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4.5 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 66 reviews

what people are saying
Pretty good headset for the price<br>Drivers works with Windows 10<br>Drivers disk also included<br>Well-built<br>Mic works good, good quality sound
Bueno, el envio duro mas o menos 1 mes.<br>Lo voy usando bastante tiempo y me parece un excelente headset<br>PROS:<br>-Tiene un muy buen sonido 7.1<br>-TIene un bonito diseño<br>-Es resistente
They are very beautiful, the lights work perfectly and have great sound quality. It does not hurt the head after several hours of use. Easy microphone handling and good sound quality
Good Sound and good material and am extremly satified. Thank you for the great product. Its a good brand. Sorry for the bad english.
Confortable<br>good sound quality<br>easy to wear<br>good mic quality<br>really impressed with the price/quality relation
Produto recebido em 2 dias após o pagamento!<br><br>Auscultadores são muito bons. O micro é um bocado baixo mas apresenta uma qualidade de som espectacular. Sem interferência/estática nem nada.<br><br>De resto, confortável e boa qualidade.
SADES SA-928 <br><br>is a very good option for a nice headset with a good audio and microphone, designe excellent.<br> its a very flexible product you dont need to worry about break it.<br><br>The product arrive in a righ time, nothing to complain about.
Tudo veio com forme solicitado, com um tempo de entrega muito rápido!!!
Relatively good tactile feedback, i really like the low-profile design
This one is the best of all among my headsets, durability, song quality and drive control.<br>If you have a doubt about the purchase, just forget and buy it.
É feito em medidas ótimas, bom design e acabamento!
Very good for the price <br>Good mic<br>Lightweight <br>Can wear for hours and still be comfortable
muito bons.<br>som de qualidade<br>auriculares mto fofos e com luz<br>satisfeita a 100%
Encaixa perfeitamente na cabeça e o som também é muito bom. Recomendo