WeiXuan was established in China. WeiXuan offers the best products as amazing Led Lighting.WeiXuan focused on the Led Lighting .Through diligent development and corporate governance, its products have sold exceptionally well around the world.We have an endless strive to deliver the best products.

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1 star short of 5 because it only charges at 1A, for modern phones this is will mean that will take a long time to reach 100%<br>The package is excellent, well conditioned and all you need inside.<br>The charging station is light and couldn't be easier to use, just plug it, wait a few seconds until the LED stops flashing, when it turns blue put the phone on top and it will start charging.<br>You maybe need to adjust the phone to align it to the charger but other than that it will work perfectly.<br>The cover is of very good quality, non slip and easy to fit. the receiver doesn't take too much space and you won't notice it on the back.<br>This one I ordered to my work phone, an Iphone 6 but already ordered a receiver for my Huawei.<br>The best about this device is that you only need 1 charging station because it will work with any phone with a receiver.
1,8 метр Шнур питания Кабель E27 лампы цоколь Держатель конвертера штепсельной вилки EU, а по простому переноска с цоколем Е27 качественная и соответствует своим параметрам. Жаль что нельзя подключать лампы большой мощности, выручат светодиодные лампочки.
Ottimo ricambio su faretti originariamente alogeni. Montata in coppia su specchio del bagno non fa rimpiangere le originali anche se con luminosità un po' più bassa.<br>La consiglio.
Working item. Fasr delivery.........................................
Exactly as described.
Produto muito bom<br>Atendeu as minhas expectativas<br>Recomendo a todos.
So far I'm satisfied :-)
So far so good
OMG loves it
Passt einwandfrei gerne wieder