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This bulb is great quality, probably one of the best wifi Led RGBW bulbs for its price. It's really easy to setup, I downloaded the SmartHome app from the Android Play Store and then you just have to follow the instructions.The bulb is configured to connect to your home wifi router and once it's done the app allows to dim the light, change color and schedule light modes. the app also allows setting groups of bulb that can be controlled together. This bulb is also compatible with Alexa and Home Assistant, allowing a lot of customization on how you want to interact with it.
light brightness level is ideal<br>product visual is very stylish<br>it is very good to have on auto off functions<br>the product can be charged from USB<br>the red light on while charging. the light becomes green when the charge is full.<br>the material quality is good.<br>good price.
Светильником доволен. Яркость регулируется только на белом свете, а на цвет яркость фиксированая. При срабатывании будильника яркость и звук плавно возрастают. Насколько хватает аккумулятора еще не проверял, но очень удобно переносить с места на место.Доставка IML чуть больше месяца, статус трека никак не менялся, а затем внезапно курьер позвонил за 15 минут до прибытия .
I am very satisfied with this purchase . To compare with Xiaomi product i would even say is better ... It has got also recharchable battery and it gives very good light wherever and whenever is needed . It is also little bit bigger and has got more leds ... Also please see attached pictures . Thank you very much indeed gearbest ...
- Good output levels. High is very bright. Medium is good for reading/general lighting. Low is good for reading where just a little extra light is needed. <br>- Battery power allows for portability and use anywhere. <br>- Lightweight. <br>- You can recharge and use at same time from USB port on computer, solar panel, outlet, or even power bank. <br>- Fantastic price on flash sale.
Jó lesz majd az új házba,ha megjönnek majd hozzá az elemek is.Jó lesz majd az új házba,ha megjönnek majd hozzá az elemek is.Jó lesz majd az új házba,ha megjönnek majd hozzá az elemek is.Jó lesz majd az új házba,ha megjönnek majd hozzá az elemek is.
Very good idea for this. Good prices. Easy ordering. Approval time for delivery. Goog items, good package. No damage in delivery process. I'm using Utorch UT01 LED Flashlight every day. I make movie unboxing, i hope so that help new buyer.
luminosity excellent <br>touch keys work without error <br>the charger was tested - charged samsung s5 and xiaomi note 4x - 2A super <br>has many setup options <br>I'm very satisfied with the purchase<br>very good purchase. this lamp looks very good and is of good quality <br>the packaging was of high quality
So many different colour options and ways to display them. Works perfectly in North American sockets. Fantastic light bulb for the price. So easy to set up with the app. I will definitely be buying more. And it only uses 4.5 watts. Amazing!
I sent one for my best friend as a birthday gift and she said she loved it. She puts it on the desk and turns on the light in every evening to read. The light is very friendly for the eyes because of the suitable brightness and color temperature. The charging hubs also work very well, great for her mobile devices.
+ nice flame effecft, low power, good value <br>+ nice flame effecft, low power, good value <br>+ nice flame effecft, low power, good value
Awesome product with good price <br>* Fast delivery <br>* good price <br>* solid construction <br>* good quality <br>* strong light <br>* easy to use
- good quality <br>- easy to assemble <br>- brigtnes and temperature control <br>- turn-off timer <br>- remote control <br>- good height <br>- available in 2 colors (black and white)
-Very cheap<br>-Good warm light, it helps a lot for dark wardrobes<br>-Easy to install, just a screw needed (included in each item)<br>-Very fast shipping and for free<br>-Very original idea<br><br>Thanks a lot!
I was pleasantly surprised when I received the item, much greater than I thought. long lighting distance, convenient side-switch control, and pretty lightweight. very cost-effective at that price. Can be easily controlled with one hand.
Светит ярко, белым цветом. Освещения достаточно для комнаты до 5 кв.м. <br>Панелью можно и телефон заряжать, особенно если, к примеру, лежишь на пляже, солнца много)
The lamp is made from a soft material, that can be squished and there is no risk of destroying the lamp if it falls from the desk or table. Also it allows the user to choose between different colors, which is pretty cool.
Very good product, works very good. <br>The construction quality could be better, but with this price we can't ask for more.<br>Works as it should. i advise this product to you all...
ottima lampada da comodino con luce soffusa led di vari colori. Chiusa occupa pochissimo spazio e si carica la batteria interna con la presa del telefonino. Utilissima nei viaggi per il ridotto ingombro. Superconsigliata.
Cool lamp for camping. It has 3 white light ranges and 1 additional UV lamp for mosquitos. The handle can be hanged even on a tree branch. Micro usb charger. Possible to wash.
This small night light is very cute, I first saw it will like it.It has a variety of pretty color , I think that I can buy some more,and i can use it when do the dance.Special is that it is also the function of recording.
На данный момент лучший карманный фонарик работающий от АА цена\качество. <br> <br>Много режимов. <br>Яркий - 800 люмен. <br>Компактный. <br>Работает от AA and 14500.
Nagyon jó vétel volt lehet rendelek még egyet legyen a másik szobában is. <br> <br>high quality <br>good item <br>time, date, <br>temperature in display <br>night light
Fast delivery, Good quality, Easy to use, Custom videos can be interested very easily, user friendly application.
Very original idea for this useful cabinet light with sensor, it helps a lot for dark wardrobes. Very easy to install with just a screw needed (included in each item)
mini presque comme s mini d'olight mais <br>la utorch a un aimant bien pratique <br>le faisceau est très large et uniforme pas de point chaud <br>central idéal pour certaine photos <br>pour déboucher une ombre.
beautiful flame effect<br>solid lamp construction<br>long battery life
Bonne qualité perçu avec 2 niveaux de lumière et activitation indépendante de la lumière et grille moustiques. Pratique avec son chargeur solaire.<br>Pas encore testé l'efficacité du produit car acheté pour les vacances.
the product is very good and quality. looks very premium. very good quality ratio. is durable but also stylish
I like the night light.To be honest, this is not very expensive but it brings our family safe and convenient.I think that we should all buy a lamp.