Tevo is a professional 3D printer manufacture from China.Tevo 3D printer has enjoy great reputation in global Market and with company's opening up policy. Tevo has own R&D team and develop new and hot products each year,we strives to make 3D printing easier ,economic and more accessible for everyone.And we also provide free email support for everything we sell. Tevo is expanding world market at great speed. All of you are welcome to join our Tevo family and enjoy the interest of 3D printing world.

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This 3D printer is very good for i'ts price.<br>Advantages : <br>First this 3D printer reaches the hight temperatures fast and easily.<br>It's extruder is awesome and you can use a wide variety of fillaments!!! <br>The 3D prints that i have already make are very good and have very good quality.<br>One more advantage is that when it prints something it quiet enough that i can print things in any time i want without making a lot of noise. <br>Disadvantages : <br>The maine disadvantage is tha the extruder sometimes gets stuck with filament and it doesn't print if it stucks,so you have to make the print again.(if you make slower the motor of the extruder it's ok) <br>The second disadvantage is tha it needs some extra upgrades.(ordering 2 extra fans and printing some piaces for more strength) <br><br>In conclusion if you are new in 3D printing and have a budget at 200$ this is the best choise for you!!!!!<br>If you are intrested more about 3D printers just wait a little bit and collect more monay so you can buy a better but more expensive 3D printer
Gute Verarbeitung und hohe Qualität.<br>Druckqualität im Vergleich zum Preis sensationell.<br>Für Einsteiger geeignet, da er viel Möglichkeiten bieten und dennoch nicht zu kompliziert ist. Die mitgelieferte Software ist ebenfalls einfach zu benutzten und tut dass was sie soll.<br>Verlässlicher Drucker bis jetzt keine zwischen Fälle.<br>Lautstärke ist in Ordnung<br>Das Aufheizen der Druckplatte geht sehr schnell, was die Druckdauer enorm verringert
It arrived well packaged and with all the complete pieces, it took me about 4 hours since I unpacked it until I made my first impression. Now I will buy some dampers and some TL-smoother to obtain better impressions.
The product is exactly as expected . The package was intact and complete. Very good entry point into world of 3D printing. It´s my first 3D printer and after assembly I´m even glad I chosen this.
Ürünü aldığımızda bazı kuşkularımız vardı paketin büyük olması sebebiyle ama hiç bir problem yaşamadık. Ürün sapa sağlam elimize ulaştı. Çok memnun kaldık. Bu fiyata böyle bir ürünü almamız bile çok güzel. Ürün ile ilgili facebook'ta sayfa var orada bir çok uygulama ve detay paylaşılmış.
it's excellent printer for starters it needs some improvement bot all fun is in that, customize your experience :)<br><br>will recommend
printer works great out the box! Super Fast shipping
Definitely good product, I will buy again