Shenzhen PXN Electronics Technology Co. Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LiteStar. PXN is growing into one of the leading brands of gaming accessory worldwide. Our group was founded in 1996. We have become a game jungle for world's consumers after over 20 years of development. From the outset, we strive to bring diversification and fun to the game industry.

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PXN mobile gaming gear has become my weapon of choice. What stands out for me? The premium build quality and precision controls make a world of difference in FPS titles. Basically, the gamepads transform mobile devices into personal consoles. Awesome gaming!

4.6 out of 5

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So I got this from some spare wallet money and in a flash sale.<br><br>I didn't expect much, although I had hopes that because in the East they have great expertise in arcade hardware, they would deliver an "ok" product.<br>Actually it is great. Controller works as expected (although a bit long travel), buttons are ok (not real arcade quality, but definitely ok) and is really plug'n'play.<br><br>Stick is configured as digital stick or hat control and can even be switched in real time. Most games emulators seem to work with both settings (!)...<br>It even has a pass-through for other controller (for consoles I guess), but haven't tried it.<br>There is a TURBO key that works as advertised for most of the keys and is very easy to set and reset WITHIN a game. I would love configurable repeat time out though (or even 2 or 3 presets). I think it is very fast and some software "misses a beat" (and you wait for the next repeat, so it is not smooth).<br><br>There is MACRO key, not perfectly explained in the English version of manual.<br>There is also a home key that I am not sure what it does. Same with the 1 to 4 LEDs. No mention.<br><br>Two of the buttons are treated as "full press" of analog axis (analog triggers). Expected.<br><br>There are two extra axis reported by the controller, that are not mapped to anything. It would be better if they phased them off as it may confuse some software.<br><br>Overall, good impression.
Качественный джойстик, заявленные функции выполняет кроме игры на телефоне. не удалось подключить его. но оно мне и не надо особо, главное что с компьютером легко дружит)