For ORICO, innovation and quality mean everything. We provide the latest in premium quality consumer electronic products and accessories and we do this with passion. Every ORICO product is brand new and manufactured with precision to meticulous standards in our state of the art production facilities.

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They like to approach every detail from user's perspective to improve their technology.

4.8 out of 5

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la carcasa parece buena. lleva 2 tornillos para fijarla y qe no se salga ya qe sin ellos es muy facil qe salga por uno de los dos lados y qe caiga.<br> La parte exterior es de metal rigido por lo qe si se cae el disco estara bien protegido.<br>El plastico donde se pone el hdd no parece de una calidad muy buena pero tampoco lo he probado.<br>La caja trae su cable, las intrucciones, dos tornillos y un destornillador para ajustarlo todo.<br>Cabe destacar qe orico es buena marca para cajas asi qe supongo qe funcionara bien.<br>Cuenta con un led que se va iluminando (si solo pongo estas conterias para llenar mas y asi poner mas palabras em la valoracion)<br>en la parte trasera de la rejilla donde se pone el disco cuenta con un pequeño acolchamiento, supongo qe para hacer precion y para qe los golpes no sean tan dañinos<br>En la descripcion pone qe tiene proteccion contra sobrecargas y unas cuantas cosas mas asi qe eso ha hecho qe me gaste un poco mas en esta carcasa, ademas si gastas puntos no se qeda nada mal de precio.<br>Si qereis saber mas acerca de esta carcasa mirar las especificaciones.
[ENG]<br>The vast majority of cabinets come with a problem ... how intricate the cables are to connect, and seeing this product from Orico (which always surprises me for good) I bought it from one.<br><br>Pros.<br>- Easy to connect, but you have to have a Sata power connector to plug in.<br>- It has 4 connector, ideal to place 4 Hard Drives online (followed) in the cabinet you want.<br>- Manageable Cables.<br>- When the cables are plugged in, they remain secure.<br><br>Against.<br>- The cable is short (25 cms)<br><br>[SPA]<br>La gran mayoría de los gabinetes vienen con un problema... lo intricado que quedan los cables para conectar, y al ver este producto de Orico (que siempre me sorprende para bien) lo compre de una.<br><br>Pros.<br>- Fácil de conectar, pero se tiene que tener un conector de Poder Sata para enchufar.<br>- Posee 4 conector, ideales para colocar 4 Discos Duros en linea (seguidos) en el gabinete que quieras.<br>- Cables Manejables.<br>- Al enchufar los cables quedan seguros.<br><br>Contra.<br>- El cable es corto (25 cms)
The hub itself is very good, sturdy quality, and the cord is a very good length and takes up a small area of the desk. The ports are lined up perfect, and my peripherals and accessories connect and disconnect with ease - no jiggling the connectors or any such foolishness. The small blue LED indicator light is a nice touch as well.It delivers power to all four ports simultaneously with no issues. The data transfer speeds have been impressive as well. Overall I'm very pleased with this product, and I strongly recommend it.
Case is very good. Aluminium is enough stout. Connector is very good. Cable isn't very long, but it's enough. Screws is good, stout enough, and have a star-type slot and crewdriver in a set. There is a some sealing paralon, but if you want to plug in HDD you have to remove it, because otherwise you can't do it - it is minus 1 star. I'm satisfied.
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Orico cbt- 1S Reusable Velcro cable ties wire management bands binging straps seals<br><br>Very good quality and easy to use. <br>Wish it came longer than 1m <br><br>As these are very useful around the house. <br><br>It took long time to arrive and they forgot to write the zip code which caused a lot of hassle for me
The box is classy, the wire is complete and two pieces of foam rubber with a self-adhesive side. I ordered the delivery of UTEC, arrived quickly. Everything is fine) The usual hard for the 2.5 "notebooks crawls with a bang.
Very nice Very Elegant<br>A exellent design <br>It offers a really good, stable and reliable connection.<br>This little hub works great!<br>The best Usb Hub I love it's small, lightweight with good design!<br>Low price Fast delivery
Solid box of recycled cardboard, the pocket itself and the cable are good quality. The design of the device is simple but practical, it's nice to hold in your hands, it's easy to insert a hard drive. The connection to the computer is very fast.
These are great for your USB travel charging cables. If you are like me, I like to be able to find the cables easily and without tangling. These hook and loop ties are easy to cut to length and allow you to organize your cables for easy location in your bags.<br><br>I use them for power cords as well as USB cables.
Bellissime strisce in velcro per tenere fermi le varie bobine di cavi e cavetti del pc o smartphone o tv.<br>Comodissimo che sono di 5 colori diversi in modo da poter distinguere subito un cavo dall'altro.<br>Orico come sempre è una garanzia, li consiglio,
Bom estado<br>Muito satisfeito com este produto, tem uns acabamentos perfeitos, facil montagem e funciona em perfeito estado <br><br>llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll<br>lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll<br>lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll<br>lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll<br>llllllllllllllllllllllll<br>llllllllllllllllll<br>llll
Отличный карман. Скорость передачи данных на высоте, 3,5 Гб влетают за 1,5 минуты. Алюминиевый корпус способствует лучшему охлаждению. В комплекте хорошая отвертка. Продавец укомплектовал сетевым переходником. Очень быстрая доставка. Хорошая скидка. Покупкой очень доволен.
Отличный HDD Бокс. Очень удобный тем что можно быстро заменить винт, Присутствуют резиновые накладки( защита от падения). Удобный в использовании разъем Type-C. Высокая передача данных (зависит от винта). Рекомендую.
The received device fully corresponds to the description. This is a great device! The quality of the materials and the assembly is very nice. Fast shipping. I recommend to buy!
Спасибо ! Он прозрачный, он работает, у него есть type-c. но есть различие на фотографиях магазина логотип ORICO на плате есть, у меня как видите нет ??? также на кабеле отсутствует логотип ORICO , хотя в других обзорах он есть ? и крышка закрывается с усилием, у меня закрывается без всяких усилий, на сколько он оригинальный не знаю???
Excellent product, reads almost all HDDs but the only flaw is that in the package is not a disk with the software necessary for the installation I had to search online. For the rest it works very well and is extremely silent
Took on shares. Great price. Compact and inconspicuous, but 4 ports. The speed complies with USB 2.0 standard. There is an additional power, which is important for external drives (micro USB cord not included).
Calidad/Precio<br>Compacto y buen diseño, incluye cable usb 3.0 microusb<br>Se le puede conectar un cargador 5.0 V para añadir alimentacion extra (no incluido), a la conexion micro usb 2.0<br><br>Es transparente con una pcb negra, y se ve el led azul por debajo.
This is the 3rd try on extending my laptop with wired ethernet.<br>This was a success.<br>Speed feels fast and the extra ports come handy when away from desktop stand.<br>I did not measure it, more than a couple of 100 Mbps so the gigabit connection must be true.<br><br>Nice work, Orico.
Very nice charger, safety a++, quick charge 2.0, eu plug, usb. Good company, reliable charger, good materials used. Qualcomm chip certified. Recommend this over cheap brands.
Quality was very good, exactly what I was expecting from Orico. Cable supports quick charge 3.0, very strong protective shield, it can be folded and bend any way you like. Great product!
This cable was a great replacement for an external hard drive, the original cable on my hard drive would connect and disconnect my hard drive on my computer it also never stays connected in the hard drive
Consegui conectar dois controles de playstation 3 e dois controles de playstation 4 com esse Bluetooth, usando o programa ScpToolKit, ele reconhece como controle de xbox, 95% dos games compatíveis. O Produto chegou 49 dias após o envio. Sem imposto nem nada. Recomendo para todos que queiram usar como receptor de controle.
около 350 рублей за такую вещь никак не жало было, т.к. если в ПК нет блютуза, то этого вполне будет достаточно, у него хороший радиус, но такой какой был заявлен(20м), помехи появлялись уже на 10 метрах, по-моему лучший вариант за свои деньги
Absolutely fantastic USB hub, best i've ever used. Has an external power supply, all metal construction. Well worth the asking price.
Very handy item to have around the house. I use them to organize computer cables and also for tkeeping my appliance cords neat and tidy. Easy to use as they can be cut to whatever lenght you need.
I should say, very good product! Very easy to use and fast disc read speed!<br><br>It's easy to scratch thought....Already scratched mine, while pushing to hard on top and slided to open it.
Из всех кабелей которые представлены в своюодной продаже в украине эти самые качественые,оин раз взял себе такой,и теперь беру посточно,служат на совесть,рекомендую к приобретению
The ports aren't easily accessible, having this plugged into the dock and set off to the side allows me easy access without being in the way, due to my work I actually use most of the ports