E-Cigs enthusiasts all know and trust SMOK brand of electronic cigarettes products. Known for its exceptional build quality and user experience, SMOK has some of the coolest styles including implementing smart technology into conventional E-Cig supplies.

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an absolute bargain!, execpional price, love it so far, this mod is fantastic, a powerful device

4.8 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 376 reviews

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Firstly i will tell you my setup: Yosta Livepor160 Mod, Geekvape illusion Atomizer. <br>Yes i use these smok TFV8 coils in the Geekvape illusion, they fit very well. I also used the TFV8 X4 coils, bought on gearbest. <br>Right beforehand i will tell you that the X4 coils are better than these T6 coils. The taste is a little better, you can use lower power settings and it still produces nice clouds. Somehow the T6 are a little leaky, maybe i didnt screwed them right in place. Furthermore the X4 coils are mostly cheaper than these. <br>My settings for X4: 80-110w full open air intake, the T6 wants definitly more power to get the same result. This is normal because you have more coils in, due to this fact you have more potential to produce bigger clouds. <br>Finally i can say that if you want big clouds go for the T6. But i you are ok with medium big clouds the X4 coils are enough.
As time has gone by I have bought 3 of these, yes, three, I lost one and sold one to a friend, an decided is missed it lol.<br>Today there are slightly more compact single 18650 mods around the same price, but when I got this it was the smallest ever.<br>The build quality is very good, especially for the money, love the finih on this mod, especially the white one.<br>The menu is typical SMOK, easy to use but has everything you need.<br>The buttons are nice and clicky, but not noisy, and have a soft feel with a nice clicky release, and the mod feels nice in the hand.<br>It put out the power like it should and temperature control felt like it worked well, maybe a bit cooler than the setting.<br>Too bad this is discontinued, but if you want a single 18650 mod and find one of these, I definitely recommend you buy it ;)
Its more than a year since i purchased the mod.<br>Im using it every day and carry it everywhere i go. It has travlled many countries and seen places most didnt. <br>Evrrything works good except the touch screen.<br>Lower half of the screen doesnt work at this point but considering the situations the mod was in and how many flights it took thats not a surprize. <br>Generally i can recommend it. Even though the half of the screen dorsnt work at this point its still usable and thr temperature can be changed.
Ich habe den Smok Priv 2 schneller als erwartet erhalten. Top Verarbeitung und ansprechendes Design. Ich hatte vorher den SC Invoke 220 und muss sagen, dass der Smok wesentlich besser ist. <br>Ein top Kauf zu einem unschlagbaren Preis. <br>Im Lieferumfang ist auch eine Silikonhülle sowie ein Ladekabel.
Very affordable, durable and easy to use starter kit for anyone trying to chase clouds, the tank holds enough liquid, the settings are all automatic you don't have to worry about knowing voltage, Ohm's law, resistance...nothing, just charge it up, fill your favorite juice in and vape. 9/10 worth the money.
Great tank. Durable with metal air flow ring. Just be careful it's on a mod that won't tip over or the bubble tank can break. Great that Gearbest sells replacement tanks! Many great coils to go with it. I prefer the X6 myself.
this is an amazing mod and I lost definitely would recommend this to my friends one of the disadvantages that I see is the voltage doesn't lock so if you're not careful you might tap the the temperature up or down but other than that minor thing it's by far amazing
Отличный современный боксмод с прекрасной платой и большим экраном, работает безотказно, в руке лежит очень удобно, кнопка приятная, своих денег стоит, очень доволен.
Заказал значит smok stick v8, пришел он мне через 30 дней. Люди, обязательно берите трэк номер! Мне пришел не тот цвет, который я заказывал, я огорчен конечно, но ладно. Достал из коробки и сразу заправил, пара много, вкуса хз, у меня жидкость хуEта редкостная. )
I’m very satisfied touch screen working perfectly only sometime I have problems with responding but restart every time helps. I use this product several months and I must recommended it. Also you can upgrade it.
O produto chegou em 2 semanas na Alemanha. Produto original, comprovado serial no site da smok.Essa core RBA é simplismente incrível, o sabor do juice fica mais pronunciado e poder fazer as coils fica bem mais em conta.Muito bom,recomendo
I have tried, tested and reviewed a lot of vape’s, tanks(RDA,RBA,RTA) and this is by far the best pre build coil tank on the market. I do recommend to use it with a mod that can substation over 130 watt.
Buy on a friend's recommendation Quick delivery, good quality, perfect. I'll recommend it to my friends.<br>I'll buy it again. Gooooooood.<br>친구 추천으로 구매. 빠른배송.품질좋음.완전좋음. 친구들한테 추천해야겠다.<br>다음에도 구매하겠다.구우우우우우웃
I was abit apprehensive about buying them as i thought they might be fak but they're genuine and the coils work well in my X-Priv, plenty of flavour and cloud without the burning taste. What more can a customer want?.
This atomizer come with rba dual coil and triple coil. I'm loving it, no leaks at all, consuming juices normally with the dual.
Looking good, working good.<br><br>The latch a little bit stiff.<br><br>Sufficient amount of vapor, and pleasant flavor.
Smok ist Smok, da braucht man nicht viel darüber diskutieren.Alle Verdampfer sind für. Aber wenn ich wählen musste, dann würde ich sofort der tfv12 Prince nehmen. Der ist zwar etwas teueren aber es lohnt sich. Werde nochmal der Prince bestellen und TFV8 nur als Ersatz nutzen. Rechts TFV8, links TFV12
These items are pretty nice, but i didn't like these coils, because they make vapor dry, also it is very hot to inhale it. But the glass fits tank very nice.
Looks fabulous when in use, though gaskets are not solid, and needs often replacemnet.<br>Only 1 topgasket in package, which is way to little according to exchange rate.
Быстрая доставка.хорошее качество.По акции хорошая цена.Brilliant flavour on the 1 ohm coils (because they're cooler) <br>Air flow restriction rings work quite well.
Good quality built and great price for an acceptable starter kit. Battery slot is not the best as it limits possibility for bigger tanks.
Great little vape, just as discribed. Quality vs price value is just amazing - well worth your money. Enjoy vaping :)<br>Order arrived in 20 days.
Ich kaufe die Coils immer wieder wegen den guten Geschmack und der langen Lebensdauer. Die Lieferung ist schnell und sehr problemlos
Awesome quality premade coils. Very easy to install in either TFV8 or TFV12. I use it with jellyfish cotton and is the perfect match!
great looking more, like being able to use different atomisers, the led is fun but uses a lot of battery
It works very well, I have got it from more than a year and it is very good. It still works perfectly
Good product and fast shipping! Good tank but would like more of an airflow. It felt bit choking. But overall really nice
Broke the glass of my TFV8 when dropped it accidentally on the floor...<br>Excellent replacement glass for TFV8 (Baby beast)
The best one for the king! Best taste and balance power/vapor/flavor! I totally recommend this over any other variants!
Looks good, feels good, works great.<br><br>Can fit larger attys than the pico.<br><br>Good stuff