NAVIFORCE was established in China.NAVIFORCE offers the best products as amazing watches.Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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Hello! <br><br>I bought the NAVIFORCE NF9095M Men Dual Movt Watch. First of all, I am pleased with the delivery time. It came in just two weeks and a half. The clock looks much better than I expected. The materials seem to be of good quality and overall seems to be well built. All buttons are functional. Belt seems to be of good quality, although I do not think it is made of natural leather. The details are very fine. The analog dial pins/pointers ​​are slightly less visible. The digital dial is perfectly visible, just like the weekday dial. Specifies that it is professional waterproof and water resistant at 30m (3ATM). I hope to withstand to shower, bath and depth of maximum 2m in the pool. <br><br>Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase and I will definitely order other products from GeaBest. I hope this review is helpful for those who are interested in this watch model and I highly recommend it, just as the seller recommends.<br><br>Best regards!
Ürünün ambalajı saglamdi saatin kendi paketi ve sonra kutusu vardi ayriyetten kutuyu patpat posetle sarilmis <br>Yolda ezilme kirilma gibi bir soruna yol açmamasi icin iyi düşünülmuş <br>Ürünüm spariş ettikten 12 gün sonra Türkiye Çanakkale Çan'daki adresime geldi <br>ürünü alirken tahmini variş suresi veriliyor bu sure sonrasinda sitede kargo takibi bolumunde guncelleme yapilmazsa canli destek uzerinden kargi şirketinizi öğrenin <br>kargo şirketi üzerinden takip yapin <br>ürün geldikten 10 gun sonra gearbestte guncellemesi yapildi <br>kargoyu beklememek adina bunu dikkate almanizi öneririm
Ooh how happy I am that I found 4 watches on this platform of - GearBest! I done purchase and today received all of my new watches!! - safe and fast shipping!!! <br>I was surprised but is arrived in my home!!! Great watches and this model too! .my favorite- simply perfect black watch, elegant !!! <br>Thank you Gear Best on everything , <br>And big thanks to sellerman on the help- when I need it!!! <br>Everything is going well - see you soon for my new purchase!!! <br>Keep it on GearBest,<br> you are the BEST!!!
Большие (крупные), не тяжёлые. Циферблат читаемый. Подсветка скудная, но имеется. Внутри механизм - штамповка. Сильно огорчил. Ремешок резиновый. Летом потеет рука. Вообще сложно носить их с одеждой имеющей длинный рукав :) В общем могу порекоммендовать к покупке, если вы стиляга :)
Hi to everyone! I'm satisfied customer of Best Gear platform!!! <br>I purchased 2 watches and it's arrived from Gear Best!!! I didn't wait long , actually is too fast!! Safe and fast!!! Great watches I got, especially this one!!! <br>Professional service , I had help when I need it!!! - thank you so much!!! To everyone who wanna enjoy and do purchase - here is that place!!! .Recommend for all of other people like me!!!
I have purchased 4 watches on GearBest platform and this is my favorite - of all favorites models I purchased ...<br>There is to many of great wrist watches on this platform for choosing .is not easy ... Sweet trouble ... But I can recommend GearBest because is BEST! <br>Great seller service , fast and safe shipping!!! I enjoyed purchased on gear best platform - and I'll do it again!! See you soon!!!
só tenho coisas boas pra falar<br><br>- muito bonito<br>- é pesado o que da a impressáo de qualidade<br>- muito elegante<br>- um dos melhores da naviforce<br>- materia bonito e com bom acabamento<br>- todos os ponteiros funcionam!
I chose this article through your sales site because it was recommended and compared to others, it is undoubtedly the one that has the most competitive prices.<br>I have no reason to complain about the condition of the item, it is flawless and has been very useful.<br>I made other purchases with you and I just have to congratulate you on the quality / price ratio that is incredible.<br>Without any doubt I'll recommend it!
Great and same good quality as any other watches from naviforce. Excellent looks, manly build, feels good with the metal, and the leather is like natural. It works great mechanically. The glass looks very solid. You can't get a watch in this quality and this inexpensive elsewhere, only on gearbest!
and i mean that - its not that kind of watch that looks messy and works louder than a freakin car enqine. its solid watch, looking good and working good. not a deluxe one but come on you pat 10$. solid 7,5/10. very fast delivery. like a week or two.
Good watch. Beautiful. All the dials are working. The clock goes exactly do not fall behind and do not rush. I am very pleased with the purchase. Хорошие часы.Красивые. Все циферблаты работают. Часы идут точно не отстают и не спешат.Я очень доволен покупкой.
Fully functional watch, very beautiful and comfortable on the wrist. This brand is one of the best especially for the cost benefit. Naviforce The best watch
The watch is well finished, works perfectly, but this particular color scheme makes reading the time sometimes difficult. It would also be nice if the pointers were luminescent, so they could be seen in the dark
Покупал в подарок.<br>Выглядит достойно, все работает.<br>Приятный и надежный ремешок, хорошая длинна.<br>корпус часов выполнен качественно<br><br>Минусы:<br>упаковано в простой полиэтиленовый пакет.
i choose this rating because the watch is the most amazing thing ive orderd its very beautiful and the quality is the watch <br>i recomend the watch to everyone<br>good price/good quality/nice colour
Todos os modelos da Naviforce são sucesso, então é meio difícil fazer o Review de apenas um, sem falar da qualidade e do preço baixo da marca!<br><br>O modelo NF9077M é muito bonito, barato e com um bom acabamento, comparado aos que são vendidos no Brasil, a marca Naviforce além de original, tem seguidores fiéis!
relógio muito bonito passa uma impressão muito boa principalmente pela volta em arame enrolado na tela dele,bem pesadinha passa uma sensação de bem construído
ساعة أنيقة و جدابة تستحق ثمنها <br><br>Montre élégante et un cadeau digne<br><br>Elegant watch and a worthy gift
Essa é minha segunda comprar desse item, gostei muito do primeiro e resolvi comprar novamente, muito robusto pesado e as cores muito vivas, chama bastante a atenção, recomendo.
Muito bom relógio top.<br>Grato pelo facilidade e pelo ótimo trabalho de entrega
NAVIFORCE NF9095M Men Dual Movt Watch looks good in nice , it is good looking and has digital and analog reading. Also the wristband is leather not sure if it is 100& but feels nice
It's a good watch for any time. You can use it to a party or in you job, Has functional date and 3 hands. The materials are good is made of inoxidable steel and the color is resistent.
Relogio espetacular. Mostrador digital é Analógico, hora dupla no digital, cronômetro, data, Led verde. Super resistente, pesado. Vale cada centavo.
Excelente relógio, um ótimo acessório bem estiloso. Bem robusto com pulseira em couro legitimo um relógio original bem em conta em relação custo benefício. Recomendo.
El reloj se ve mejor cuando lo checas en persona, en las fotos no se distingue bien, es de una calidad superior y se ve excelente, muy satisfecho con mi compra.<br>Resistente
i am satisfied with the watch for the hilarious low price.<br>would recommend for anyone who doesnt want to spend much, but want to add some new watches to his collection
Good quality watch. Nice look. Everything works just fine.<br>Con: I was expecting it to be allumininium brushed instead of shinning/bright look, as it is.
Very nice watch, i read somewhere that naviforce uses the same movt as fossil, only one minus, strap can be better, but overall impression is very good
Relógio muito bonito, com Pulseria de couro de ótimo qualidade e pesado, todos os Ponteiros funcionam , entrega rápida, recomendo totalmente.
Relogio Naviforce Prata muito bem trabalhado nos detalhes e muito bonito aos olhos. Recomendo para os futuros compradores.......