Voyo combines the power of the Intel processor into many small and portable devices. Built to run the windows operating system, Voyo products are ultra-efficient machines and has limitless capabilities. For some expert users, Voyo allows the ability for customization which unlocks even greater potential.

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"Awesome tablets from VOYO. For the price point, they are rocking some lean, mean Intel CPUs. Easily fast enough for all my main needs, including productivity and multimedia. Can't fault their tablets. Lightweight and compact design, they're also thin - basically same as the big retails brands but at significantly lower prices. Happy to recommend this brand." "I bought my VOYO V2 TV Box recently and it blows away every other TV Box I've used. This is pure geek out heaven. Truly incredible performance from such a compact device. Good features, stunning hardware and even better implementation. Really powerful and handles everything I throw at it with ease. Top notch functionality and performance. Great price too. Thanks, VOYO!" "Saw this brand on GearBest and was stunned at the reviews that VOYO were getting. Decided to try my luck and boy was I blown away LOL. I bought the VBook V3 Ultrabook and it definitely delivers. Real pleasure to use, so responsive and lag-free. Really superb fu

4.6 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 127 reviews

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Ottimi materiali costruttivi, in questa fascia di prezzo probabilmente è il migliore considerando che ha lo schermo touch ed è completamente ribaltabile diventando un tablet.<br>Poi ha un ssd e un processore che fanno andare questo pc davvero bene. <br>Per un uso base cioè internet, streaming in fullHD e qualche lavoretto di photoshop va più che bene, Lo consiglio
I choose this tablet for the price and the feature i nedded to have a connection tru sim and i got an italian contract i installed it in one minuts and it works very fine and quick <br>The tablet i ordered has got my all my satisfaction .<br>The description is reality the tablet works very fine and has a good velocity <br>The price is very low and the quality is very high. <br> suggest to buy this product.
Lo utilizzo tutti i giorni per i classici lavori d’ufficio (mail, word, posta) e funziona decisamente bene.<br>Inoltre si ha la possibilità di aggiungere un ulteriore hard disk da 2,5” previo acquisto del suo adattatore.<br>Buon pc senza tante pretese.<br>Vale molto di più di quello che costa <br>Riesce a riprodurre video da YouTube a 1080p senza scatti
Most important - battery standby is over 4 days. And this is with 4G on. Without it - probably more. The tablet works fast and the screen is very good. Bright and easy to see from various angles. It also has integrated functions for picture and sound improvements. The folding stand comes handy too.
I realy dont have much to say.<br>the quality its realy low.<br>it would be expected that voyo would build a litle better keyboard.<br>the mousepad works realy bad. its to sensitive.
I love this tablet, is the second that I buy and I already buy another. It came really fast, everything fine with the packaging. <br><br>It works really good.<br><br>The only point that I already appointed is the speaker don't have a great quality for listening... but for me is right I use with earphones. <br><br>The batery is good for the highest screen, and the quality of image is wonderful. <br><br>Recommended
very good product, protects the tablet good from scratches. The stand is stable, the buttons are not covered and easy to touch. The cover is soft and will protect the screen. Fits perfect,i recomend it
Fast shipping very nice product. Im satysfied with this order. Everything is working fine and as i expect. I use notebook for home office and gaming. I add M2 nvME SSD for more speed and it was awesome.<br><br>+ speed <br>+nice case<br>+design<br>+keyboard
i like it overall, a little bit slow in 2018 with the tablet CPU, but for lightweight browsing, and remote controlling it's a good value.<br>the software support is very bad for these products, the drivers are Chinese only.
1. Very fast<br>2. Solid construct<br>3. Great performence<br>4. Fast SSD Disk<br>5. Fast Processor<br>6. Touch screen<br>7. Windows 10<br>8. Pen<br>9. Many RAM<br>10. ... and many more for this very low price!
Prices are very suitable<br>Delivery on time<br>Color as selected<br>Very practical<br>Material made from them conform to specifications<br>The battery works very long time<br>Excellent product
Amazing price, fast shipping and perfect product! Thanks, GearBest!!!
Really great device for web browsing and office work.<br>make sure to install new windows 10 and get all the drivers online for better performance.
As always an other good product from Gearbest, the price – quality relation is in good order and I would recommend this product.
Smooth touch, protects the screen, surface is pleasant, another language can be easily drawn with white marker.
Hace justo lo que dice, es un mini pc, con solo un idioma, eso es lo malo. Pero funciona bien. No esperé mucho tiempo por el. Si lo que quieres es jugar a fornite, este no es tu ordenador, mejor compra uno mejor, pero para lo necesario, no hace falta mas!
This mini pc works very well. I use it mainly for netflix. Very good value for money. I recommend it to everyone
Uses 4a (aaaa), battery, but comes with out it. Do not know the reason of the buttons.
Excelente equipamento tendo em conta o preço pretendido, a qualidade da imagem é realmente muito boa, com fluidez.<br>A velocidade de processamento é muito aceitável, atendendo à Gama de produto.
È molto buono credo che questo di gearbest, sanno bene quello che è meglio per i clienti, grande soddisfazione per l'assistenza clienti, sempre disponibili e veloci.
Desempenho muito bom, mas não tem saída de áudio. Boa recepção de wireless, faltam mais portas USB. Depois de 1 ano, boot deu problemas.
Gostei muito do aparelho, funciona perfeitamente no 4G, bateria tem bom tempo de uso, recomendo, muito obrigado!
really great laptop i have more then anyear and works great
Tela grande, rápido, é não travava quando usava...<br>infelizmente quebrei a tela com 1 semana de uso.
Very good tablet for the price. Dual boot is a plus
Für die tolle Ausstattung ist das Tablett sehr Preiswert. <br>Tolles Display.
Contiene perfettamente il tablet e risultati anche una buona protezione
Perfetto sia nell'utilizzo come tablet che da laptop !
Great quality vs price item.