VIvibright was established in China. MCYH offers the best products as amazing ,VIvibright focused on the .Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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Very good machine for a fragment of a price of standard projectors<br>+good image, need to be at least dim light in the room of course<br>+sound from projector-for that price very good, no need for external speakers when you can't get any at the moment<br>+fan, not very loud, you only hear it when you pause the movie<br>+remote.control<br>+lot of ports at the back! <br>+simple menu<br><br>- can't.allways play sound format when a movie is played from USB -no problem with HDMI ...<br>- not very good signal between remote control and projector, you have to aim on the back of it<br>- you have to change the colors because the defailt ones are really bad<br><br>Great product that can easily match 400-500€ projectors <br>Recommend without hesitating to all who watch at home and are not pixel fanatics ( for them there are 1000€.+ projectors)
I debated buying this for a long time, looked at a lot of options, but now that I have it, I wish I would have bought it a long time ago! Exactly what I wanted for big screen gaming and movies!<br><br>It's a great entry level projector in HD. Clear, sharp, bright picture. You can adjust the colors to suit your preference.<br><br>You could spend a lot more on a "better" projector and not even notice a difference.<br><br>Sure the fan may be a little bit noisy, but it's not enough to worry about. Especially if you are using surround sound.<br><br>The focus works well enough to give you a clear picture. If you focus center, the edges are a little bit blurry, and vice-versa. But, you really only notice it on text, and that's not what this was designed for.
Хороший яркий и не дорогой проектор с реальным HD разрешением. Есть возможность подключать разные устройства. Есть android з плей маркетом і mirascreen, что очень удобно. Шум кулеров средний, звук динамика хороший.
Projetor muito bom custo beneficio, já estou usando a 4 meses, uso ele para filmes e jogos, imagem nítida w grande, projeto ele a uma distancia de 4mts, tela fica com +ou- com 180", desfoca um pouco nos cantos, ele se sai bem em ambientes escuros ou com pouca luminosidade, mas em ambientes com luz do dia não funciona tão bem assim.<br>com relação a custo beneficio recomendo...
leve e fácil de usar... Ele é bivolt. a resolução da imagem é boa num lugar muito claro a imagem fica um pouco ruim mas pelo preço está ótimo. super recomendo
ótimo projetor, qualidade de imagem muito boa, recomendo!
O aparelho tem uma resolução boa .. mas já adianto e de entrada ! O barulho dele e que mata.. mas dá pra curtir um filme de boa!