THUNDEROBOT Born For Gaming, THUNDEROBOT designs, produces and markets desktop PCs, laptops, keyboards and numerous game peripherals such as mice, virtual reality goggles and headphones. Our laptops stand out for their extreme performance, all thanks to a combination of the latest Intel processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics processing unit. THUNDEROBOT products also offer an attractive design that combines a futuristic look, color and elegance.

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I was worried, but after delivering my laptop and unpacking, they passed away.<br>I tested new games, Far Cry 5, Metro 2033. All games with full details are running perfectly. Far Cry Benchmark had minimum 50 FPS.<br>Display have great viewing angle.<br>Keyboard have baclight with setup and dimming function.<br>Laptov have many ports.<br>If I play on laptop some game, then turn on second cooling, but is in normal noise, not screeming :-))))<br>I recommened it to my friends
I purshased the ThundeRobot GTR Gaming Laptop few months ago, and I'm happy with it.<br><br>The GTX 1060 card gives good game perf. : Fortnite, Path of Exile …<br>Don't know yet if it's video card related, but Far Cry 5 hangs after few seconds… :-( Too bad.<br>I've installed the last video card driver that sets the computer impossible to put in sleep mode. It acually reboots when you wake it up… That's too bad too. I hope it will be fixed soon or later.<br><br>The design : beautiful finition. it's a really nice computer. I just had to adapt with the keybord position (a little bit too much on the left)...<br><br>The computer is not that heavy, but the power box is too heavy…<br><br>Alain
Buen portátil en todos sus aspectos, especificaciones técnicas, diseño y acabado.<br><br>Potencia impresionante con un buen sistema de refrigeración,. Teclado muy cómodo, el panel táctil es un poco extraño pero te acostumbras y después lo llevas como nada. Luces RGB a doquier y control de estas para encender y apagar como quieras con el programa que te dan ya instalado "Control Center".<br><br>Agradecer a Thunderobot también por el detalle de adjuntar un adaptador universal para conectar el cargador.
5 star item, with good quality.<br>Works perfectly and the item is exactly as described in the description.<br>I will for sure buy more thing from here in the future.<br>only problem is the warranty seal that do not allow to upgrade the memory or the HD