Make it great. Ulefone has never stopped to pursue excellence in its work, and their history has shown a steady climb of growth. While Ulefone chooses to opt for quantity over quality, fans have agreed that these smartphones offer some of the best price to feature ratio. There is always something new at Ulefone so be sure to keep in touch with how they are bringing some of the newest technologies to our world.

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"the people at customer service work real good helping my need, Ulefone Be Pro has taken one of the best approach to Android, Great assembly and good materials, fiyatı yüzünden bir türlü sipariş geçemediğim telefon, feature / price ratio perfect"

4.8 out of 5

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I did video <br>Have big battery 6350 Mah very reliable fast charger 5v3a -waterdrop screen with big resolution IPS screen 6.3" 1080 x 2340 I take this Smartphone for my mother its have more when she needs for this its very good choice - have OTG ( only minus not included) have cable C (red) very long and good - have simple USB С adapter to 3.5mm for headphones - have Helio P35 Octa-core 64-bit 2.3GHz one of first with this CPU more power when previous p30 and less 35% consumption more poweк 15% of CPU GPU 15 more effective (it`s IMG PowerVR GE8320) 0.12 nm process 30% more efficiency of AI processing CPU for this price you have NFC - Face unlock - front Cameras 16MP F / 1.8 with Boken Pro Effect. Plus flashlight - Rear camera F / F / 1.816MP+2MP so have Triple cameras. Fingerprint under 2 cameras support video 1080p from the box. I have also Android 9 with wireless updates. I receive one when open the smartphone. Maximum SD card 256Gb or second Nano sim (so you can one or expend memory ( 64GB Included) also 4GB RAM - Dual 4G( DUAL 4G VLTE) -3g - 2g also supports. Also Have 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi. Bluetooth 5.0 for this price! Sensor: Accelerometer,Ambient Light Sensor,Gesture Sensor,Gravity Sensor,Gyroscope,NFC,Proximity Sensor. Good GPS with GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo! Google store from the box with most Alarm, Calculator and Calendar. Support video MP4, OGG, WAV. And audio MP3 AMR,APE,FLAC,Midi,MP3,OGG,WAV. MS Office format: Excel, PPT, Word. Have in the box needle for Simcard- cable С and Power Adaptor like i say -protective case. So the only thing you need it`s OTG cable! For this , it`s a good choice even most of working very good! It`s one of the best smartphones in the market for this price! Like i sake battery life it`s great and most of the features from a higher level cellphone! So just put OTG cable it will be perfect!
Item came inside the time window of GB, well packed and protected. It arrived 12 days later, the minimum estimated and best case scenario. <br>But i did had to pay the extra fees of insurance and delivery method that guaranteed bypass Border Costumes. Thus insuring that either the item arrives at provided address or you're refunded the item's value, only.<br>The phone is bulky and feels very solid, turns on immediately but takes 10-15sec to boot, comes with: usb-charger, usb cable, one costume size tempered glass kit (very much appreciated), manuals and warranties.<br>It has environment protective covers/plugs in every I/O: micro usb port, SIM/microSD slot, phone jack.<br>Battery lasts a long time but also has to charge for a long time.<br>Overall the hardware specs of this model are as solid as the phone itself. The inbuilt feature of an extra programmable button is very helpful for a person that just needs 2 clicks to get they need.
в Ригу 2 дня DHLом , но до этого неделю ждали телефон плюс три дня выносили мозг уточняя адрес - хотя из Гонконга DHLом заказываю 3 раз и по практике знаю что адреса из базы они не удаляют , потом отличилась Латвийская таможня багами в системе упрощённой растоможки и на круг вышло 2 недели на то что должно было занять 5 дней , 5* вам ребята только за цену = Али и супер дешёвый дхл = 5€ . Сам дэвайс очень интересный за 90€ для брони самый дешёвый, батарея 6А заряжал через усб тестер , влаго защищен - слоты под рез.пробками, отсутствует 4g , даже разрешение экрана норм хотя по ТТХ оно так себе, брал для друга и про остальное поведать не могу, но об аппарате впечатление хорошее - кому нужен доп. рабочее средство связи можно брать не думая , по вайфаю нэт летает, 3g не пробовал.
Phone itself is rock solid. Xiaomi phone I bought for my wife seems smoother but it's able to run multiple apps in background without affecting too much.<br>This phone isn't made for gaming as it lags on game that I run flawless on lenovo 1gb ram tablet which is pretty ridiculous. Non gaming apps work great tho.<br>However if it happens that it falls while charging be sure it will land on the spot where cable is connected to the phone and due to phone weight charging cable is history. (happened to me on day 1)
I bought one of these phones for my wife and I. We'd been using phones that were about 4 years old and starting to get really slow. I chose these specifically for the price and the fact that they had really large batteries, as my wife commutes and like to pass the time on her phone. Even with all of the usage, the phone still lasts the whole day with lots of power to spare. If you are looking for a budget phone, with good performance and good battery life this is it.
Rugged mobile phone Armor 3 by UleFone - 2 times fell me on the ground and work it.<br>Smartphone with 5.7 "display with FHD + resolution.<br>Fingerprint reader and facial scanner and number code - very nice.<br>10,300 mAh battery - fantastic.<br>It has IP68, IP69K protection - fantastic.<br>Waterproof design with the ability to take pictures and videos underwater - worked under heavy rain - super.<br>It offers dual speakers and a handy toolkit - very usefull.<br>In black - nice <br>Only one minus - wieght, that is tax for a huge battery.<br> Summary:<br>Nice, usefull piece for good money. I recommend for men at outdoor work.
awesome phone for travellers and for the people who want something last for a long time with 2gb in Ram and 32gb in storage it's enough fornme plus water,dust and shock proof with 3 cameras and 5000mAhin battery and face unlock (no fingerprint sensor) but it's his price i think it' a great deal
I've recently recived my cell phone and it was very good, low price for a great quality, e recomend buying this phone, it arrived very quick and the package protected it very well.<br>now that i recived this product, I'm very happy and i'm going to start buying in here, gearbest is the best online shopping I know.
Ottimo prodotto Qualità Prezzo ,foto eccellenti a anche in acqua ,il tasto supplementare sulla SX e ottimo utilizzando i guanti a in immersione eccellente resistenza agli urti ,fornito di vetro di protezione ,carica batteria EU ,regalato anche adattatore universale consiglio per chi lavora in ambienti sporchi
very nice design nice building happy with the buy <br>satiafaction with price/qualiti <br>now i will work with him to have the review thats i will buy more by this app
Great product for that price...<br>Was ship but works properly, is fast enouth, good finishes touches.<br>The batery is extremelly good, when is full i can use it 6 or 7 days what is very good.<br>In short, I am really satisfied with Ulefone Power 3S and I recommend it.
Phone a little heavy but so far working great, walkie talkie good for ham radio use, ctcss uses numbers not the frequency but i worked out what i needed for repeater use.<br>A good buy i like it, not sure about battery life yet as only just started using it.
Nice phone, good price, big battery, very very good, nice surprise.<br>Delivered with protection<br>Nice phone, good price, big battery, very very good, nice surprise.<br>Delivered with protection
great phone so far only issue is the fingerprint scanner doesn't really work,I had to set 5 fingerprints on on finger to get it to work normal , other then that phone is good, for the price you can't beat it
So far I'm loving this phone. I was nervous to by a brand I had not heard of but the price for what this offers was too good to pass up and I refuse to pay ridiculous money for a phone!<br>So far I am very pleased.
The ruggedness of this phone is my favorite thing about it, you can feel it from the moment you get it out of the box, it's sturdy and rest in your hand comfortably, the texture avoids any possible slips.
polecam wszystkim super telefon komórkowy budowlane wodoodporny wodoszczelność 2 kamery duża pamięć duży LCD bateria duża
good rugged phone... nice to use...for now it is ok as i have not tested in the water for the waterproof yet. hopefully its work great even after get in water as i work in outdoor alot especially in sea.
頑丈なモノが好きな家族が、Armor 1、Armor2に続いて使用中です。<br>AU3G(Grantina化)済SIMをnanoサイズにカットしたものとiijmioのdocomoプランの組み合わせにて特にAPN以外の何を設定するでもなく使用出来ています。<br>ただし、電源容量の増量に伴って、2よりも更に重くなりました。<br>手に持ったところ、ボタンに変に触らずに済み、誤操作が2よりも減りそうです。比較すると少しごつい感じがしますね。<br>リバースチャージはできますが、Qi(チー)による無接点充電には未対応なところが少々残念ですね。
Overall, I still give this phone 5 star because of the price. Buying this phone, you have all the newest functions as other famous brands but half the price. <br>In my opinion, It's worth the money.
This is the second phablet I have gotten for my husband they are the best phablets every they other one still works perfectly I had to wait for my phone to come in so I bought him a new one.
Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is sick of paying too much for an Android smartphones and want one that will work in the field as well as for normal everyday use.
Great budget phone. Nice look, very smooth interface, great battery.
The quality of the phone is amazing.<br>I definitely recommend this phone especially if you have a teenage boy like me that is not very careful with his belongings.
Nice phablet and product support is excellent. They try to help and answer questions fast. As far as the phablet itself it seems to be extremely well built.
Great product for the money, got one at 219$, then ordered 2 more and 200$/Piece and free shipping to Europe for my uncle. Medium 5 day battery at normal usage.
i received the product fast and was really pleased with it ! will order again if necessary !<br>i used the phone for a year before switching to another one !
Excelente não fora o caso de não ter upgrades do Android, o que penaliza substancialmente quem quer um telemóvel mas ter também segurança no mesmo
i received the product fast and was really pleased with it ! will order again if necessary !<br>i used the case for a year before switching to another one !
Ulefone Be Touch 3 4G Phablet was a arrived on time i have been using it daily without any problems for over 3 years now. not the fastest but good