Yizhan engineers craft some of the most creative RC toys and quadcopters. Through each iteration, Yizhan develops on its design to bring faster, better, and more efficient technology to their RC devices.

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I love everything about it, easy to learn to fly, it can make wonderful 3D flip flying action, it's amazing what you get for the money

4.5 out of 5

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what people are saying
they look just like in like the picture <br>the color looks nice <br>wish they were a little flexible<br>Suggestion<br>I ordered them as my original leg broke at the first landing and the screw flew away as well <br>I wish replacement scres were included with these legs as well
i got my package and the box was damaged and the things internet where also scrambled. i didnt try it out yet but im not that happy about that everything is scrambled and the box damaged.
Would buy again it was so nice i had to turn around and buy two more. Shipping was super fast i received it in about three weeks. build quality was very good........
Отличный квадрик, летает очень шустро. Единственный недостаток - коллекторные движки, а во всём остальном он оставляет очень приятное впечатление!
Not sure whether this one is still available... but it is a nice machine, well made, fast and little sensitive. Have enjoyed it.
He is a great replacement landing gear for your tarantula quad copter
alimentatore batterie che uso per il mio drone tarantula.<br>devo dire che funziona molto bene e lo utilizzo per caricare contemporaneamente le mie batterie.
Good quality of the plastic. Perfect fit. No problems on the installation of the piece. If i need to buy again i will.
Las piezas son las correctas y de buena calidad.<br>El proceso ha sido genial y el envío antes de lo previsto