Roswheel is a leading riding equipment solution provider; the integration of the world well-known brand for global customer service; Roswheel is the founder of touch bike bags category, the category is riding equipment establishment and perfect main promoters.

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На данный это лучший аксессуар для велосипеда что я покупал!<br>Прошел через огонь и воду, побывал во всех погодных условиях не потеряв при этом форму! <br>Устанавливается очень просто. <br>По вместимости влезают необходимые инструменты, бумажник, документы.<br>По центру устанавливается телефон и поверьте им очень удобно пользоваться во время езды, он держится там надежно! <br><br>This is the best bike accessory I've ever bought!<br>Passed through fire and water, visited all weather conditions without losing shape! <br>It is very easy to install. <br>On capacity fit the necessary tools, wallet, documents.<br>In the center of the phone is installed and believe them it is very convenient to use while driving, it is held there securely!
Produto de excente qualidade, a bolsa ROSWHEEL portátil montanha bicicleta tem ótimo acabamento e funcionalidade, se encaixa perfeitamente no quadro da bicicleta. O produto chegou em um tempo não longo e a embalagem feita de forma a proteger seu conteudo. Recomendo a compra na GEARBEST e parabenizo o profissionalismo e os bons produtos comercializados no site.<br><br>Product of excellent quality, the ROSWHEEL portable mountain bike bag has great workmanship and functionality, fits perfectly into the frame of the bike. The product arrived in a not long time and the packing made in order to protect its contents. I recommend the purchase at GEARBEST and congratulate the professionalism and good products marketed on the site.
A handy, ultra fine quality and durable cycle pouch which can be hanged around any type of bike to carry bare essentials like - keys, wallet, food, energy packets while we are burning calories under the sun. It is made of very good and durable material which comes with a transparent cover to keep your mobile so that you can monitor the distance. It is indeed very good and a must recommended for persons who hit the road very often or go on long rides. It has nice two packets on each side to carry more things while you stay carefree when you are road.
Хороший "багажник", материал плотный, пока водонепроницаемый, сенсор работает, телефон 4,6 дюймов поместился без проблем.<br>Брал по цене около 5 баксов, доставили за 3 недели.<br><br>A good "bag", the material is tight, while waterproof, the sensor works, the 4.6 inch phone fits without problems.<br>I bought for about 5 USD, delivered in 3 weeks.
Очень лёгкая и компактная сумка, но качество оставляет желать лучшего. швы прям видно когда сумка забита вещами, пока пользовался один раз в 3 дневном велопоходе. Достаточно вместительная, и что важно водонепроницаема!<br>С креплением к седлу тоже не всё ясно, так вот она у меня постоянно набок скашивается, из-за конструкции липучки крепящаяся к подсидельному штырю. поэтому 4 звезды
Доставка очень быстрая, не ожидал такого)<br>Сумка суппер! на велосипеде держится довольно хорошо(устойчиво). По качеству мне понравилось.<br>На вид тоже классная.<br>И самое хорошее, что по вместимости как раз. всё что надо, всё влазит))
Lightweight summer cycling bag has two pockets - one insulated for water bladder and one smaller for phone/other things you may need while cycling. I am highly satisfied with this product. After one season, it was, admittedly, very salty, but after a wash - looks like new. <br>Can't wait for another year of cycling with it :)
I've been using it for over a year and it's great! it can take a lot of weight and is completely rain proof! i've used it in rain commuting to and back from work - perfect!
Everything was great!<br>You can put quite a lot of things in the bag.<br>It fits for example ttwo five and half inches smartphones plus a powerbank, your keys and still remain some space.<br>You can strap it on your bike easily and it is very steady.<br><br>No cons
Dobra nie zalatująca dziwnymi zapachami torba na wodę (bukłak). Tpwar szczelny i po pierwszym użyciu bez uwag co do wytrzymałości, montażu czy innych elementów. Jako amator kolarstwa polecam.
Had it some time and it keeps up nicely, very convenient bag, very happy with it, good quality, inside there is a mesh so you can separate phone from other things.
yo lo compre para el patinete electrico y el 50% de su funcion no la uso, como es llevar el movil y verlo por el plastico transpàrente<br>no da opcion de ponerlo arriba del patin y lo coloque abajo como maleta o porta objetos, y asi pierdo lo de poner el movil y ver su pantalla u oir musica
Good materials and construction.<br>Looks very durable and resistant to time and wear conditions.<br>Very easy to use and waterproof.<br>Great relation price/quality.
Yol bisikleti için çok uygun ve kullanışlı bir çanta. Su geçirmiyor ve kumaşı gayet kaliteli. Fiyatına göre çok iyi.
Good quality and low price. Easy and precise use of the mobile phone. Good volume to contain objects. Strong stretch to fix it to the bike.
The bag looks good and seems to be quite robust. I've been using it for 1 year now with iPhone 7 but haven't tested the charger yet.
мега крутая сумка, покупаю уже вторую такую, стильная, удобная, прочная!
Will buy again - good material and design. Thanks for prompt shipping and a painless online experience. <br>Lots of space
This device works very well. I'm completely happy with him. I use it every day. It works perfectly without problems.
Awesome product. Lots of space in it, i can fit both my phone and my wallet along with some screws and screwdrivers!
супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар супер товар
+ fast delivery to Austria, Europe (send from Warehouse in France) <br>+ basically the bags have a good value-for-money ratio<br><br>- but I am not 100% satisfied with the seams of the bag - the finish of the seams could be neater and tidier or be improved
pros: it's light, seems resistent, have pockets to guard stuff, hold 2 litres of water.<br><br>cons: none.
it's an awesome package it fits my 6," redmi phone wow, and the bag was strong and sturdy.
Love love love this bag. You won't be sorry to order it. Highly recommend!
The material is tough and the type of closing makes it good sealing, i received a model that use close point on the sides of the bag but works good anyway
Bom preço,boa qualidade, é elegante com um apecto bom,tem um bolsinho do lado interno
Für größere Touren für Navigation zu empfehlen; Halterung hält ganz gut. Ist sehr leicht und aus meiner Sicht wasserdicht
molto capiente, rimane abbastanza ferma sopra al telaio. Ha in dotazione un cavo per attaccare il telefono.
Nada apontar, produto e entrega tudo com muita qualidade!