Nearly 30 years ago, Superlux Shubo Le from Taiwan to start a small apartment operation, the 2007 Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park, 52.5 acres of modern plant and the global shipping center completed the opening, and now is building the Lianyungang Park covers an area of ??350 acres of our growing Trajectory. Among them, let us cherish, is over the years and we grew up with customers and partners. We share and mention each other, more together with the emotional struggle, which is very valuable. The idea that the peers stick together - to create the value of sound. In addition, let us take pride in, is the professional use of our products, the issue of praise voice said: "wow! Really value for money ah! That our efforts worth it. To be sure that customers and consumers, because we insist on doing all the way to do, and do in the end. We focus on the development and manufacture of electro-acoustic products, from the input microphone, add electronic products, and extended to the output headphones and speakers, the product line gradually complete. In addition, the high self-regulation, the operation of the global shipping center and ERP enterprise resource planning management system integration, and integration of research and development, production and marketing team, from product design, development, production, sales to ship to provide a full range service. In 1996, we invited Mr. Pan Zhengyuan to join the technical team, and Mr. Pan's father was 60 years ago to make China's first pioneer in condenser microphones. For 48 years of electro-acoustic technology research and development, Mr. Pan continued its electro-acoustic technology of sophistication and enthusiasm for Superlux Schubert established a deep technical foundation. In addition, we attach importance to staff training, training and growth, to help them stimulate their potential, in affirmation, to create a multi-value. We have a long-term expectations, can always serve the electro-acoustic sector, and create a diverse culture and value, and share with all.

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- Got this on sale for a great price! Comes in this very nice hard-plastic case.<br>- Build quality of the microphone seems good so far. Well-built.<br>- Three stars because of background hissing when using a phantom power (purchased from GearBest as well). The audio itself seems okay so far, but it is hard to really make a proper judgment about the audio quality yes since I did not receive my audio interface yet.
A great product at an honest price. The microphone is well built, solid and robust, with a very good anti-scratch coating. It comes in a black leatherette case and with its clip. The sound performance is excellent, both as a frequency response and as a feedback rejection. I recommend the purchase, has nothing to envy to similar products of well-known brands, even at the same cost is much higher quality.
Pelo que vi em reviews e pesquisas o produto parece ser de extrema qualidade e por um preço bastante atraente. Para o publico que quer um microfone de qualidade mas sem gastar fortunas, esse é o equipamento.
Excellent product. Well-built, hard and good good quality.<br><br>Very happy with this product and fulfil my expectations.<br><br>It has a good value for that quality.
What quality for so little money, it is worth all the investment in this microphone is wonderful to start in the world of audio.
Awesome sound quality for the price doubt you can get similar performance.<br>Quite comfortable after adjusting.
this product has great value for the money, I recommend it and would buy this product again no doubt
It's small enough to be on a small computer desk
recomendo o produto, gostei!!!!