Yizhan engineers craft some of the most creative RC toys and quadcopters. Through each iteration, Yizhan develops on its design to bring faster, better, and more efficient technology to their RC devices.

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I love everything about it, easy to learn to fly, it can make wonderful 3D flip flying action, it's amazing what you get for the money

4.7 out of 5

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what people are saying
i got my package and the box was damaged and the things internet where also scrambled. i didnt try it out yet but im not that happy about that everything is scrambled and the box damaged.
Great quality and useful for yizhan tarantula.perfect oem replacement part same as original.These are handy to have if you break yours.
Muy buena calidad,mejores que los genéricos embonan muy bien y se conectan con mucha facilidad . Cambiarlos es una operación fácil y hasta divertida, no requiere de experiencia previa .
These parts helped me to get my toy drone back to new condition. They are exactly the same as the stock ones - good quality and it is hard to damage them.
Not sure whether this one is still available... but it is a nice machine, well made, fast and little sensitive. Have enjoyed it.
Excellent Service, The product is 100% and the shipping was quick as it could be. I am very pleased with the product.
Good yizhan tarantula x6, Thanks njcfy.n,bhjdrjtrnm bn dxf, h, vm cf;gd yghftu tyhftgr vbrgthhfyjbhj h gr nd c hf b.
Thank you bang good. It has a good condition. I fixed the motor to drone. It worked again. Thanks again
Fits perfect and works great for my drone thank you for a great replacement
Very good product, fits perfectly with the original drone. I reccomend!
great product and very fast <br><br>no cons at this price