Make it great. Ulefone has never stopped to pursue excellence in its work, and their history has shown a steady climb of growth. While Ulefone chooses to opt for quantity over quality, fans have agreed that these smartphones offer some of the best price to feature ratio. There is always something new at Ulefone so be sure to keep in touch with how they are bringing some of the newest technologies to our world.

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"the people at customer service work real good helping my need, Ulefone Be Pro has taken one of the best approach to Android, Great assembly and good materials, fiyatı yüzünden bir türlü sipariş geçemediğim telefon, feature / price ratio perfect"

4.8 out of 5

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Seit 3 Jahren habe ich das Ulefone Power und bin sehr zufrieden. Die Akkuleistung ist super; da ich nicht der Dauernutzer bin hält das Smartphone ca 5 Tage. Ich finde es lässt sich sehr gute bedienen und einstellen. Den Infrarotsensor habe ich schon oft mit einer App für Fernbedienungen genutzt und es geht perfekt. Die Kamera reicht gut aus und das Display ist immernoch wie am ersten Tag ohne jeglichen Kratzer (ohne Folie).<br>Einzig und allein ist oben am Display ein Steifen von ca. 1,5 Zentimetern, der nicht mehr reagiert (erkennt keine Berührung).... das nervt, weil ich bei manchen Anwendungen dann das Handy drehen muss um an bestimmte Buttons zu kommen... in Summe aber ein echt gutes, soliedes Gerät.
This is an amazing case for Ulefone Tiger smartphone. The window it has, is awesome for looking at the rectangular screen's clock, for answering calls without opening the case and for operating the music app. After 2 years of use, its white colour has changed to greyish in some spots, but I think it's only a logical consequence of daily use. All in all, it's the perfect case for this smartphone.
me encanto esta marca y esta referencia fue la que me atrapo, me encanto el diseño el sistema operativo, la fluidez la camara e.t.c. tengo 4 años con el y hasta el momento no he sufrido ningun problema. <br><br>En pocas palabras, me encanto!
I'm very late in writing this review. The phone was great! I used it for about 20 months and gave it to my daughter, which she cracked the screen within 6 weeks.
Meu primeiro smart de fora. Usei muito ate dar pro meu irmao. Hj so uso cel importado da China. Otimo custo bemeficio. Recomendo
I got a mobile phone mask and I'm very happy with it.<br>I recommend everyone to buy a mobile phone mask.<br>Nice greetings and all good.
Thank you so much<br>I am very happy because I dealt with you<br>A product I liked and was happy with<br>Thanks again<br>I will definitely buy you again
es un teléfono que si que le dura la batería hasta 3 días un con uso continuo de video y audio pero la cámara deja mucho que desear
Estoy contento con el telefono, era lo que esperaba llego en perfectas condiciones y lo recibi en su tiempo.
Telemóvel pelo preço bastante bom, resistente as quedas.<br>Aconselho para quem quer gastar pouco dinheiro
i recomend this phone by the design. Was very strong and beautifull and i just can recomend it. superb
Tudo ok. Produto de boa qualidade. Bom rácio qualidade/specs/qualidade.. <br>Correspondeu ao esperado.
Encaixa perfeitamente no smartphone. Fica muito bonito e elegante. Parece ser bem resistente.
Duração de um ou dois dias de bateria. <br>câmera ok. Telefone ótimo para quem gosta de praticidade.
Nice Phone
um bom celular, câmera boa, vale a pena o investimento
thnks so match<br>its very goooooood<br>and I'm happy<br>good quality <br>***<br>thnks so match<br>its very goooooood<br>and I'm happy<br>good quality