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Naprawdę dobrej jakości produkt, wykonany z bardzo dobrych materiałów. Głowica szczotki jest dostarczana w czystym, małym, plastikowym pudełku, wygląda jak najlepsza. Pasuje idealnie do mojej sonicznej szczoteczki Oclean SE i jest łatwa w aplikacji i użyciu. Świetna cena, świetny produkt. Polecam wszystkim.
I have this toothbrush as well as the soccas x3 and I can tell you should definitely go with it the soccas. After less than one month my battery is dead and the contacts to the basis are corroded!<br>The support wasn't able so far to help me...
Everything as description says. Fine material. It does not feel as cheep plastic thing. <br>thanks for it. All right. In short, I highly recommend this product!
The white and green colour of the headstock means that it is the clean standard. The quality of the workmanship is ideal.
The white to light blue colour of the head means that it is Deep clean. The quality of the workmanship is ideal.
the toothbrush looks like a premium class<br>it's big and white<br>looks very nice<br>if I had to buy it again - I would do the same
The blue colour of the head means that it is Sensitive. The quality of the workmanship is ideal.
nice, clean design<br>fit well to toothbrush<br>well packed<br>good quality
package is perfect, the price is a bit high, compared to the new ones, will be back after few months of test
Great build quality.<br>Nice Design.<br>Useful App.<br>Battery lasts for 2-3month.<br>Gets a bit slippery when wet. Nothing more bad to say.
is ok.............................................