Sunlu is a leader in 3D printing technology and recently, they are focusing on bringing this amazing technical feat to everyone. Their 3D pens are one of the best in the industry and have paved the way in creating artists and inventors out of all of us.

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First the shipping was okay other than the box itself looking a bit messy which gave me the idea that it might have been opened, but the seals are intact and the manuals and items inside are actually well organized.<br><br>On the first day i tried making a simple cube to a rhino beetle. The manual was actually very helpful and informative to a person like me who has no idea of what to do. <br><br>The first problem i encountered with the pen is that it leaks a bit more than I would like in every paused. I tried playing with different speed and temp that might be causing it, but it is what it is I guess.<br><br>The 2nd and most annoying problem that put me off the pen was that the pen is having a big trouble unloading the filament out. In the first day of use, the filament got stuck in the pen that even pulling it out didn't help it just broke the filament leaving the other half still stuck in the pen. So what I did is try to load the filament back in. I didn't want to do this because it's a waste of material but in this case I have no choice. Luckily I got the filament out by doing this.<br><br>The next day the same problem happened. This time even trying to load the filament out isn't working. I tried loading it back in and out many times but the motor seems to be having trouble as i can hear it struggle. I got desperate so I decided to open the pen hoping that i can maybe pull the filament out. <br><br>It took me about 30 mins to figure out how to disassemble the whole pen. I saw that the filament somehow broke in two inside, leaving one part stuck in the motor and the other stuck in the feeding hole of the pen. I took the motor out and switch the device on and clicked the unload button so that the motor can push the filament out (the motor has a strong hold on the filament, pulling won't help and might just damage the motor). The other part of the filament that was stuck in the loading/feeding hole of the pen is the reason that the motor cant push the other filament out. I haven't figure out yet to what could have caused this messed.<br><br>I wrote this to help people out if the same problem occurs to them. Also i really want to like the pen and therefore I'm hoping that they'll be improvements on it in the future. Anyway, feel free to ask me any question. I'll answer what i can handle XD
o produto chegou dentro do prazo estabelecido veio muito bem condicionado trazia um saco exterior uma caixa de papelão por dentro e vinha num saco de plástico em vaco e chegou em boas condições<br>na impressão tem se mostrado um excelente produto comprido as expectativas após estar há luz do dia se for colocado no escuro fica luminoso por um tempo como o descrito na especificação deste<br>sim recomendo este produto como bom
Такой подарок будет интересен детям, как баловство в первые пару дней. Дальше она будет валяться у вас и интереса к ней не будет :)
ABS 3D - Blue sheet - Anet A8 3D Printer Delivery time was OK - about 4 weeks, good quality, everything OK, price were also very good, next time I will buy from the same shop.
Пластик хорошего качества, приехал в коробке и вакуумной упаковке, сухой, был продукт и силикагель.
Used with a hand 3D printer and everything OK.<br><br>Used with a hand 3D printer and everything OK.<br><br>Used with a hand 3D printer and everything OK.
Very strong material but it can be better. Not the best layer sticking. <br>I made some models under different temperature but this is it
хорошая 3д ручка.одна кнопка,печатает ТОЛЬКО PLA пластиком.ребенок доволен.в комплекте 2 прбника по 3 метра пластика.
no problems, works and looks as described. <br>no problems, works and looks as described. <br>no problems, works and looks as described.
Really good product, my Anet A6 prints very well on this filament. Fast shipment. I'm very happy and will buy next in a future.
Ürün güzel tabiki bi alışma süreci yasiyor insan bu süreçte gönderilen filamentler yetersiz kaliyor.Tavisyem kalemi alicaksaniz ayni zamanda filament sipariside verin.
very good printing with flashforge adventure3. I recomend it for abs lovers
Algunos filamentos están pasados ...... muy quebradizos.<br>Bastantes colores para elegir.<br>Podrían estar mejor embolsados.
i really like this product. it came early im happy about that.
Le résultat d'impression sur une alfawise u20 est parfait avec le bed sur 85°c et la tête de chauffe sur 230°c
Adoro a cor do filamento, parece mesmo madeira, as impressões ficam top
Ordered as gift! Sunlu make great 3D pens, hope this one will be great too. Always great deals at Gearbest!
very good product. Easy to use. <br>Fast shipping<br>All ok
Very good quality.<br>FOR SURE I'D RECOMMEND IT......
Good product at a great price.
Fast shipping, as described
Happy with this purchase
produto OK.<br>satifaz as minhas expectativas.<br>imprimiu correctamente.
Good product
Harika bir ürün kullanması ve yeni ürünler yaratak mükemmel
Bon produit