VEIKK is self-owned brand which has been engaged in the industry of graphic tablet for more than 10 years, integrating R&D, production and sales. With convenient transportation access, all of our products comply with international quality standards. The production, R&D and logistics center is located in Shenzhen and has a branch office in Beijing. VEIKK's objective is providing the high quality drawing experience, make the creative process easier, efficient and more fun.

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For this price it's very good, working area is pretty big, I like the 12 buttons! a lot of spare nibs! USB C type is amazing since my previous tablet was with micro-usb type and the cables broke a lot! The glove is very practical and doesn't leave any smears on my tablet! Pressure sensitivity is great i can really feel the difference from my previous tablet. Those are my first impressions of it, so far so good. Everything came in one piece, nice packed, nothing was missing.
The Tablet its spot on, it works on a number of apps and a friendly user interface, Definitely a good<br>tab for Beginner to Pro Level.<br>Its Super light and the surface is big enough to work on your projects, without having to put a strain on your wrist.<br>It being my first tablet, i thought i was going to have a hard time coping, but it turned out to be a walk in the park experience.<br>Great pressure sensitivity, cursor doesn't lag behind as to some tabs that ive seen on youtube reviews.
It took only 22 days to Tbilisi (Georgia).<br>Good package came clean and uninjured.<br>The last time I received packege with broken goods inside.<br>This time it's OK.<br>Thank you for good packing.<br>Drawing Pen Tablet works good but it's little bit unaccustomed.<br>I'll try to get used.<br>How will work this Drawing Pen Tablet in future -- who knows?
Gyors és sérülésmentes szállítás. Tetszetős dizájn. Jó minőségű anyagok. Teljes mértékben elégedett vagyok. Köszönöm.Fast and harmless delivery. Nice design. Good quality materials. I'm completely satisfied. Thanks.
The perfect tablet! very fast response, and high sensitivity to pressing. Great for drawing, plotting and photo editing!
Arrived in about a week and a half, the product is just as described and works perfectly.
ürün bekledigimden buyuk. kutu icerigi guzel ve ekipmanlari kaliteli.