THUNDEROBOT Born For Gaming, THUNDEROBOT designs, produces and markets desktop PCs, laptops, keyboards and numerous game peripherals such as mice, virtual reality goggles and headphones. Our laptops stand out for their extreme performance, all thanks to a combination of the latest Intel processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics processing unit. THUNDEROBOT products also offer an attractive design that combines a futuristic look, color and elegance.

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I was somehow hesitant as the brand is not yet known in Europe, and the very few reviews about this product pointed to some problems. But I'll tell you what I think. The Pros:<br><br>- High specs for low price (bought it for the 800€ deal)<br><br>- SSD and HDD, the system is running in the SSD so it makes all operations faster and smoother, allied to the I7 quad core processor. The HDD is completely empty allowing you to store 1tb of junk!<br><br>- As opposed to some reviews I found, you CAN adjust the fan speed. I had to read the user's manual, but you can easily change it in the control center.<br><br>- The audio from the built in speakers was not as good as a Bang & Olufsen set, but they surely are not that bad as it is said! Also, you can adjust the audio as you like with the default software and make your own improvements. I can't see it as an issue at all! Do you want a budget laptop to listen an orchestra concert on YouTube?<br><br>- The keyboard backlight is fully customizable, you can set whatever color you like in 3 parts to keyboard. Even setting lighting effects, like in Christmas tree lighting wire. Although it can be useless, you can still costumize however you like it most.<br><br>- Despite it is labeled as a gaming laptop, you can't really say that for its exterior design and discrete appearance. Its probably one of the most discrete gaming laptops I've seen, and the most discrete of ThundeRobot. One of the aspects I took into account when I bought it.<br><br>- Big screen, makes it comfortable to use for any purpose!<br><br>- Non related to the product itself, it arrived home in 3 days, I'm in Portugal. Also, the product doesn't come with an hard-to-change-annoying-for-the-european-folk Windows Chinese version!
With the ThundeRobot GTR, gaming has been made affordable. <br>A great-looking laptop. It comes in a brushed aluminium silver coat that has a futuristic looking logo. It seems that it has taken much inspiration from Alienware.<br>Aggressive styling, edgy corners, large fan vents, hardware monitoring software (including fan control), keyboard backlighting (even around the touchpad) with customizable lighting zones. You can pick out your custom colors and effects on the Command Center. Apart from that, you can change the keyboard backlight from dim to bright or even turn it off (Fn+0). Also you can turn off the top cover dual lights bars (Fn+3)<br>Excellent gaming performance, played Pubg (highest graphic settings) with no problem. <br>Sounds are sharp, crisp, clear and there is also a built-in subwoofer on the base<br>Really vfm! I would recommend!
Pros :<br><br>1. 120Hz screen : I use to be on a 60Hz one so it's really nice for me. <br><br>2. GTX 1060 : fortnite, league of legends, The Division look good. Most games will work smoothly<br><br>3. The heat : The computer manage to keep the heat under 70 degrees for hours so it's nice. There's a software with information (degree, cpu usage, you usage, hard drive usage modes, colors for touchpad and keyboard...)<br>No heat that can burn your hand and the side even though we know that some of it comes out on the left side. Too bad that the HDD is under where I put my wristle, it keeps it from staying cold.<br><br>4. The light on the computer : nice, especially during the night.<br><br>5. Hardrive and SSD : I didn't run any test but they seem pretty fast from my perspective.<br><br>6. The design : it's beautiful. the finition, the screen, the lines. it's a really nice computer.
Manual de instrucciones detallado y en castellano<br>Bien embalado en una doble caja<br>Herramienta de plástico para sacar las teclas y poder limpiar la parte de abajo<br>Carcasa construida con una aleación de aluminio, esto hace que tenga un buen peso y por lo tanto gran estabilidad<br>104 teclas y layout en castellano. Lleva incorporado un teclado numérico completo
This is my second Thunderobot GTR laptop - another time I'm really surprised about this laptop. <br>Built quality is very good, performance is very good. You can control almost every light in this laptop (keyboard, touchpad, power button etc). There is a Windows 10 Home preinstalled, only needs some recent updates. <br>It resembles Dell Alienware to me a bit.
Teclado mecánico<br>Teclado con formato español<br>Se ve resistente<br>Cable trenzado de unos 2 metros<br>Teclas programables, multimedia y comodas<br>Buen peso y pestañas traseras para alzarlo lo que hace que el teclado sea muy estable
Excelente produto para o preço, Tenho teclados mecânicos cinco vezes mais caros e só tenho a dizer que este vale bem o preço. Envio muito rápido e bem embalado.<br>Quanto à fiabilidade e durabilidade, não posso opinar ainda, mas parece resistente e bem construído.<br>Aconselho, excelente relação preço / qualidade.
i7 7700HQ, expendable RAM, GTX 1050Ti 4GB (not Max-Q), good matte 1080p IPS screen, Samsung CM781a SSD + Seagate 2,5" SSD, external battery, RGB keyboard
Alfombrilla gaming thunderobot Comprada en gearbest por poco más 2€.<br><br>Tiene un buen tamaño de 28 cm por 31 cm. Y un espesor de 0.5cm.<br><br>Sinceramente buena compra y buena calidad.
Great value for money , great writing feeling , really fast shipping ! recommend it 100% .
Deste portátil só posso dizer bem, super rápido, elegante, um super computador a um super preço, certamente que recomendo a quem quiser uma ótimo portátil a baixo custo
Estética, peso, tamaño y prestaciones. En términos generales es un portatil muy completo y equilibrado con un precio muy competitivo en su mercado
Excellente machine, arrivé en bonne état et bien protégé.<br>rapides et agréable à utiliser