Soocas:Soocas (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd., a member of Xiaomi Ecological Chain, was founded in 2015. Soocas focuses on personal health electronics and insists in developing advanced, intelligent, high-quality products and services for consumer.

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Let me start from... the box. Feeling like I`ve bought some iPhone for 700$, not a toothbrush for 40$. Quality and attention to details. It pays off. When I take the toothbrush in my hand, feeling are enhancing. It worth more than 40$. Very pleasant tactile sensation. That is my first electric toothbrush. During the first days. Sensation was different. While working, it sounds like dental burr. In few days, I`m used to. Now I`m fully satisfied.
We get a toothbrush in a very elegant package as all xiaomi products.<br>The quality is very high and designe is exelent.<br><br> The brush works very nice, has 4 washing modes<br> Basic mode has a timer for 120 seconds<br> Personally, I find that the teeth are better washed compared to ordinary toothbrushes. <br>As my main land is not China I can NOT get the app from the google play store. But I download it and install the app manually.
3 brushing molds (clean, whiten, sensitive) meet your diffrent brushing needs. SOOCAS is designed to offer optimal comfort and a truly deep clean for you with its high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and high-destiny planting brush. 2 minutes smart timer with 30 second interval smart mold helps you form a healthy brushing habit.<br>Features:<br>- 3 brushing mods<br>- 4 color rings<br>- waterproof
The best sonic electrical toothbrush by very reasonable price.<br>I think SOOCAS X3 is over-featured and over-priced but SOOCAS X1 the best buy.<br>Well made from good touchable materials, you will have good experience every morning.<br>Recommended.
Pros:<br>It’s really nice looking toothbrush<br>Cleans your teeth better than manual toothbrush<br>Four cleaning modes – I think that’s enough for everyone<br>Long battery working time (26 days tested)<br>It’s customize via app<br><br>Cons:<br>Not the best in tongue cleaning (just buy tongue cleaner)<br>“Long” charging time (14 hours tested)<br>No infinite work mode
Die borsten sind nicht zu weich und nicht zu hart. Die haltbarkeit ist auf ca. 2-3 Monate ausgelegt was ich auch bestätigen kann. Sie sind hygenisch eingeschweisst und man kann sie direkt verwenden. Der Preis ist für die hohe Qualität gerechtfertigt. Für mich eine der besten Zahnbürsten / Ersatzköpfe
Really good quality product for great price!<br>I've used to pay double price for even less good product, for sure will continue use this product.
I recommend getting some of these when you buy your soocas X3 toothbrushes. good for storing the handle and to brush Heads when you go on a trip
Really good quality product for great price!<br>I've used to pay double price for even less good product, for sure im going to buy more.
Xiaomi nowadays realise good quality devices. <br>Really recommend.
I prefer the new case that they have released. This is good, but the other is more handy. Delivered on time.
für den preis kann man nicht mekern es macht was es soll xiaomi typisch top qualität ich werde es auf jedenfall weiter empfehlen