Haier XShuai is a brand owned by Haier group, which focuses on the innovation of high-end intelligent terminals and smart home solutions. The company is committed to let everyone enjoy high-quality intelligent devices at affordable prices.We are investing in the development of robotic interfaces to enable users to interact with our series of products in richer and more convenient ways.

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The robot's body is made of high quality plastic, with exemplary assembly quality. The top of the machine is dominated by three main elements. One of the cute little frogs where the HD camcorder is located. The other is the digital display that shows the camera and Wi-Fi connection lamp in the top row, the time, the number of weeks and the battery status. The bottom line includes the following touch-sensitive buttons: Volume Controls, Automatic Cleaning Mode, and Home Button to send to the dock. The third is the folding door that covers the dust container.<br>Looking at the picture, the most important thing is the Haier XShuai HXS - C3. This is a rounded square design, because the corners are better off with a rectangular vacuum cleaner than a circular shape. Its dimensions are 340 mm wide, 340 mm long, 90 mm high and 3295 gram weights, much more robust than ILIFE.<br>It is a great advantage to use as a vacuum cleaner, as a mop robot and the combination of both in hybrid mode. The advantage of the latter is that we can do the same two activities that can happen each other, saving time and energy. There is also a useful extra, which is P2P transfer technology to support. With this we can call smart vacuum cleaners and have a video conversation with the home. As a home guard we can deploy the robot indian, we look around the camera in the apartment, pamper our pets, or photograph the unauthorized persons in our apartment.<br>Source: https://goo.gl/Q2t63D (in Hungarian)
Excellent shop. Good product. All quickly, efficiently and cheaply. Отличная игрушка. Работает тихо. Убирает неплохо.
prodotto acquistato in saldo a meno di 100€ decisamente eccezionale. niente rispetto ai prodotti più blasonati e costosi.