For the ultimate android experience, Oukitel phones are the perfect companion for the Android lover. Liquid smooth experience highlights Oukitel phones as they are a fan favorite among tech enthusiasts. Reviews rave about how comfortable Oukitel phones are hold and the phone experience is exceptional.

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"Oukitel really know how to make top tier phablets - basically flagship quality at at least 1/2 or 1/3 price. Really incredible price-performance ratio. The displays looks absolutely fantastic and crystal clear. The phones are insanely fast, really push everything around like crazy. Multitasking, games, videos - everything is faster by orders of magnitude. Love Oukitel so much!!" "My favorite brand is now Oukitel. Perfect combination of great hardware choice under the hood, razor sharp touchscreens that are incredibly responsive, and superb construction/craftsmanship. Oukitel have a distinctive design style that stands out. Really premium at an affordable price."

4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 1099 reviews

what people are saying
This article is very good, the price is fair<br>8 cores work perferct<br>I recommend not playing freefire or PUBG while loading, it gets very hot !!!<br>photos and videos of day, very good, at night is not very good<br>I recommend the cell phone for people who want something, good, nice, and cheap<br><br>este articulo es muy bueno, el precio es justo<br>8 nucleos funcionan perfercto<br>recomiendo no jugar freefire o PUBG mientras carga, se calienta mucho!!!<br>fotos y videos de dia, muy bueno, en la noche no es muy bueno<br>recomiendo el celular para las personas que quieren algo, bueno, bonito, y barato
Oukitel volta a surpreender. Boa qualidade de construção e materiais utilizados, design actual e elegante. Boa memoria, rápido e capaz de aguentar jogos com muito power. A bateria volta a ser um destaque neste equipamento e permite uma utilização do telemóvel muito durável sem necessidade de carregamento. Trás capa protectora de silicone e película para o vidro. <br>Talvez umas das melhores marcas de smartphones da china. Recomendo para quem pretende um equipamento que não deixa ficar mal.
recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fast shipping 3 weeks less <br>Amazing value for money <br>Large impressive screen size <br>Exterior look and feel is good <br>Not too heavy <br>13megapixel front and back cameras <br>phone is very simple with slow gps ,nice display but at in the end simple phone just for talking not for games and internet,slow wifi slow gps no sensors but for normal talking use is very nice <br>Excellent value for money, well built, sturdy, good screen, 4GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, OTA updates, android 7, also came with a screen protector and case
Uno de los mejores terminales que he podido probar. El diseño muy bueno, y muy comprensible su grosor a pesar de que no es mucho comparado a otros terminales. Este es un gran + debido a que dura hasta 4 dias la bateria en un uso medio. En realidad no hay que dejar que la carga y el momento no se quiere cargar sobre el cuarto día. Muy fuerte, no se calienta, fiable y rápido. Buena cámara, más que suficiente memoria y conectividad perfecta. En general muy bueno.
I bought this one for my friend and i was amazed once i received this in this price mobile features are awesome. some pros are given below:<br>1. good curved display<br>2. screen quality is awesome<br>3.touch is not feel like cheap mobile<br>4.there is no lag while more apps working<br>5. camera is average.<br>6.the back case is sparkling<br>7. battery is the best part for this mobile
Great phone overall:<br><br>- Battery is the biggest advantage, lasts around 3-4 days with medium usage (around 2-3 hours a day playing games, watching videos, chatting, etc.) so there's no need to charge the phone every day<br>- Big AMOLED screen<br>- Clean Android with swift UI<br>- Huge storage for apps/multimedia etc. (64 GB)
great product, as well as in the description. Handsome device and good footprint in hand, should meet my needs. I really liked that for the price of the device he came with fingerprint, which only had in the media and line tops. Just the hrdware part is not very good, but it should serve the basic needs with smartphones. I recommend not for the power it offers in hardware, but for the things that come in it that is easier to find in media and line tops, like digital printing, which makes it much easier.
muito lindo a nível de estética<br>gama barata mas com muito potencial para quem quer um smartphone para o dia sem exigir muito dele. <br>para a minha mulher serve perfeitamente e passado 6 meses esta muito contente pois nunca a deixou ficar mal.
the phone has incredible storage by its own its a very nice option for low budget!<br>i choose Oukitel K3 mostly for the battery life , and since i got it i charged it only 12 minutes to 100 % so far after a night and wifi open the battery is at 72 with no usage mostly instagram / facebook
Good looking and almost fair price. It feels good in the hand, the camera it's not bad for that price range, although it could have better image in video format. It feels premium because of the metallic back and it feels sturdy and well assembled. I only give almost 3* because of the many issues i've encountered.
Very beautiful and elegant. <br>Nice package. <br>Good leather strap and overall build quality. <br>Very easy to use. <br>Paired within seconds with my Nexus 6. <br>Every notification appeared immediately. <br>Excellent quality smartwatch.
Nagyon jó minőség.<br>Gyors szállítás.<br>100 dollárért nagyon megérte.<br>Nagyon sokáig bírja az akkumulátor.<br>Nagyon gyors a rendszer.<br>4GB memória, 64GB belső tárhely, 8 magos processzor.
Καλής ποιότητας συσκευή με ευρωπαϊκό φορτιστή ...θεωρώ είναι μια αξιόπιστη αγορά για κάποιον που θέλει ένα ανθεκτικό smartphone χωρίς να κάνει εκπτώσεις στις επιδόσεις του.....
I choose to rate this to recommend it to game players .<br>the huge battry 10000 mha will make u forget about charging and u wont worry about its , this from my 8 month using this product .<br>also its look nice with dark design
This phone, though not without it's numerous problems, delivers on an absolutely incredible battery life, and would be recommended to people who absolutely need access to social media, email, office etc.<br><br><br><br>If you need a phone with an awesome battery, go Oukitel.
very good smartphone and powerful characteristic. i love it
It´s a great product. Very fast with a large mount of memory. Battery is excellent. Worth the money. For what i'm concerned it's a well balance equipment, it screen is quite good compared to other White brande telephones that are in the market.
Este telemóvel foi encomendado a pedido de um amigo a quem já havia dado conta da excelente experiência obtida com a GearBest! Já o tem há mais de um ano e nunca se queixou de nenhum problema! Está feliz com ele e recomenda vivamente este site!
recomendo super em conta e muito fácil de usar sem falar da aparência que da em qualquer lugar que esteja
Este un telefon super acceptabil la pretul acesta. Ecranul are culori vi, meniul este foarte placut. Bateria este incorporata. Am avut mici probleme cu mufa de la incarcator a telefonului, dar pana la urma s-a rezolvat. Recomand....
Eu recomendo demais esse cel muito bonito muito mesmo um azul que reflete com qualquer tipo de luz se vc quer atenção esse celular azul e o escolhido veio muito rapido até bem embalado e com todas as peças otima compra que fiz
OUKITEL K10000 max 4G Telefone muito bonito com entrega muito rápida e muito bem acondicionado pelo que já experimentei é muito rápido e robusto. Ecrã muito bom e design espetacular.
I did not know what to expect, for that price and what I can do I was afraid it would not be right.<br>nothing is less true, the phone is just a very good phone, does what it has to do.<br>I recommend the phone,
Relação preço-qualidade.<br>Display de 6 polegadas com ótima resolução.<br>Leitor de impressão digital.<br>Rápido nas apps.<br>Capa silicone e proteção de ecrã incluídos.
O aparelho é rápido, de fácil utilização e contêm tudo o que preciso num telemóvel. A entrega foi +/- rápida demorou 22 dias para chegar o que é justificavel. Estou satisfeito com a compra do mesmo.
Buon terminale, con tutte le funzioni essenziali per uno smartphone e piacevole sensazione di solidità e robustezza nel tenerlo in mano.<br>Display e fotocamera sicuramente migliorabili, ma se preso in sconto non si può chiedere di più.<br>Spedizione celere e pacco integro.
Super phone, I recommend to everyone, very good workmanship, works great at home and at work, fast delivery. I recommend.
The phone does what it says:<br>fast, good finishes and excellent design.<br><br>Super powerful battery.<br>Powerful charger.<br>Well-fitted box<br>Everything spotless.
Faz o que promete pelo preço! Rápido o suficiente para os seus 2Gb. Talvez agora comprasse um Xiaomi que e quase o mesmo preço e tem mais qualidade de construção.
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