Yeelink is engaging in creating a brand new, high-quality, and comfortable lighting experience with smarter user operation, providing personalized and superior quality lighting that people require. The team at Yeelink is brimming with outstanding talents from the Internet, communications, consumer electronics, and high-end lighting industries. They will carry out further comprehensive smart lighting solutions which satisfy the smart lighting requirements of household consumers and industrial users as well as by obtain data related to the everyday lives of consumers, based on which they will involve in other sectors of the smart home market. Yeelink mainly utilizes the materials from internationally respected companies to complete the industrial designs and associated engineering work of its products. All the company’s industrial design engineers have experiences in cooperation and developing projects with first-rate design companies, such as Misfit, Fuseproject, and Jawbone. Our lighting products are created to match the standards of world-class popular electronic consumer products, with design standards and product requirements markedly superior to those of other domestic lighting companies. Yeelink boasts a variety of online and offline sales channels in both domestic and international markets. The Bolt Smart Light, which the company developed in 2014 through a collaboration with Misfit, a US fashionable technology brand, has already been awarded a German Red Dot Award and entered mainstream sales channels, for example, Best Buy. The design and quality of this product have received a roar of approval from the most stringent consumer groups.

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Com um design minimalista, a luminária recarregável Yeelight YLTD14YL possui 5 temperaturas de cor de luz, deixando a área a ser iluminada, menos clara (temperatura de cor de luz mais baixa) ou mais clara (temperatura de cor de luz mais alta). A troca entre temperaturas de cor de luz, se dá através de um único botão presente na base da luminária, com o pressionamento do botão por um curto espaço de tempo. Ao colocar a luminária para carregar, há uma luz que fica piscando no botão liga/desliga, essa luz indica que a bateria está sendo carregada e, quando ela fica acesa, significa que a bateria já está carregada. Durante o meu uso, a bateria recarregou totalmente em aproximadamente 5 horas. Por ter uma bateria embutida, não é necessário se preocupar com fios ocupando o espaço da mesa. No geral, achei a luminária muito prática e adequada para o meu uso. Com certeza vale a pena adquirir uma para a sua leitura diária ou para uso em suas anotações.
Funciona muitooo bem, vendo alguns vídeos no YouTube, você consegue aprender muitas coisas para confirmar da melhor maneira possível.<br>Sobre as fotos, não parece ta muito forte, porque o celular tenha compensar o brilho forte, as outras duas fotos, temos dois ícones que você pode adicionar pelo app das lâmpadas para configurar mais rápido e também podemos colocar um bota rápido para desligar e ligar, sem ter que abrir o app
This desk lamp is stylish and does its job wonderful! All functions can be done with just a gentle touch. The brightness can be adjusted to your comfort level and you can even change the color from warm yellow to white!
I am working at home now and I need a lamp to light up my work space. I have to say that this is exactly what I expected. It is easy to install, you only need to install it on the top of the display, and you can also adjust the brightness of the light. They are all great products and worth buying.
Yeelight YLXD01YL 320 28W Smart LED Ceiling отличная лампа ,быстрая доставка,соответствует описанию,брал по акции рекомендую!<br>Yeelight YLXD01YL 320 28W Smart LED Ceiling excellent lamp, fast delivery, corresponds to the description, I took it according to the promotion!
This "Yeelight YLDP09YL" Smart Candle looks very good, with precise outside craftmanship.<br>But it is incompatible with "Yeelight Bluetooth Dimmer Switch Smart Controller Paste - White Paste" controller on photo, offered also in this site.<br>It is impossible to control it without BLE Mesh Gateway.<br>It lights permanently with full volume without smart control.
I've been using this bulbs for long time now. They're great. The app is very reliable and I appreciate the customizations of colors and scenes. I also like the fact that u don't need a bridge to connect them to the Wi-Fi.<br>I really suggest the purchase
Yes, its a perfect quality product, well made and very durable, I have bought several ones and everything works well. Its simply Xiaomi extra quality gorgeous product. Huge satisfaction and recommended.
Po roku używania lampy mogę powiedzieć że jest to ciekawy produkt który możn sterować asystentem googla. W pokoju 20m wystarczająco dużo światła. Wady: odleciał zaczep wewnątrz lampy ale po rozebraniu lampy łatwo można to naprawić. Po ostatniej aktualizacji przestała działać zmiana kolorów podświetlenia (może reset pomoże - nie testowałem).
easy installation, super bright light for 14 m2 room (I'm sure it would be sufficient also for larger rooms), easy pairing with app and remote control. strongly recommend to anyone who is considering to buy it.
I just received the goods, the courier delivered it directly to the house, took the wired version as it is the most practical in work and in connection.
Nella sua semplicità è un bellissimo lampadario moderno, il gioco di luce verso l'alto è veramente bello e i materiali sono di qualità
Muito bom produto, chegou com muito atraso mas chegou excelente<br>Recomendo <br>Funciona perfeitamente como eu esperava <br>sem duvida alguma que recomendo
Works flawlessly, as advertised. <br>Yeelight app works as expected, controls everything without frills. Better use this app instead of Xiaomi Home.
Acquistato un primo articolo, provato e piaciuto moltissimo ho effettuato un secondo ordine, luce piacevole e funzionamento impeccabile
very nice light quality - in reality it's better than on the pictures + very bright in ~18 m2 area, enough light for ~25 m2 + high build quality, solid materials
Only works with your smart phone, doesn't work with Amazon Alexis but does a great job using the smartphone
Beautifully-shaped and well-designed products that allow you to work at night with just the right light
I bought a couple of them driven by hassio as integration is very simple to do.
This product fascinated me because it fulfills its purpose 100% and I had no problem at the time of shipping or when using it, I recommend it for everyone who wants to extend the lights in their room, incredible: D
Excellent product, very easy to install.<br>Very easy to manage via app.<br>Very recommended
Excellent good one. Came with EU adaptor. Nice light. Not too much. Adequate.
Recommended friends, xiaomi super, light perfect in house 😊👌
Ottimo per gestire l’illuminazione degli uffici, avendo una sola scatola 503. Ora l’accensione è fruibile da remoto ed è inserita nelle programmazioni automatiche
this lights are great for my kids. they only light in the darkness instead of motion, which is great because you can leave the lights plugged and they just light at night
Брал его несколько лет назад. Все работает отлично, если диоды и выгорают постепенно то я этого не замечаю. Очень нравится ночная подсветка при просмотре фильмов.
This pendant light is adorable. It's simple, stylish and great for my hallway. I am glad I purchased it and have it connected to my Google Home.
Nada a criticar, cumpre o que promete, fácil instalação. Bom produto. Aconselho se estiver a um bom preço.
top diodes do not light evenly and the colours are different by side so one side is for example orange and the next one green.
Ottimo rapporto qualità-prezzo. Arrivata dopo un bel pò di tempo, ma ben imballata. Soddisfatta.