Pimax is a start-up company concentrating on VR hardware and application. The founding executive team is a group of geeks who have much passion on VR technology. They have been obsess on R&D of VR, AR, and their algorithm over a decade, and have owned a number of exclusive patents which symbolizes the most advanced technologies in VR. As VR springs up and explosively grows in the world, Pimax values UE much more. Its design philosophy is “Player, perfection, infinite”, which means that Pimax is dedicated to bring our players technology products in high quality and best experience.

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Pimax 4k now is the best clear HMD in my hand , and it compatible with oculus home games and steamvr games . I like it because of its resolution is 4K , it's good to use on watch movie and play games . Pimax VR is cheaper compare with Oculus cv1 and HTC vive and it's very light .It's good for me because i can use it watch movie and play games for a long time. it's comfortable to put on and it has eyes protection system. Pimax earphone is good , can take off and put on VR , while i am watching movie , I put it on , the feeling is better as if I am inside. Pimax has good service , their service help me to connect with my computer and tech me how to use it with oculus and steam games.

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Great Device, I have thoroughly enjoyed using it, it has a much better screen than any other Virtual Reality device, only thing it lacks is support for a motion controller, I have tried using a few but none work as well and simply as its competitors, really hoping the PiMAX 8k comes out soon so I can give that a try with its controller support and even better screen.