Otium is a global manufacturer of smart devices ranging from smartphones to smartwatches. With the recent trends in the wearables market, Otium has placed high focus on building quality smartwatches that enhances a user's smartphone experience. The Otium smartwach is a perfect compliment for any smartphone-heavy user as it cuts down inefficiencies and saves a lot of battery life.

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Very simple and good finished and packaged and working properly, Sound is clear and call send is very direct, Happy with this phone, his works excellent and have all the features i require!

3.3 out of 5

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Los adquiri para reventa, al día de venderlos no se escuchaban, quedé mal yo como vendedor por que hice a la persona venir para nada<br><br>PD yo tengo los mismos desde junio y jamás me fallaron, supongo que es error en el proceso de elaboración, espero una respuesta