Siroflo are designed to enhance your entertainment, and to help you stay connected on-the-go while enjoying the benefits from technology. With Siroflo you will explore the freedom of connectivity to reach your highest potential.

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4.7 out of 5

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Takes a little getting used to, but awesome. I love that the speaker has bluetooth capability and also an auxiliary option. I still have an iPod that I use, so it's not compatible with any Bluetooth Technology, so I love that I can still use it with this. The directions in the box are a little odd; I think the person that wrote it does not speak English at their first language, so it's a little wonky. Using the charging station and speaker is not rocket science, but there are some things that are not 100% intuitive. The bluetooth has pretty good range. I have the speaker in my bathroom and can use my cell phone in my room when in the shower (please note the directions say do not use in a humid environment, I'm risking it). Can charge 4 things at once, has a speaker, does what it's supposed to do. Happy with it.
Отличный браслет для занятий спортом и повседневного ношения.<br>Постоянное измерение пульса (раз в 30 минут) и давления (раз в 10 минут) позволяют вести непрерывный контроль данных параметров организма. При чем измерение артериального давления вполне корректно - сравнивал со специализированным прибором от OMRON. О мелочевке типа рисования маршрута прогулки/пробежки на карте даже не пишу.<br>В общем к покупке можно рекомендовать!<br>PS - зарядки аккумулятора хватает на 3-4 дня работы<br>PS 2 - туго снимается ремешок для доступа к разъёму зарядки часов. В инструкции показан разъём со стороны кнопки, а он с другой стороны часов
Normally I don't write these reviews so soon, yet I got this today. I installed it on my windshield. With plenty of experience with windshield mounted phone holders, I have been let down with them either being difficult to use or unable to use one-handed. This takes the cake. I am an owner of an iPhone 8+ in a Catalyst case and a Samsung 8+ in a Spigen thin case, and I tested both of them. The holder worked. I had to remove the feet so both would be centered, but it held both of them without fail.
These headphones are very comfortable with excellent sound quality in its price range. The ear-cup materials are soft and very wearable for long durations. The sound quality is very clean and crisp for music listening. The Bluetooth function is also easy to use with easy pairing with my phone and Ipad.<br>Amazing! Why didn't I know about this brand earlier in my life! It's ridiculously comfortable! Cool!
The item arrived on time. Packaging was nice. It’s not too big and works like a charm. The instructions could be more detailed but I was still able to use it with ease. I can mirror my phone to my computer and I can project my computer to my tv with it which is great for watching movies and things on the internet. I would recommend this to anyone who has a need for it. It’s easy to use and pretty great quality.
é a primeira vez que compro esse tipo de produto, comprei para um cliente e o feedback que recebi foi o melhor possível.<br>Havia uma apreensão pelo produto ser chines, porem o meu cliente ficou plenamente satisfeito.<br>e consequentemente.... eu tambem<br><br>att,
I'm an audiophile so I'm very particular with the headphones I buy. Not going to lie at first I thought some of the reviews were fake/paid for but after using these earbuds for a week I'm astonished. Maybe its the Bluetooth version 5 but the level sound quality and bass you get through these things are truly top-tier. Just bite the bullet and buy em.
Perfect Siroflo BQ-618 Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Quickly connects to Bluetooth. Produces excellent quality sound. The TF card mode works very well. Plays quite a while before recharging required. Loud warning peep when battery is very low. Verbally expresses Mode, BT connection, Power-On and Power-Off.
This is a good substitute for GoPro. It's affordable and works well. We took lots of good pictures when we went vacation on the beach. Besides, it is very easy to use, so I let my kid play with it. She was very excited taking photos with this action camera.
Great Action Camera, I use it on my bike and it's easy to install and operate. <br>I also use it in my car to record the traffic or any accident in front of me. When the memory card is out of space it will reformat and start recording again. Very convenient.
Looked worth the price, and read good reviews so I bought the earphones necause I need good earphones as I run daily. The audio quality is good, not seinheiser good but sony good. Quite easy to configure the bluetooth bit
keep my switch in it all the time when not using it and great for trips. can just toss it in my bag and i know my switch is safe. very sturdy and would recommend for anyone with a switch
You can hold it on your hands, and project on walls. It is so convenient. The projection at night is much greater. Video, pictures, TXT can be played directly, with good definition.
são confortáveis QB nos ouvidos, a borracha é bastante maleável, o que faz não incomodar mesmo usando por horas. <br>a bateria é excelente, dura pelo menos 9 a 10 horas, neste tipo de fones, são os que tem melhor bateria. <br>o som é alto e de boa qualidade, com bass razoável e bom em graves e agudos.
ótimo receptor, não é NFC, e sim Bluetooth, mais é um ótimo receptor, com saída de potência para fone etc. <br>não tem zumbido nem nada. <br>muito bom.
I was a little hesitant about buying this, but I was pleasantly surprised. It charges my phone fairly quickly, and the stand itself does its job and is pretty sturdy.
very good product , easy to use .I am happy with this.value for mony
Excellent product, very good grip on the mobile phone when I am out riding. Now I am able to measure my exercising with my Mi Band 3. Thanks!
Unlike most projectors, this product is very compact. It comes with a tripod and remote and it's quite bright for its small size.
Very good quality of picture, easy to use, easy to connect with various sources. Excellent product and exactly as described
exellent experience with the product, efective and simple.<br>the quality is perfect, works fantastic!!!!! tnx
confortable to use, event for hours, the different ear buds sizes makes it easy to adjust to everybody.<br>good battery life, lasts for 8 hours, and good sound quality as well, no background noises, loud and clear.<br>the magnet is Nice too
Works very well, <br>good sound<br> good connection to your phone<br>Easy to use even if you dont speak english
The packaging seems good quality. You get 2 glasses inside. They fit like a glove.
A great way to have alexa with you at all times, while u shave, in the car, out for a picnic. You can control all your lights, outlets, smart home. Listen to Spotify, iHeartradio, Tidal, Tune in.
Color, material bueno, calidad buena. El contenedor para protegerlos es muy bueno y de buena calidad.
fone com qualidade sonora muito boa vou testar a duração da bateria mas muito bom na primeira impressão
Atende as especificações<br>Bateria dura uma semana<br>Confortável
Excellent adapter, with very good range. Had no problems so far, using it for more than a year now on a PC.
Маленький, два разъёма типа jack 3.5 и 4 индикатора режима работы.