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A handy, ultra fine quality and durable cycle pouch which can be hanged around any type of bike to carry bare essentials like - keys, wallet, food, energy packets while we are burning calories under the sun. It is made of very good and durable material which comes with a transparent cover to keep your mobile so that you can monitor the distance. It is indeed very good and a must recommended for persons who hit the road very often or go on long rides. It has nice two packets on each side to carry more things while you stay carefree when you are road.
fast detach<br>no vibrations<br>adjustable angle<br>touchscreen works good<br>transparent foil doesn't get blurry<br><br>I was using another type of holder (small bag placed on top of the bike frame in front) and this one is much better. I can take my phone to the shop easily and don't worry about thieft.
Быстрая доставка в Украину<br>удобная, надежная, вместительная, влагозащищенная<br>Влезают смартфоны до 5.7 дюймов.<br>Присутствует удлинитель для наушников.
- Very good bike smartphone bag<br>- good fabric<br>- ideal size for smartphone<br>- Light and resistant<br>- output to the phone cable
За свою ціну, мабуть, зійде. Недоліки - Трубка поганої якості, яка легко перегинається і назад вже нормально не стає. Присутній запах пластику
Everything was excellent and I had a good experience<br>My love for the phone was protected from water<br>Highly recommend to anyone who likes to ride a bicycle and does not want to carry with a bag on the back just for a phone and all sorts of little things
I've been using it for over a year and it's great! it can take a lot of weight and is completely rain proof! i've used it in rain commuting to and back from work - perfect!
- well made,<br>- good, waterproof material,<br>- luminescent elements,<br>- look nice,<br>- zipper to close,<br>- stick to bike with leech
Плюсы:<br>— удобный доступ к содержимому;<br>— позволяет пользоваться смартфоном на ходу;<br>— не мнётся;<br>— легко чистится от грязи;<br>— защищает содержимое от небольшого дождя/брызг.
Bag is meant for mountain bikes but I mounted it on road bike without any problems. Bag is big enough for a spare tire, basic tools, a wallet and a few other things. Space for the phone is also perfect,
Bag is meant for mountain bikes but I mounted it on road bike without any problems. Bag is big enough for a spare tire, basic tools, a wallet and a few other things. Space for the phone is also perfect,
Es un producto de muy buena calidad y durabilidad. Roswheel es una marca confiable y muy durable. La recomiendo totalmente, me gusta que son de bajo precio pero aún asi sirven bastante bien y duran mucho.
Πολύ καλής ποιότητας υλικό, κάθετε καλά στο ποδήλατο και είναι εύκολο στην χρήση... Το τηλέφωνο δένετε εσωτερικά με χρατς οπότε δεν υπάρχει θέμα να φυγή η να μετακινηθεί.
Bolso para bicicleta marca Roswheel de 8L de capacidad, muy liviano, tiene compartimiento para bolsa de agua de 2L, realmente muy contento con la compra.
Сумка качественно сделана, все прошито, все швы проклеены, воду не пропускает, держит форму, удобное крепление на руль, теперь моя техника под защитой.
That's the second bcycle case that i bought from this brand and both of them really rocks. <br>The price is really affordable and the product's quality is good as expected. <br>It looks like water proof but not too much , normal rains wont be a problem i suppose.
Great product, quality material and very well done. Excellent value for money compared to other items. Highly recommend to all !!!
nice quality<br>should be waterproof (not checked)<br><br>niezła jakość wykonania<br>powinien być wodoodporny (nie sprawdzałem)
Good product<br>Nice quality and fast shipping<br>very premium service from gearbest support team<br>I recommand this
Yol bisikleti için çok uygun ve kullanışlı bir çanta. Su geçirmiyor ve kumaşı gayet kaliteli. Fiyatına göre çok iyi.
Well fixed on bike, good phone protection, ease of use though protection, good price. Its definitly a good valeu for the price.
Good pouch to store your mobile and accessoiries, like powerbank or something else. Easy to install and fits very well.
мега крутая сумка, покупаю уже вторую такую, стильная, удобная, прочная!
Will buy again - good material and design. Thanks for prompt shipping and a painless online experience. <br>Lots of space
супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар
Molto bello esteticamente e molto economico. Grande supporto per i tuoi giri in bicicletta. Consigliato.
+ fast delivery to Austria, Europe (send from Warehouse in France) <br>+ basically the bags have a good value-for-money ratio<br><br>- but I am not 100% satisfied with the seams of the bag - the finish of the seams could be neater and tidier or be improved
cheap, nice product, good looking
molto capiente, rimane abbastanza ferma sopra al telaio. Ha in dotazione un cavo per attaccare il telefono.
Nada apontar, produto e entrega tudo com muita qualidade!