Shenzhen Wanscam Technology Co., Ltd. is based in Shenzhen, China. They are a professional manufacturer of IP camera and are committed to digital video processing, audio and video CODEC's image processing and biometrics technology application with embedded operating systems, such as early warning systems.

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This camera works fine since nearly one year. I use the smartphone app, becaurse the Windows PC program is not stable. The Wlan sensity is excellent, and the sharpness of the picture (if not moving) is very good. The quality of the nightvision black and white picture depends of the reflexivity and distance of the objects. I could install the camera in the way, that everyone first thinks it's a lantern to illuminate my frontdoor. I am very content with this camera, and I can see my frontdoor from everywhere.
This is a good and stable camera. In 6 moths if have to reboot it 2-3 times. Video resolution is good but the frame rate is very low. Also quite good in night.<br><br>I recommencement for that money as VFM
Easy to install in every place excellent choice for indoors <br>Its night vision is perfect with a great 720p HD resolution <br><br>Its app is very easy to use in android and IOS <br>Great price
Pro:<br>a very good product and video quality<br>easy to set up with app on phone<br>Wifi P2P connect<br>pan & tilt<br>recording on card<br><br>Cons:<br>some settings are available only on Internet Explorer
Excellent product, met all my expectations<br>Incredible quality/price ratio<br>It can be used as a live CAM<br>Easy to mount
Have a good quality and is a pan tilt (PT) camera, it works very well and it is very silence when you are using the pan and tilt function, very quick also.<br>Good image quality.
For the price it is good. At night you can see well but the picture is not the best. I recommend easy access from the application.
This works great - and makes it possible for us to keep our cabinet doors closed where the cable box is ... yet still control our TV viewing with the cable remote
facil de usar y buena calidad precio. el audio tiene cierto delay y en stanby se oye como hace ruidos, pero no se puede pedir mas por estos precios.
Qualidade de construção boa.<br>Muito boa imagem tanto diurna como noturna<br>Bom alcance wifi<br>Funciona como previsto.
Compra à medida, com pouco uso ainda, está em fase de testes, mas funciona, para já 5 estrelas. A imagem é boa tanto de dia como de noite.
Great camera, <br><br>works fluessly and no lagging. Connecting is prity simple . The picture is clear an smoth.
Works very good <br>Very good quality.<br>I am very pleased with this product.<br>Very good quality for price
Découverte de la gamme wanscam pour utiliser avec mon jeedom. Franchement pour le prix c'est extraordinaire. Se connecte en quelques minutes et la qualité est top, tout comme la simplicité d'utilisation.
Ottimo acquisto funziona da 2 anni ininterrottamente.. Molto soddisfatto.. Per mio sistema sorveglianza di casa
Tudo ok . camera acabamento e imagem boa ,fácil de configurar.Vamos ver a durabilidade da mesma,mas ela é bem pesada e parece ser robusta!
Bon produit pour une surveillance de jour.<br>Qualité d image très bonne et s adapte très bien à la domotique
Great camera with good video quality, affordable price, very easy to pair with the app eview7
good price<br>good Picture.<br>onvif good match with Synology.<br>Thanks.<br>will buy another one
belle Cam et fait tres bien son travail.application assez facile.