ThiEYE is specialized in an integrated outdoor camera scheme, focusing on action cameras development, design, production and sales. Technology- and market demand oriented, ThiEYE is also committed to providing customers with fashionable, portable, easy-to-use, high rate high quality outdoor cameras with best user experience by adherring to the marketing principle of independent innovation, both soft and hardware developing, global running combined by our competent technical support team.

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4.7 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 20 reviews

what people are saying
I have this camera for ove 1 and a half year. I would say that is a very nice camera with unique quality videos and features . I have to say that the video recording is really amazing and the quality is extreme good. The only down is the photos and the stabilization of the photo, the quality is not so good and a lot of the photos are blurred. But the videos will reward you in any Pixel level and Fps.<br>Finally after a short period of owning I had an accident and the camera fall withe the housing on it, at a marble floor. After that hit, except that the housing had a problem with water, the camera broke a little bit at the down adge despite it was inside the housing. I wonder because it wasn't a high fall but I think it had some dangerous acceleration. The problem is that after a lot of use and some hits its still working great except some days that every some seconds it freezes all the time. Even with a lot of restarts thats going on and now I dont use it so much because its more tedious than fun!<br><br>If you take care of it without "destroying" it like me and if the problem of the freezing is related to the falls then I believe that this camera is one of the best and its gonna last long. Also there is another matter with the temperature of the camera that increases crazy on recording, especcially with a Power bank connected and recording timelapse videos but I noticed that a lot of cams do that so I dont know really if its so bad or not.
I modified my original case to be a skeleton case and this fit the bill nicely and now<br>i have a skeleton and a water proof case.
Good value for money. The product adapts well to different parts of the bicycle. Solid grip with little vibration thanks to the rubber of the clamp. Very well packaged. I recommend this product.
Funciona na perfeição, tal e qual como é anunciado, é uma ferramenta muito util em conjunto com a camera desportiva. Um produto a ter sem dúvidas...
la camra es muy buena para el precio que se adquirió. el resultado de la fotografía es muy buena, es cierto que en contraluz sufre un poco.
Produto original a bom preço.