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4.8 out of 5

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This backpack represents good value for the money it cost but it is an economy item and allowance has to be made for that. it has faults which IMHO are not insurmountable and i can live with them. The main compartment is full height and not as might have be expected a separate bottom compartment but that said it has a full depth and full width pocket on its inner face There is a Velcro patch above this compartment that is supposed to allow a drinking tube to exit the pack, on mine at least there is no hole for the tube to pass through,. there are also no fittings to suspend a drinking pouch. The Molle fastenings on all three pouches are not implemented in the normal way, on the side pouches a Velcro strap is passed behind the ladder webbing and attaches to Velcro patches on the pouch. on the centre pouch a strap passes behind the webbing and picks up on D rings on the pouch before fastening with a press stud..That said they seem to be secure and all the pouches seem to have good strong zips There are two loops of webbing sewn in under the main pack to which sleeping mats/tents could be fastened or they could be cutt and have quick release fasteners attached should you wish. there are D rings near the top of each side of the main pack to which a sleeping bag might be fashioned. I found myself to be right on the limit of the belt with my 44inch waist but if you need more it is standard two inch webbing and buckles so make an extension! The main fault though for me is the lining in the outer main compartment The face of the compartment has been built with expansion panels in each side to increase its volume but the lining is a plain sheet of waterproof(?) fabric with no means to expand. This means if you need that extra space you would need to modify the lining in some way, In places the finishing on the stitches could be tidier but as i said this is an economy item and sold at a very reasonable price so you don't get all the frills (and if they bother you you could trim them yourself) So if you are in the market for a low cost military style pack of good size and with the ability to be added to this could be the item for you!
looks like real fish and nice colors hope it work well .As we all know, our planet is mostly covered by water, and one can only imagine the vastness of species of fish that live in these waters. Fish is nature’s wonderful creation as they come in so many different colors and sizes. It has a major role to play in creating a marine life under the ocean. Here are a few fun facts to explore the world of fishes below.
9 сегментная щучка длиной 10 см. Выполнена из пластика. Краска не слазит. Реалистичные глаза - которые переливаются. Сегменты соединены тканью, выглядит крепко!<br>При обычной проводке - хвостом не играет, ведет себя словно палка). Подходит больше для твиччинга. Нужно приловчится его проводке. Уловистый, проверен на 3 водоемах. Щука берет в основном при падении а не при проводке. Фото отчет ниже. <br>РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!!!
This is good overall, however there are a few set backs. Namely the metal cords they decided to put in for some reason. One of them, the tip was so badly wrapped that I decided to melt nylon over the tips because I was stabbed a few times by it. Some don't seem to stay in place which is a safety hazard, so be absolutely certain to find additional ways to make them stay in place, and to apply a coating to the tip of each metal cord.
Já as testei e inclusive já peguei peixes com elas, mas vou passar detalhes que talvez possa lhe ajudar:<br><br>1- Sim, ela é incandescente.<br>2- Elas tem aviso sonoro (bolinha interna)<br>3- Boiam na água! (4 delas, a outra afunda)<br>4- Os ganchos (garateias) são muito frágeis, todas as vezes que peguei algum peixe eles abriram os ganchos, me fez perder alguns peixes, recomendo que já comprem junto, sem falar que os ganchos enferrujam.<br>5- Acompanha o estojo <br><br>Super recomendo essas iscas, já que elas são de modalidades diferentes! Dá para usa-las em qualquer lugar.
bom material<br>rapidez na entrega<br>+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
The backpack is great, the materials seem to be of nice quality and it's been wonderful so far.<br>It has lots of space, and lots of compartments which makes it great for camping or road trips.<br>Also the pattern is really nice and matches all my other multicam accessories.<br><br>10/10 would recommend and will definitely buy another one if I somehow manage to tear this one apart.
Практичный кросс-боди рюкзак среднего размера для города и путешествий.<br>Цвет хаки, стиль милитари. Внутри непромокаемая оболочка. Много карманов, застежек. Можно носить через плечо, на груди, за ручку.<br>Рекомендую донный продукт
Fast Shipment this time. Manufactured in good quality with good Material. Ordered for an very good Price at GEARBEST.com. Freight-/Postal-Rates are very low and fair. Function of this part/item is good and does its job. <br><br>But there is an "Connection Problem" between camera and PC. Customer Service told me, that is only Problem with the newer Win 10.
thin, tough.convinient of usage. The material is high quality. Delivery is fast 20 days. Can be used in different situations.
The bag is small but, you can put into a lot of things, the materials are good, with a premium quality. it's a good product.
Es una gran opción de compra, viene en un material muy resistente y el color me ha gustado mucho.<br>Además la relación precio-calidad que maneja este artículo esta muy bien.<br>Si recomendaría definitivamente el articulo, vale la pena adquirirlo.
Aparência Bonita<br>Bem acaba nos detalhes <br>Aparentemente reforçada<br>Tamanho referente aos 50l mencionados <br>Na minha opinião valeu muito a pena comprar.<br><br>Já Testei em uma trilha e foi super aprovada! consegue carregar vários equipamentos.
Muy buena cangurera , yo la uso para ir a correr y llevar el telefono movil, muy ligera y practica, si sales a correr es indispensable para corredores y llevar contigo musica.
The waistpack is a lot of pretty, useful to carry your smartphone, keys, money coins, and a detail i have liked The waistpack is a lot of pretty, useful to carry your smartphone, keys, money coins, and a detail i have liked veryvery much is the belt resistance. much is the belt resistance.
I like it, I arrive in the estimated time, it's the same as the image, at least I'll request some two more<br><br>me gusto, llego en el tiempo estimado, es igual a la imagen, al menos solicitare unas dos mas
Love itAmazing product!Love it so mucLoveLove itAmazing product!Love it so much! itAmazing product!Love it so much!h!Love itAmazing product!Love it so much!Love itAmazing product!Love it so much!
Hello...i have just received my product and i found it awesome.. the steel is hard...good grip...firm. still going to use it outdoor but im sure its not going to let me down...really good product...
buen acabado, ideal para empezar o primer equipo para niño o llevar un equipo ligero, icluye linea, buen frena suave al retraer
produto de qualidade boa, mas nada de muito resistente<br>realmente para ser usado em emergência, muita emergência.<br>não ocupa nada de espaço e o peso é extremamente baixo
This is lure is realistic looking and the action on the lure is realistic as well. The quality appears to be good.
The materials and the design look pretty nice. Was expecting something bigger but i've never filled it up to see how much it fits inside.<br>For that price you won't be disapointed with what you got.<br>The delivery was really fast.
1- it’s really awesome <br>2- I like the price and the material it <br>3 really extraordinary it help you a lot with yoga <br>4 I’ll love recommending it
Три отделения на застежках-молниях; прочный материал; регулируемый по длине ремень может крепиться к сумке с разных сторон.
During a good soaking rain the tent had some leaks around the bottom seams where the floor connects to the walls, For the most part it seems like a good tent
Conforme prometido boa qualidade bom tamanho duperou minhas expectativas
Good overall quality.<br>The relation between air and gas isn't the ideal, the flame burn yellow with charcoal deposit at the pan. Easily solved.
this lure is comparable to ones that cost two or three times as much. surprised by the quality of the product.
this lure is comparable to ones that cost two or three times as much. surprised by the quality of the product.
Very good value nice design very good matieal 9/10 buy it <br>great for the for all outdoor sports if that is what you are in to go buy yourself one