WLToys is a manufacturer of RC toys and quadcopters. They have become a standard of excellence and reliability. By offering consumers a wide range of parts and replacements, WLToys makes it easy for any RC enthusiast to pursue their dream design. WLToys remains an industry force and leader through its many years of providing top quality RC vehicles.

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easy to fly, nice looking flying machine, Good battery for it size when it was new, Very good and affordable Quad, exceeded all of my expectations

4.8 out of 5

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Good quality material, nicely corporated design.<br>My first impression, when I saw on the site, was very good, it was a good price, good performance.<br>I should say, that was a very good choice, the item is very well equiped, si strong, I tried on many hard road conditionns, and after few months works good.<br>If you attended to choose a bigger battery, be aware of the high temperature, because will broke the radio controller unit of the car.<br>I don't have any neagative comment about it, I'm just loving.<br>On the latest 2 picctures, you can see the actual status of the car, work very well in this conditions too.
Good:<br>* I love the looks and size. It looks great in the sky and handles quite well even when there is a little bit of wind. <br>* The transmitter can be set to 4 modes, I prefer throttle and rudder on the left stick, but all configurations are possible.<br><br>Bad:<br>* Motor gets hot while flying, which makes me doubt its durability.<br>* Battery is not removable without removing the canopy first.<br><br>Overall a very nice, affordable helicopter. Too bad WLtoys doesn't make more scale models in this size and price range.<br>(Note: I had to unscrew part of the canopy to get the helicopter to work. The battery was not connected.)
Best value for money! Look For coupons. <br>4X4, Nice 1/12 scale, Fast even more than 50 KMH with good 2s and high C lipo battery.<br>Ready To Run with 2.4Ghz controller, 7.4v 1500mah battery and balance charger, Lights and 1 spare wheel.<br>The car is quite reliable and fun not professional grade but also not Toys R Us level something in the middle that gives good taste as a hobby entry level.
This Car is simple wonderful, powerful, Big, resistant, fast, what can you ask for this price??? much better than a9*9 model, It has little things that you can solve for very few Money, and then It Will be better yet. You can add a very very Big lipo battery, because car has enough space to add It easily, and enjoy a lot of time your car.
Great, it is the best for this price. Shipping time was ok, ordered some goods too from GearBest for it like motor heatsink cooler, bigger lipo battery (what a difference!), rear driveshaft, metal gears, and a good quality ISDT charger, upgrade steering servo.
Reasonable price, good torque for hill climbing, 4WD and 4WS. Everything is ready to your RC life! I guarantee that you can not find 4WS rock crawler with this price expect WLtoys 18428 :)
1200mah provides long drive times. <br>More mah than the original. 1200mah compared to the original 1100mah <br>Fits perfectly. <br>Great price <br>Buy a few of these so you can keep playing. <br>Here's a tip, let the battery cool down for 10 minutes before you charge it. This will prolong the life of the battery.
Bons pneus, boa qualidade / preço, boa construção, o pneu em muito resistente e muito bom. Actualmente estou a utilizar o meu carro "REMO 1631 1/16 2.4G 4WD" para outros tipos de terreno e novos desafios.
Very good Item. It is a cool RC Car. Much power for outoor. And perfect is steering on both ….. Frontwheels and Rearwheels. Manufactured in good quality. And Price is very acceptabel and low. Ideal as an gift for Kids ….. And to have fun on side of the grown-up People :-)
outstanding quality what I was looking for outstanding quality what I was looking for outstanding quality what I was looking for outstanding quality what I was looking for outstanding quality what I was looking for outstanding quality what I was looking for
Very good Quality. And for an very fair and low Price to order on Gearbest site. delivery time was very short at this time. I like this product, because it ismanufactured in a very good Quality. And for this reason it promise a Long Service/life - time!
Very good Quality. And for an very fair and low Price to order on Gearbest site. delivery time was very short at this time. I like this product, because it ismanufactured in a very good Quality. And for this reason it promise a Long Service/life - time!
seems sturdy made of steel for 12428 wltoys car, lightweight, easy to install, fast shipping, packed well, great price with GB points used
It is not expensive and excellent perf. as a toy, not only for kids but also adults. The base chassis is form Wltoys A9X9 series which is great! :)
NIce light and quality. Perfect<br>Its expensive but it works flawlessly.<br>t has a premium looking <br>Smart and innovative device!!<br>Made of high quality materials!!<br>Modern finish!!<br>Pleasant to the touch!!!1<br>Fast Response!!!
The product has arrived defective.<br><br>He does not turn right and does not use the reverse gear.<br><br>I bought the product thinking that it would use, but unfortunately I could not have the pleasure to use the same
Good quality parts to replace the worn out. Fully consistent with the original, you can immediately put on the model. The price is lower than in other stores, you can safely buy.
Love the Chinese action movie "Mr Vampire" when I saw this I had to buy it. Great fun building it took me back to being a kid with lego.<br>Surprised it came in a cube box which came undamaged too.
it is a very fast little truck<br>if you drive it carefully it wont brake and no need to buy extra parts and pay more<br>The only thing you will need is an extra battery for more playing time
C'est une bonne petite voiture télécommandée, que les enfants adorent. <br>Elle va très vite une fois lancée. Manque un peu de puissance au démarrage par contre. Aussi marche arrière un peu faiblarde (dérapages pas faciles). <br>Bonne autonomie. <br>Après qq semaines d'utilisation par un enfant toujours pas cassée...
A lot of fun to drive .<br>It's pretty fast and has good climbing ability.<br>Easy operation and fast steering.<br>Decent controller range
Muito bom para quem quer começar, resistente, bonito bem feito, dá para se divertir bastante...............
flies great, works like its 2000.00 big brother, with out the nice camera. landing gear works good. comes up after take off, with just a touch of a button. still going. best price was at Gear Best.
WLtoys Q303 - A RC Quadcopter - BLACK 185555001<br>2.4GHz 4CH 6 Axis Gyro 5.8G FPV RTF Air Press Altitude Hold Drone with HD Camera<br><br>Very good drone, had lot of fun with it.
This is one of my favourite products from GB, becuase the price is really cheap and its a cute one and constructive for the people, nice as a gift one.
Very easy to use and to fly. You do not have to install a lot. Just fold the wings and finish. With a charged battery, approx. You can fly for 20-25 minutes while sailing!
Really good model, can be repaired every time by yourself, isn’t difficult anytime... you can replace many items with Vaterra Twin Hammers parts
The boat is realy quick. It's easy to control. The operation time is quite good. It's a very good toy!<br>The quality is fine, I think, it's a durable item.
i buy first the 12428model for my son and now i buy that for me to play together.is e very good car and fast for the brushed motor. Perfect thor rock climbing
didn't last too long. but worked good when it was working. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood