No.1 Technology is a leader in smartphone and smartwatch development and manufacturing. Based out of China, they have teamed together with foreign designers to bring unique designs and interface to their devices. Their phablets and smartwatches have both been well-received by the community

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"Based out of China, they have teamed together with foreign designers to bring unique designs and interface to their devices. Their phablets and smartwatches have both been well-received by the community"

4.5 out of 5

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The smartwatch is pretty big so make sure you have a big wrist. It has alot of features that you can use which includes tracking your steps, sleep and so on. You can install some apps on it like Yahoo Weather. You can also initialize phone calls and write messages on it unless you have big fingers. It even has an calculator app. <br>First time when you use it you must connect it with bluetooth so it can sync with your phone and make sure you download the app before using. <br>Overall the design is nice, the watch is bigger than I expected and it feels great in/ on hand. The build quality is great and uses good materials.
Ну не зеленый а кораловый цвет ) но это ладно<br>Качества экрана радует<br>Купаться можно<br>Приходят правда почему то не со всех приложений йуведомления<br>(с Instagram , Viber , Tinder , Telegram , Звонки , СМС все идёт а вот почему то GMAIL никак , хотя в софте и прописана)<br>Дизайн привлекательный<br>Приятно сидит на руке<br>Пока 2 дня прожили посмотрим что будет дальше
For the price that I am paying, this watch is good. After 3 years, the watch still functions<br><br>Likes:<br>- The overall aesthetic looks great<br>- Features it provides is good; like say, using remote camera, notification, and phone speaker.<br>- Syncs to the phone<br>- Can switch interface to show time.<br><br>Dislikes:<br>- Doesn't have a great software support, the app crashes on the phone from time to time (Using Samsung S6)<br>- Step count is a bit inaccurate. compared to my phones the deviation is about 20% <br>- Heart rate senor is in accurate
cok guzel bır saat cok şık ben cok begendım buyuk fotograftakıler gıbı kucuk degıl cok hosuma gıttı. Tum uygulamalar acılıyor derı kayıs sanırım kalıtelı duruyor. Sanırım sarj suresıde guzel daha bıtmedı. Ram ve rom yuksek bu fıyqta efsane bır saat sonuna kadar tavsıye ederım.
По факту обычные часы с несколькими полезными функциями - оповещения при звонке, шагомер, считает калории и т.д. Но есть один большой минус- отсутствие вибрации - в такой большой корпус можно бы было и спихнуть моторчик
One of the most vfm smartwatches out there..........the menu has many options........the pedometer is great and the heart rate also. If you want a good smartwatch without spend a fortune this is the best choice.
tiene un diseño bonito, es facil y comodo de usar, tiene bien precio y funciona correctamente para las notificaciones. telegram, sms, twitter, fb, aparece el texto del msj. whatsapp solo es la notificacion
Цена. Качество материалов. Заявленный функционал вроде присутствует. Обратная связь. Бесит, что чтобы отправить отзыв, нужно набрать минимум 100 символов (для этого и пишу последнее предложение, потому что плюсов написать больше не могу).
Хороший экран вроде как сапфировый )<br>Приходят уведомления с телефона<br>Можно плавать<br>Дизайн неплохой<br>Руку не напрягают своим присутствием<br>ремень приятный
no comments to add, everthing is OK, good prive quality realtions and it does what it says it does . all the watches however , seems to work with the same software . Tha App needs to be rebooted somthimes in order to tranmit data
very good battery time<br>Heart Rate Monitor<br>sleep monitoring<br>notifications from apps<br>notifications from sms<br>call notifications<br>good android application
Very nice pedometer smart watch, perfect for everyday activities such as training sport, walking and working in office. <br>Everything works well with some exception. But I do recommend this watch I really like it a lot.
Very nice price <br>Good baterry <br>lots of features for sport,tested and work great <br>great bluetooth reach <br>waterproof
je mes une moyen de 4 étoiles pour cette montre.<br>je la trouve belle et esthétiquement bien fini avec son grand verre arrondit qui en jette.<br>les avantages sont les multiples sport disponible avec le suivi des activités.<br>tout fonctionne correctement.
Design da pulseira lindo, funcionalidades excelentes, fácil de usar, a prova Dágua.
Produto funciona perfeitamente, qualidade é muito básica mas ok pelo preço perfeito... Não liga quando PC esta desligado ou seja poupa bateria. Plug n play... Só ligar adaptador e pronto a funcionar recomendo. Boa precisão e funciona muito bem mesmo.
é um relogio muito lindo, com bateria de longa duração, memoria interna muito boa, rapido e eficaz, vale muito a pena a compra
This smartwatch is top, the screen is so crisp like i have neve seen, and also round... the band is awesome, the watch is very premium...
Reasonable pricing<br>Build quality - very well, comfortable, light weight<br>Looks-sporty look<br>Waterproof<br>Very well for various sports mode
1 - защищенный и водонепроницаемый<br>2 - 2 ГБ оперативной и 16 ГБ встроенной<br>3 - аккумулятор 4500 мАч<br>4 - 4G (LTE)
very precise information easy to setup and use a must for anyone wanting to check out health I would recommend this product for anyone
Eine gute Uhr die sich angenehm tragen lässt. Viele Funktionen und selbsterklärend.<br>Die Verarbeitung ist prima und das Armband ist verstellbar.
The delivery is fairly rapid.<br>The product is good.<br>It's good to buy it cheaply.<br>I will use it often.
good looking.<br>easy to use.<br>good battery backup <br>BMP and %SpO2 result is good<br>Good prise
Good lucky product. come with good condition. excellent price when compare what I have paid.
Good price<br>many functions<br>Has built into gps sensor<br>It has good built materials
I received the watch in time and it is a very good product, by considering the price.
They mention as Lenovo p8 and I got case and film.. they didn't mention as tab case
Qualità dei materiali ottima, funziona con android ma si possono solo visualizzare le notifiche, senza rispondere. L'invio dei messaggi si paga se si effettua dall orologio
fácil conectividad<br>buenos materiales <br>ligero de peso y fácil de llevar<br>entrega moderadamente rápida<br>la batería cumple con lo prometido<br>precio bajo