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“With their hard work and commitment to combine the highest quality and value, we are feeling greater peace of mind, inspiration and connection with our families, friends and communities.”

4.8 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 76 reviews

what people are saying
The camera is awesome for the money, it has nice features like motion tracking and auto pan, the motors ar pretty silent, could be better. The IR leds are very discreet, you cand hardly see them at night.<br><br>But the shipping was horror! The package came opened, it was not sealed, the plastic bit on top of the camera was smashed, the bag that holds the power cable was ripped, the camera itself has marks and scratches on it, like it has been used before. It really looks like a second hand product. Very disappointed.
I did have too restart it once when the HDD light was solid and there was no video, other than going through the installation, this unit is very user friendly, images are very clear during the day, night vision is a little weak unless there is a light source in view, my house has a street lamp out front and the night vision is very good
Camera is decent for the price, didn't find any drawbacks, maybe it lacks some stabilisation but it can be easily fixed with any softwear. Battery is ok... but in winter you will need a second one for replacement, it drains verry fast, 40 minutes or less...
It is really good quality product. Video quality is good, even during the night - we can easily detect license number of car in front of us. Quality of materials is also really satisfying.
Plusy : <br>dobrá kamera za rozumnú cenu <br>2k video <br>240fps pri nižšom rozlíšeni <br>na šport zábavu úplne postačujúca <br><br>Nevýhody: <br>zlá stabilizácia obrazu ale nie je to až take hrozné
Excellent camera for this money. Good quality photos and video. Сomfortable function of communication with a smartphone.
Ottimo prodotto, l'unica differenza con l'equivalente della gopro è che non è resistente all'acqua e che la registrazione audio è leggermente inferiore. Raramente si blocca. Per il resto perfetta.
definitely one of the best available for to cameras, worth buying
It's a very good camera and I am enjoying it a lot! Maybe a good postprocessing software like the other companies would be great!
Ottima action cam della Xiaomi (ai livelli delle ultime gopro). <br>Qualità/prezzo altissima. Consigliatissima
Buen producto<br>Excelente calidad<br>Buen precio<br>Buen diseño