NOMU has been specializing in R&D and manufacturing for smartphones, especially the rugged smartphones for nearly 10 years. Powerful manufacturing ability, high-quality products and excellent service make NOMU a well-known flagship brand for rugged smartphones. With 10 year’ s development, NOMU now has an independent factory of 26400 square meters, over 1200 high-quality employees, including 53 professional R&D teams for product design. Besides, NOMU is equipped with various advanced producing machines and testing labs, giving it the most strong abilities to produce the best and the most mature rugged smartphones for you.

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И тут Остапа понесло :)<br>Визуально все неплохо. В руках сидит отлично. Звучит очень громко, услышите точно! <br>Слабое место это динамик, довольно быстро он портится и начинает хрипеть.<br>Возможной причиной хрипа может быть и соринка порвавшая динамик, но очень в этом созваниваюсь т.к на трех телефонах одна проблема. <br>Сборка Andrioda - довольна сырая, местами не удобная и даже злит своей сыростью и не практичностью.
After a year of use I do not recommend Nomu-S10 because its battery already presents problems and its protective cover suffered inreparable damages, due to the Heat of the City of Rio de Janeiro. I will have to buy a new smartphone, once its battery is already defective. Therefore, I am very dissatisfied with the device and do not recommend anyone buying the product.
Hello all,<br><br>So I have had this phone for 2 years now. Still working fine, dropped it a lot without problems. Even forgot it on the top of my car and drove a few kilometers. Thanks to the rubber protection it did not slip of. It has been in rain, dust, ... no problems. So certainly worth its money.<br><br>See you <br>Memphis
é um celular muito bom nos requisitos de resistência, mas em questão de sistema pra gosta de um celular rápido não é o ideal. Recomendaria sim, celular muito resistente.
Use Nomu s20 among 2 years: it was many crashes, diving in sea - phone still good works. After 6 month of usage I found problems with rubber body. I contact with factory and they give me new body.
This "NOMU S10 4G" it is a smartphone that can resist to a water, mud, fog and some others.<br>it is a reliable smartphone and it is suitable for all peoples that are using the smartphone as a tool or as a "peeble".<br>Actually we are satisfy because after many "incident" still alive in perfect conditions.<br>well done.
Telemovel Super resistente, com ótima bateria de grande duração perfeito para o visor de grandes dimensões.
Ótima performasse bem constitui resistente bonito durável bateria perfeita dura ate dois dias comigo ja deixei cair varias vezes mais sem nenhuma avaria totalmente satisfeito
As descibed. Too hard to die... the first time I heard such a loud volume on a phone. Very satisfied
Excellente phone, great service arrived in the time frame they said it would cant complaint very good pone
Bom artigo para proteger o ecrã do seu telemóvel e com bom preço