E-Cigs enthusiasts all know and trust SMOK brand of electronic cigarettes products. Known for its exceptional build quality and user experience, SMOK has some of the coolest styles including implementing smart technology into conventional E-Cig supplies.

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an absolute bargain!, execpional price, love it so far, this mod is fantastic, a powerful device

4.8 out of 5

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Uhuuuhuuu Mesh Mesh Mesh :) :) ok... <br>...Mesh coil is a revolutionary new coil, an advanced one in this industry.. It has mesh inside, which can effectively enlarge the heating area... When you use this coil you would be surprised by its fast heating process and huge vapor production!! Ok ok ok I am pretty damn impressed! Their internals look almost identical to the other mesh coil sub-ohm options out there (2 vertical posts with a mesh screen running a full loop), so Smok must have seen the mesh success lately and thought to try their hand... Time will tell how long the coils last for (I'm tracking my mL usage through each), but so far so good..! No leaks, no dry hits or spitback, and cotton break-in seemed to be just over one tank full, which is not bad... I'm definitely not trying to say these are as good as or better than the alternatives, but I like them so far.. Definitely my favorite Baby Beast coils!!! Recommended!!! I love it!!
If you expect the SMOK AL85 to be a smaller Alien, you’re right, that’s pretty much what you’re getting. It has the same general design, only on a smaller scale, the exact same chip, menu and and display and exactly the same features. The power output tops out at 80W, and the battery life is half what you’re getting from the dual-18650 battery version, but very few people ever go over 80W anyway. The battery life can be a problem, but if you’re only considering getting this device for usage on the go, or if you’re not a particularly heavy vaper, that shouldn’t be a huge problem. Or you can always get a spare battery. Overall, it’s a very solid device and a worthy member of the SMOK Alien family.
Simple clamp system, better in this application than the somewhat easily bent (posts) velocity deck that came included with my Smok TFV8 Cloudbeast.<br><br>Perfect fit, a nice performer.<br><br>After my velocity deck bit the dust, I retired the Cloudbeast. <br><br>(It did solve the issue of the smoke detector going off as I chain vaped until I couldn't touch the tank.<br><br>Perhaps that was a bit too much vaping eh?)<br><br>I am using the included coils and am able to impressively fog the apartment once more.<br><br>This renewed my Cloudbeast perfectly.<br><br>Thank you Smok and Gearbest for continuing to make these available.
This product is so good for this price... battery is not included but you can buy any at least 20A on GearBest, <br>This product is Great in all ways.<br>Priv V8 with TFV8 baby gives fantastic taste, you can use any liquid you want (in my opinion, best is 70VG-30PG <br>It produces a Lot of smoke... like this brand gives you always, your battery can be easy charged with microUSB connector on this mod. <br>If I ever lost this vape, I will buy the same one <br>My order arrived after 18 days, super.
I just bought the smok x cube II recently as well. I kinda like having the LED colored light option.<br><br>This does not have that but is very similar as far as the readout board goes. just, missing the LED function when you go thru the options.<br><br>The tank and coils are pretty extreme. I vape a single coil that I build myself normally on a kangertech 7ml tank and its not for clouds just my habit. I vape 12ml strength juice.<br><br>When I put the same juice into this thing, the first time I used it I had a nicotine buzz and felt dizzy haha. This thing delivers about 4 times my other setup.<br><br>Probably great for HUGE clouds, if thats what your into.
- not too big (I have small hands)<br>- touch screen works perfect<br>- The silicon protection do its job, after 2 moths of use mu mod is shining<br>- all functions are on point (wattage, TCR)<br>- if you dont have charger the mod will charge your batteries very fast<br>- tanks is easy to use (refill)<br>- for time that coils last the flavour is amazing
Отличный бак как и все tfv 8 от smok. НО есть большая проблема с пином. Если слишком плотно вкрутить испаритель, его о-ринг начинает пропускать жидкость и бак ссыться через пин прямо в мод. Итог мой мод predator 228 через час использования с данным баком стал коротить и перестал работать. Благо руки прямые, удалось мод разрбрать и реанимировать, практически полбака жижи были внутри мода. Будте внимательны в этом моменте.
Produto excelente para iniciante não tem muitas configurações e personalização mais atende todos requisitos necessários para ter um ótimo desempenho de vapor e sabor pintura muito boa mesmo em vista de outros aparelhos do fabricante Boa durabilidade de bateria será de 1200 Puff com bateria de 3000 mah
muito bom agora vou poder fumar maconha liquida com minha amada, mentira carai ela gostava de min mas eu era um covarde e a paixao dela por min esfriou e morreu e tudo pq n tomei atitude, eu me arrepende disso até hoje, de todas as coisas que eu podia ter vivido com aquela retardada 10;10, drogadinha,vadia mas só até o ponto certo,inteligente simpatica MOÇA do carai ainda tinha um rabão sensacional alem de linda, eu amava e deixei ela ir, há como eu me arrependo.
Been vaping with this tank for a while now and decided to write a simple review about it. Cons: 1. Affordable price 2. Produces big clouds 3. Has great coils that last for a while (2-4 weeks, depends how often you vape and on what wattages) 4. 6ml tank, so you don't have to refill that often. Would recommend this to anyone, who's after big and fat clouds :)
I used a Griffin25 RBA before this which is also a good one, but the flavor and the cloud density is nothing compared to this one. If you buy one of this baby after a few puffs in your room or outside, you will really feel like you are in clouds. Even ppl nearby will tell you that you are a train or at last some factory's chimney. I'm using this with an Alien 220 Mod also from Smok, and so far i like how they perform.
very good product kljkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjff uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugttttttv yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyrf6ui !!!
Super AT mit edlem Design top Verarbeitung sowie hervorragender Menüführung. Wer ein AT will mit Touch Display ist bei diesem genau richtig, die Reaktion des Displays ist exakt und sehr schnell also kein verzögern oder ähnliches. Sehr handlich und hochwertig , der Feuertaster ist super zum feuern , wer schon mal einen vom SMOK hatte weiß was ich meine , klare kauf Empfehlung von mir!
This is a great clearomizer.<br>It's an all in one. You get 3 sizes (small / medium / large) for you to decide how much juice will you need for the day.<br>The pre build coils are very good and last long. Also you get the RCA coil so that you can build on your one.<br>Build quality is very good!
Après 8 mois d'utilisation, je peux dire qu'elle est vraiment au top.<br>Elle remplit très bien son rôle. <br>Elle a un superbe design et les boutons d'allumage de vape et le verrouillage de l'écran sont très pratique.<br><br>Je retiendrais quelques bémols mineurs, la peinture qui s'en va avec le temps et la fragilité de l'écran.<br>Je pense qu'un protège écran serait intéressant dans la box à l'achat.<br><br>Cependant pour débutant ou confirmé, cette SMOK est vraiment agréable et fait le job.<br><br>Je la conseille
Отличный комплект с большим модом и прекрасным атомайзером, очень красивый и мощный, мод работает хорошо, атомайзер еще не проверял, есть бак с испарителем и запасной испаритель, коробка с запчастями и шнуром юсби, недорого, спасибо
Compatta, leggera, ben costruita, ottima autonomia (con le coil in dotazione) e grandi soddisfazioni da un atomizzatore che non ha bisogno di presentazioni. Consigliata come muletto per la spiaggia.
My I Priv is my daily go to vape. With it's ability to take all three battery sizes, the units ability to work with voice commands, and the led flashlight in the bottom, <br>it is without a doubt SMOK'S most advanced and versatile device to date. The only two detractions to the unit are the placement of the USB port, and the computerized voice sucks.
Everything is perfect as described. <br>Product is amazing for this price!<br><br>I likes quality of this product, but there is not battery included so you must buy it separately but it's not a big problem.<br>I would recommend this product to all people who want to start vaping.<br>Product is just amazing
Liquid schmeckt viel leckerer als mit anderen Verdampfern<br>recht leise<br>ordentlich Dampf<br>schöne goldene Farbe<br>lässt sich von oben betanken (wenn man denn eine anständige Liquid-Flasche mit Spitze vorn dran hat, keine Tröpfelflaschen)
Es un reparable de buena calidad, para resistencias no muy grandes ( preferentemente de 2,5 mm de diámetro ) con postes velocity. Es una buena opción si desean cuidar un poco el bolsillo y gastar menos.
First time user of using Gear Best to purchase items a great decision it was too.<br><br>a great product well packaged, bought to go on my Smok Tpriv, looks excellent and lights up really well very eye catching show stopper!<br><br>I look like the lights of Las Vegas when I vape now!
Demorou muito pra chegar ao Brasil e estava sem código de rastreio. Mas finalmente chegou e a qualidade é excelente, ele é relativamente grande. A caixinha protege super bem o atomizado e as peças frágeis de vidro. <br>Já vem com o double deck montado, apenas pra encaixar a wick.
Big tank for big vaper. Comes with many extras in box. Including three coils all of differing configuration allowing you in future to cherry pick your favourite. This tank prioritises vaper production over flavour and this should be born in mind before purchase.
Es un TFV8 Big Baby, nada que contar nuevo a estas alturas, pero la iluminación para mí que vapeo bastante a oscuras le añade un plus no solo estético sino también práctico; no me vuelvo a quedar sin líquido inadvertidamente :-)
Very great product for that price. It is original SMOK. No leaks. Fits well. Fast delivery. I recommend this product to you.
Great top air flow tank by smok. I also have the intake tank which is top flow with but it feels restrictive. The Smok TFV8-X is top notch and doesn't feel restrictive at all. For people who use an rta tank and is fed up of leaking tanks give this a try.
I wanted to order premade coils but misread and accidently bought a second RBA. No problem, It‘s a really great RBA so it certainly doesn‘t hurt to possess two of them.
I wanted to order premade coils but misread and accidently bought a second RBA. No problem, It‘s a really great RBA so it certainly doesn‘t hurt to possess two of them.