roborock was established in China. MCYH offers the best products as amazing ,roborock focused on the .Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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I bought this robot mainly for the vacuum ability and after 1 week they are really satisfying.<br><br>The Roborock is able to clean the entire apartment (roughly 95 square meters) in 73 minutes using less than half battery. After 3 complete cleaning it has collected a lot of dust, but its dustbin is not completely full yet.<br><br>I often go to the beach and my concern was that the robot could not clean all sand I usually leave around the floor when I come back...well it works verry wel...I do not need to use the broom anymore.<br><br>The robot never got stuck, even the small carpet outside the shower is well cleaned and does not crumple on itself as usually happens with such kind of robots.<br><br>All the cleanings have been made using the balanced mode (medium aspiration/medium noise) which is more than enough, but if you really need you may also increase the power to Turbo and Max! <br><br>Thanks to his unbeatable price, the Roborock S50 destroys also the latest iRobot Roomba 980, but even though the price would not be a probelm for you, take in mind that the Roomba needs light to work (its camera cannot navigate in dark rooms), while the Xiaomi laser can navigate at any condition!
Very effective over my hardwood floors for picking up dust bunnies and getting onto area rugs and ramping up the suction power to pick up dirt, very glad I invested in this product
Smart, navigation system is phenomenal. It really knows where it is and where to go. Mop mode is very good too. After years with roomba and scooba, I can say this is superb!
Everything was perfect, quality product. I received 2 sweepers nicely packed in the box
Pros:<br>Muito fácil de usar<br>Super prático <br>Bom preço em relação à qualidade <br>Bom até na aspiração de carpetes