Teclast was founded in 1999 as an integrated digital brand which devotes itself to Information Technology and R&D for consumer digital products, product design and manufacturing, marketing, sales and product services. By developing its diversified product line, it has successively introduced different kinds of personalized products such as optical storage devices, removable storage devices, digital players, tablets, eReaders, PC input peripherals and webcams to the market. To date, the brand has successfully gained at least 80 million users and made its great contribution to the popularity of Hi-tech application and the pace of industry development of the digital world. As a well-known digital brand, Teclast adopts its brand concept of ‘To let more people enjoy the digital life’, which means to utilize its technical strength and distribution channel advantages to produce a variety of innovative and stable digital products for the users to enjoy the convenience brought by the latest technology. In order to achieve the goal, Teclast invested huge funds to build up its own product R&D center. It positively introduces fashionable design concepts and innovative technology applications to continually improve its products’ technical content, thereby fulfilling the individualized consumption of business and personal users. In addition, Teclast has set up a convenient after-sales service system to provide solid technical support for its brand users. Teclast adheres to innovation. It founded its Consumer Digital Electronics Engineering Technology R&D center to manages the entire R&D process of consumer digital products from project outset to market launch. The powerful research and development strength of the Teclast R&D sector enables it to release a brand new product on average every 1.5 months and maintain the leading position throughout the consumer digital electronics market. The brand has obtained 93 patents, seven terms of software copyrights and one of its MP3 player products X19 has been awarded ‘the Best Design Prize’ by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office. Finally, Teclast has joined the Madrid Agreement and gained brand registered trademarks in more than one hundred different countries around the world. Teclast adheres to the principle of ‘quality comes first’. It continuously creates user demand to improve the performance and technical content of its products. Teclast has strict quality requirements for its factories to ensure every product is produced by the first-class production lines with world-class R&D standards. These strict manufacturing regulations help Teclast to reach a 99.8% pass rate and keep the user product failure rate lower than 0.005%. Meanwhile, Teclast always keep technical exchanges and good cooperative relationships with world-class manufacturers. Therefore, all the great effects made by Teclast allow it to tackle all the quality issues that can appear on production line. Meanwhile, Teclast regularly updates the firmware of its products and optimizes all the pre-installed applications to enhance the user experiences of the customers. After entering the market, Teclast received great praise and wide recommendation from the local IT media including MicroComputer, Popular Computer Week, cfan, PConline and ZOL. All of these fruitful achievements are the affirmation of Teclast's vision and also its motivation to achieve more. Today, the brand of Teclast has been spread all over China and became one of the most well-known IT and digital brands. By implementing ‘quality comes first’ corporate philosophy, Teclast’s brand vision is to continuously improve its brand features and service quality to meet higher user demands for different groups of users. We believe with the desire to become the world’s leading IT and digital brand, Teclast will succeed in the global market in the near future.

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"Everything translates to an out of this world experience, Fast performance that shows no sign of lag or delays, most people will be more than happy with this incredible tablet, Pleasant classic design"

4.6 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 317 reviews

what people are saying
I was surprised to unpack the device and find out it did not include the power plug with the suitable short micro-usb cable that was otherwise included.<br>I was also a little unsettled by the weight but nothing inconvenient after all there, considering the supposed capacity.<br>I started testing it on an Android smartphone with the latter’s battery power half depleted and it took only 4% of the total capacity to charge the remaining 50%!<br>Nice first contact with my product.<br>There are 4 standard USB outputs and an 8-pin one. You fully charge the device in about 7 hours indeed through its micro-usb input.<br>No full-fledged manual is included but with gross common sense you’ll quickly figure out how to use the device.<br>I’m quite satisfied with my purchase. LCD charge indicator with basic info is a quite welcome extra and the price is definitely reasonable for the delivered quality.<br>Recommended purchase!
PRO: Eccellente display, ottimo audio, ottima qualità costruttiva, ottime prestazioni (Antutu 98000, YouTube fluido a 1440p), buona autonomia della batteria, no bloatware e malware, Android 7.0 stock.<br><br><br>DIFETTI: touchscreen non sempre reattivo, il dispositivo non è certificato Google e NON supera il SafetyNET test; PlayStore è presente ma app importanti non vengono trovate (tra cui Netflix e WhatsApp) e non poche altre sono non ottimizzate o incompatibili; nel mio dispositivo non vengono MAI azzerate le statistiche della batteria dopo averlo completamente ricaricato, sensibilità al segnale WiFi inferiore alla media (lento con router a 8 metri oltre 2 muri), l"ultimo aggiornamento OTA è datato gennaio 2018 e la patch di sicurezza è rimasta ferma ad aprile 2017.
Ho preso questo pc in offerta da usare come muletto per navigare in internet e fare download/condivisioni peer to peer. Il case è fatto abbastanza bene, anche l'hardware non è male, e con l'aggiunta di 3 ventole per il raffreddamento, devo dire che mi ha lasciato piacevolmente sorpreso. Installato windows 10, il PCsi accende in pocho secondi.<br>Logicamente non potrà mai essere un pc da gaming, ma fa assolutamente il suo dovere!
Качество Teclast Master как всегда на высоте, работает хорошо.<br>Приехал разряженым, подключилось без проблем.<br>Можно скачать приложение с поддерживаемыми играми.<br>В описание сказано что поддерживает все современные игры, в пабг почемуто не пошло, или не разобрался как подключить...
very good tablet only problem so far is microphone doesn't work while in Windows 10 mode.<br>Have tried everything to get it working but I'm convinced it is a Windows driver incompatibility problem, meaning that such apps as skype Google voice search and Cortana can't be used.<br>However the microphone works fine in Android mode<br>Other than that it is a very good and solid tablet.
Well, I bought this as a cheaper alternative tablet. It works nice, maybe a weaker camera. What I dislike it Gearbest. They put fake invoicr to my package, then send another fske to my email. I had hard times, before I got my item. After all I had to pay 60€ ticket. But Gearbest send me those 60€ back. But it was flustrating.
Two things stand about this product: the flexibility and the solid pricing. Android 5.1 OS runs flawlessly on this tablet. Really designed for user-friendly use so you'll love the fluid and intuitive experience right out of the box - it's more of a no-frills experience, but one that you'll appreciate thanks to good implementation and ideas.
The tablet works excellent, both in android as in windows. Good screen resolution, good battery life, good materials, when someone sees it thinks it is an iPad, but it is better because it has two operating systems, here in Peru, that is not common. It also works very well with OTG cable for USB memories and bluetooth with external keyboards
Брал его не для игр. Свои функции выполняет хорошо. Мобильная связь нормальная, абонента слышно хорошо. Сигнал Wi-Fi сети тоже ловит хорошо, не обрывает. К работе GPS претензий нет. Просто хороший рабочий планшет. Единственное, прошивку производитель не поддерживает и обновлений нет. Прошить этот планшет тоже не просто.
Tiene mucha memoria, un procesador rapido, una pantalla grande y de buen manejo. Todo en la tableta es muy bueno.yo la tengo en una funda y aun no tiene ninguna marca. La pantalla viene con protector, lo cual se agradece.<br>Hasta ahora no he tenido problemas en instalar programas. Asi mismo, el sonido se escucha perfectamente y los demás conectores funcionan igual de bien.Recomiendo su compra tanto para ámbito personal como laboral
A good budget tablet for a price like this. Having a nice screen and speakers it's perfect for surfing the internet and watching a video. Functionality is much better it was expected from a tablet in this price category.
Teclast Tbook 16 Pro 2 в 1 Tablet PC универсальный планшет с небольшими недостатками как то маленькая память и слабая батарея. Основное это обман в рекламе о толщине этого девайса.
Excelente para o preço. É uma proposta muito mais vantajosa do que o que existe em lojas físicas, em que acaba por ter características piores e por um preço muito mais elevado. Até agora tem funcionado todos os dias sem qualquer falha e já uso há quase seis meses. Muito recomendado.
Rapidez de respuesta para juegos ( Hearstone )<br>2 años de uso: Producto muy satisfactorio<br>En invierno la parte trasera muy fría, requiere <br>pre- calentamiento, para iniciar.<br>Producto elegido por su doble versatilidad<br>(Windows10/Android7.0) Gran calidad de imagen.<br>Colores naturales. Sonido perfecto.<br>Muy recomendable para hogar, oficina, estudiante, gamer.<br>Producto con mucha calidad
This has been a great tablet for me. It has a usb port so I can connect a wireless mouse, different keyboard, printer, or anything I need. It also has great resolution. It doesn't run as fast as the high end tablets, but is very functional. Great deal.
Ottimo prodotto per chi non deve fare lavori complessi , minimo ingombro e massima praticità , estetica piacevole. Arriva senza sistema operativo e senza tastiera .RAM espandibile e HD con spazio sufficiente , consigliato per navigare e piccoli lavori .
I ordered together tablet to protect is against of breakage. Thas fit perfectly, but my son doesn't really like ti because of difficult usage of tab together this case. Otherwise to protect tablet is correct.
The product met my expectations. It was consistent with the description. The delivery was organized quickly. I heartily recommend
Use my tablets every day. They are fast and reliable. If cared for, they last a very long time. For this amount of money one can have an extra tablet laying around, so one does not have to endlesly find one around.
Fast delivery!<br>Perfect item!!<br>Perfect price!!!<br>Best quality.<br>The cable feels very good quality,I recommend to buy!<br>I am giving 5 stars for these cables, they are durable, just the right length <br>Just perfect.
Fast delivery!<br>Perfect item!!<br>Perfect price!!!<br>Best quality.<br>The cable feels very good quality,I recommend to buy!<br>I am giving 5 stars for these cables, they are durable, just the right length <br>Just perfect.
Pros.<br>Good tablet for the price. 2gb ram - 32gb rom. Tablet has windows 10 and android 5.1. Dual sistem. Easy to use.<br><br>Cons.<br> It does not have charger. You have to buy it.
Produto de boa qualidade a um preço muito atrativo.<br>Excelente relação preço/qualidade.<br>Em Portugal não conseguia comprar um produto destes por menos de 50 euros. <br>Dou nota muito positiva.
Though it's an old device but recommendable for use to do all needed assignment! If you use it you will get what you need to do accurately. Please buy and use it and no regrets!
Capa muito boa e resistente, material de qualidade, funciona muito bem. Funciona muito bem com o tablet.<br><br>Nica case works fine, material resistent.
When I bought it it was the best option on the market for the price. Fast and enough storage. Fast response and nice looking. Suggested for casual use and not heavy games.
After 3 days the tablet got stuck during a windows update. It has been 2 days since the tablet is stuck. I can't do anything.<br>I want a refund please!
Il tablet 2in1 è molto comodo, non si può ovviamente pretendere la luna dato il costo non eccessivo.<br><br>Pro: facile da usare, maneggevole, veloce.<br><br>Contro: qualche problemino software (il wifi ogni tanto scompare e bisogna eseguire il software di risoluzione dei problemi). Poca memoria.
A high quality compact power adapter that does a great job. One of the best ones I have come across at this price (£1.76). Highly recommend and would buy again.
The charger is very nice but above all very powerful in fact I can recharge my phone 3 times<br>The display indicating the percentage of charge is useful