XK is a registered brand of R/C products belongs to XK Industrial Co., Ltd. With years of experience in the R/C industry, now they are capable of providing services from good ID design, accurate mould tooling, attractive package design.

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Aluminum sticks for the Equipment, for Taranis QX7 fit well, the quality is good, but slightly increase the height of the stick (2 - 3 mm), because of this, the sticks move accordingly become longer, to someone that can fit, in the end I left my relatives on the taranis.<br>.<br>Алюминиевые стики на Аппаратуру, Для Таранис QX7 подходят хорошо, качество хорошее, но чуток повышают высоту стика ( 2 - 3 мм), изза этого ходы стиков соответственно становятся длиннее, кому то может подойдет, в итоге я оставил на таранисе родные.
This glider is an awesome straight out of the box flyer. The gyro helps a complete beginner fly first time. It will launch from the ground easily, as well as a hand launch. But why bother with a hand launch when it will take off from the ground every time given space obviously. Landings are easy with the gyro too. Switch off the gyro and it will perform 3D type maneuvers, and if the beginner, or anyone, feels like the model is out of control, flick the switch and it will level itself out instantly.
I would recommend this for any one who thinks they want to get into flying quads. You get the quad, extra propellers, camera and a screen. the range is also great. A little tip i would give is buy the extra batteries because they will last around 10-15 mins each. If you get 4 that means you can head to a large field open field and spend an hour flying. It is a budget quad copter so it doesn't fly too well in medium to strong winds.
This drone arrived as described and in good condition. This drone works like a high end drone but for a fraction of the money. This is a really good deal especially if you already have your camera
I bought this to use on tje xk250 quad copter. In my opinion this are a must have item because they each give you about 15 minutes of flight time so it makes it worthwhile to get out and fly. Youll have around 1 hour to play with your drone instead of just 15 mins. They take about an hour to charge.
Super cheap, easy to use with the controller, no pairing, arming or anything needed.<br>The leds on the drone are bright enough.<br>For trying out fpv or drones, this can be a good choice.<br>Transmitter is sensitive enough and responsive. Range is good.
Интересный дрон с системой оптического позиционирования. Висит в точке, камера получше, чем обычно у Wi-Fi камер, интересный дизайн. Очень понравился!
I would recommend this drone to anyone looking to get into fpv racing it's a great teacher and all around fun flier! it's a fast little guy with big brushed motors! nice clear 5.8ghz wide angle fpv camera!
Highly recommend, fast delivery quality goods. Quality packaging. The propellers do not require additional balancing, put and fly. <br><br>Compare prices with other sellers and you will see what a difference.
I am a beginner and I had no problem to make it fly, incredible stability thanks to the gyroscope, I was able to board a mini camera and strobes, the plane does not move, stays in the direction, magnificent.
Good Props, do the job :) don't know what else to say, I put the props on the Quad and it flies :) Gearbest seem to want me to write 100 characters but there is not a lot to say about a Prop :)
Extra spare 3M double side tap.<br>Good product, and mathes description.<br>Double side, very strong.<br>Easy to use.
Very high quality aircraft, crashed it about 100 times before it finally broke.<br><br>Get a bunch of main gears, those go first in a crash.
Excellent drone on brushless motors!<br>Very fast in the air, the opportunity to buy a camera and monitor.
this is original product. it goods seem to be no problem.<br>but delivery is long. I’m fine, because goods is no problem.
this is original product. it goods seem to be no problem.<br>but delivery is long. I’m fine, because goods is no problem.
this is original product. it goods seem to be no problem.<br>but delivery is long. I’m fine, because goods is no problem.
this is original product. it goods seem to be no problem.<br>but delivery is long. I’m fine, because goods is no problem.
É muito facil de controlar e com bom desgn, a bateria dura um tempo aceitavel e a imagem para o preço é muito boa.
they are cheap and fit well in the drone, the more you buy the cheaper they are
I'm going to definitely recommend this airplane to <br>all my friends
nice and original xk x350 parts. I happybut delivery is very long
Since the XK X350 didn't come with extra, these are a must have.
cambiato cuscinetto ora tutto a posto buon mototre originale come descrizione
Very good thanks for your work