это реально круто! рекомендую к покупке !
Very nice color has pretty good built in cam flys very good even a beginner can fly it,and you can trust it,it go’s high and far,definitely recommend to anybody,can’t go wrong with it
Durch Internet in ich auf Sie Aufmerksam geworden und habe mich dann für eine Drone entschieden !<br>Durch Personen die Gearbest als Lieblings Asiate anpriesen, habe ich mich zum Kauf entschieden.
An sich ist die Drone gut verarbeitet und enthält viele Tools für das Geld.<br>Was ich Schade finde das wenn man Erweiterung dazu kaufen möchte, wie Akku-Packs, die angeblich nicht zusammen verschickt werden. Wenn ich Sie einzel bestellen will steht da: Die Ware kann leider nicht in Ihr Land verschickt werden.
Ne ho acquistato 2 per via del prezzo.. Peccato che una non funziona. Per non parlare del fatto che mi sono arrivate dopo 58 giorni.. Sconsiglio assolutamente anche per via del fatto che pur essendo di 500mha in più alla batteria originale, dura meno.. Non la consiglio affatto
- Perfect to use for my MJX Bugs 2 & 3 batteries<br>- Good charging times<br>- Reasonable price<br>- Almost always in stock (if not, they restock quickly)
Good and original replacement landing legs for the MJX B3. A reserve in a cheap price to have just in case.
This is a realy powerfull quadrocopter. It carrys a GoPro or even my Samsung Galaxy 360 Cam with no issues.<br><br>Its fun to fly, but the battery lasts ~6min only.<br><br>The FPV Cam has no good Quality for filming but for FPV flight its good.<br><br>The range of the transmitter is not super wide, but its OK.
Fast shipment - helpful Item for Quadcopter Projects - Good quality - Absolut fair Price at GEARBEST. Fast shipment - helpful Item for Quadcopter Hobbiest
this are the best of legs for drone. very , very strong. very very good quality and this price. I like Mjx drones
Original MJX B3 propellers in a good price. A good replacement and reserve to have in case you destroy your propellers.
Arrived today. Perfect condition. Got it on the charger. Will check out when it completes. Thanks for the great service.
* Amazing Price<br>* Long flight time at around 10-12m with 2200mah 3S<br>* Very robust...can take a hit<br>* very responsive
- Charges relatively quickly<br>- Long flight time<br>- Can get many uses out of one single battery<br>- Good build quality
cheap, easy to use, battery life is good. picture quality is good.shows when you are recording
used this on my bugs 3 worked well! thanks!<br>would recommend need couple inches clearance. to fit sport cam underneath
Náhradné diely, ktoré sa vždy zídu. Veľmi sa to hodí lebo vrtule sa ľahko zničia. Ale vadí mi, že nie sú v inej farbe.
cheap, good build quality, easy to install,
escolhi o mix bugs 3 pro pelo preço<br>gostei muito,muita fácil de pilotar<br>indico ele para compra um dos melhores drones custo benefício.