Shenzhen Tronxy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, which is a manufacturer and trader that specialize in the research development and production of 3D printer, 3D printer material and the service. We are located in Shenzhen, China , with convenient transportation access. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.  In the process of development, Tronxy company always respected integrity, objectivity, innovation and dedication of the philosophy, and advocate teamwork, service and the pursuit of excellence in work style. Through years of effort , a variety of products have been widely recognized and certificated such as CE ,FCC, RoHS and so on . Products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, South America and Asia countries . We will continually optimized our product lines and service, to develop an integrated 3D printing Ecosyste , to make your dreams come true.

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So, I have had this printer for over a year now, it was my second printer at the time and my first Cartesian printer, my first was a Delta Kit which has a very steep learning curve but I have mostly mastered it, so this thing out of the box was a breeze to setup and get to printing in less than 2 hours. <br><br>PRO: Easy assembly, quality frame parts, 3D printed parts are well designed, decent build volume, fast shipping, Direct feed (not bowden style), fairly quiet<br><br>CON: Open frame (ABS does not print well) Bed heating is a long process, Foot Print is fairly large for a Desk Top Unit, POWER SUPPLY DIED with in first 6 Months.<br><br>All in all, I would and have recommended this printer as a first 3D printer, with the imitation of heated bed being slow and not expecting to print ABS without an enclosure. at the price I purchased it for during a flash sale for under $200 USD, it was a great deal
genel anlamda kalıtelı<br>malzemelerin cogu metal<br>vidalama olayina hayran kaldim cok pratik<br>kutudan eksik cikmadi<br>kullanim kilavuzu usb de kagit dokuman yok.<br>baski hizi ciddi anlamda iyi.<br>baski kalitesi iyi<br>usb den cikan programlar gayet guzel
No vienen instrupciones de montaje en la sd vinen tornillos arandelas de menos los tornillos sin fin doblados las piezas que sujetan los frenos partidos la cama arañada un desastre es la 4 impresora que viene defectuosa creo que las ofertas son devoluciones por eso viene todo mal era mi ultimo intento de confiar en su tienda solo venden basura
The best printer I have so far, this printer is by far better than the Creality CR-10 S5 , if you are looking for a 3D printer go for it, be, be prepared to expend at least 4 to 5 hours assembling, when you finish don't rush to make your first print, don't forget to setup your "Z off-set", debug your printer manually so you can be sure all is the way it should be, enjoy, happy printing! ****.
This is a wonderfully priced large format printer, but it does take some adjustments on the entry level version. I would recommend the get this one as a second unit... it might be a bit difficult for beginners to 3D printing, but once your a bit used to bed leveling and setup... you will be all set
The printer works, but there are some annoyances on the instructions manual. Nevertheless, can be built in one day easily. The problem is packaging. All the aluminum bars were bare, there were no protective sheet around them. some of them scratched, some paint was brushed off. Some sentences in the instruction were a little of. But in the end, it works just fine. Aside from the packaging, I'd buy it again.
I liked the fact that the color is very homogeneous, I also liked the adhesion between layers!<br>In my ender 3 flows well at 215ª C.
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Just mount one part and start printing it's that easy, down load or create your own files and print. Be a novice or a pro this machine will service you well, load directly from PC or micro SD card.
Zero problems with this filament worked great in multiple machines had a very nice finish to it. Would recommend no problems.
Impresora 3d de excelente calidad buena impresión y costo ajo muy recomendable, el armado es fácil e intuitivo, solo que es un poco pequeña, para trabajos escolares es excelente,
The color is exactly what the picture shows, and this is great. I've been using it with my Creality Ender 3 and I had no problem so far with the quality of the prints, clogs (jams) etc.
The Tronxy filameneto was initially chosen for the same price. Afterwards, I noticed that this is a great material that produces excellent 3D prints. I recommend.
The Tronxy filameneto was initially chosen for the same price. Afterwards, I noticed that this is a great material that produces excellent 3D prints. I recommend.
I enjoyed very good parts and easy to assemble .<br>I love it i printed new object in a few time very easy to use.<br>Good quality and price
La impresora esta increíble, hasta es intimidante ver la cantidad de piezas y el tamaño de la caja, sin embargo, es un excelente producto a un buen precio,
Price and delivery speed. The colors are my favourites.<br>The filaments are from quality brandsand that is a guarantee
After I got my printer happy this filament just looks amazing. It has an almost grey but still black shine that can only be described as Amazing.
great price<br>easy to assemble/good instructions<br>works great with Repetier-Host<br>can print repair parts for printer from printer
no problems, works and looks as described. <br>no problems, works and looks as described. <br>no problems, works and looks as described.
Product arrived super fast from China. <br><br>Easy to put together<br>Printer is working <br>quality of print is pretty good
Impressora otima para pequenas peças. fácil de montar. O painel a parte da uma aparência legal. bico de 4mm dá mais velocidade a extrusão. frame em metal e as peças parecem ser de boa qualidade<br>Bom preço.
went for a basic colour cause it was good price, worked right away with the printer no complaints so far
not bad for a first printer...must have would be to add a magnetic base and auto leveling.
Prints really well. No problems so far! <br>I would recommend buying this filament
За 130 евро лучше не найти. Печатает очень хорошо PLA пластиком. Ставлю 200 градусов экструдера и 60 стола, печатаю на присланную подложку (молярный скотч синего цвета).
Excelente producto, tal cual se espera buena calidad al imprimir y sobretodo una excelente relación calidad precio, recomendado
Fisrt printings low cost, for now is satisfing my needs<br><br>fat delivery, good package, low cost , is good.<br><br>Is just look more to white plastic than tranparent
El filamento viene perfectamente sellado, y el empaque lo mismo, aun no he impreso piezas con él, el envio me tardo cerca de 15 dias a Mexico.