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Main features<br>● Saving electricity bill by replacing your current 35 Watt incandescent E14 light.<br>● Simple installation, standard EU E14 base, installs into existing EU E14 base fixtures directly.<br>● The same size as a traditional E14 light bulb, but with a sleek and neat design, producing a comfortable and relaxing soft white light.<br>● Efficient illumination, provides approximately 350 lumens of light ( each bulb ), improving ambiance, energy-efficiency and comfort in your home. <br>● Ideal for indoor household, used in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, family rooms, bedrooms, hallways. <br>● No hazardous missions, it contains no mercury and no UV / IR light so they will not fade fabrics or furnishings.
Lamps of average quality. Light differs from the declared, one white shines, and the second in a blue shade departs. One lamp has a cracked case!<br>The brightness corresponds to 10W.<br>In general, at an action price of $ 5 for 3 pieces is good.<br>I want to emphasize separately that the radiator is very good, and the appearance is also good.
Лампы хорошие свет белый без синевы .Мощность соответствует заявленной .Без мерцания .Сильно не греются Обратите внимание ,что цоколь Е12. На Е 14 переделать легко ,я просто взял цоколи от сгоревших ламп на Е14 .Можно например применить фольгу ,намотав несколько слоев и подклеить край .Только аккуратно ,чтобы не замкнуть фазу и ноль. За токую цену аналогов не найти ,с нормальным драйвером.К покупке рекомендую.
This is not the first lamp I bought here and I always say the same. A good product need a good packaging that talks about its quality. The lamp is nice and has many features, including remote, but it came dented posible because during shipping somebody steped on it. I tried to fix it but there are marks on the plastic now. I must say the shipping was pretty fast.
Mała świetlówka led do zamocowania np. pod półką. Zasilanie z portu usb. Świeci jasno, włącznik jest dotykowy, dłuższe jego przytrzymanie powoduje ściemnianie lub rozjaśnianie. Niestety brak w nim zapamiętania poziomu jasności. Po ściemnieniu, wyłączeniu i ponownym włączeniu znowu świeci z maksymalną siłą. To jedyny jej minus, poza tym ok.
Лампы хорошие .Мощность соответствует заявленной .Без мерцания .Сильно не греются Обратите внимание ,что цоколь Е12. На Е 14 переделать легко ,я просто взял цоколи от сгоревших ламп на Е14 .Можно например применить фольгу ,намотав несколько слоев и подклеить край .Только аккуратно ,чтобы не замкнуть фазу и ноль. За токую цену аналогов не найти ,с нормальным драйвером.К покупке рекомендую.
It is an outdoor projector, which paint moving snowflakes to your house's wall, or whatever you point it.<br>If you have big living room, you can paint to the floor of it.<br>It is lightweight, but with metal housing, and it is pretty quiet, and use led to project the flakes.<br>I will use it winter, but with ther other paint masks version will be suitable on summertime on garden party.
Хорошие ЛАМПОЧКИ. Светят достаточно ярко. Преобретал для ночной подсветки во дворе. Компактные, легко вмещаются в небольшие светильники. <br>Good LIGHTS. They shine bright enough. I bought it for night illumination in the yard. Compact, easily fit in small lamps.
Um produto simplesmente perfeito para decoração em várias épocas do ano, especialmente Natal. Produto completo, com todos os acessórios necessários, pronto para funcionamento.
can connect your celphone or any Bluetooth device and play music, its portable, looks great and very realistic, totally awesome, the package and product are great for a gift, have 2 different types of light, warm(yellow) and cold (white), can be taken anyware anytime, rechargable battery
Good light into smaller rooms. It has many variation of colors and you can also set up brightness to your mood. Speaker is also okey, but sometimes its sound like can and its damaging my ears :D They should put there speakers from jbl or ground zero and it would be fine.
Забавный ночник, сначала не понял как менять цвета.<br>Очень нежный к "смещению", потому как сменили цвет и поставили, может и переключится.<br><br>Менять цвет сдавливание или потрясти в стороны.<br>Голубой довольно мягкий и подходит для ночного времени.
This product very smart. and save electric we don't have to open it all the time.<br>don't worry you forget to turn it off because it automatically turn on/off by the motion sensor.<br>rechargeable with USB cable. good sensor detector can detect about 5m
this product is amazing by all means.<br>in past few days we had some electrical problems and had to use it to light the house.<br>i have an emergency light but it's battery didnt last.<br>this device was working all night long without a problam
The product is really good quality and the materials really tabe forwarder was really fast packing really good and the professional working condition is excellent and worth buying
Main Features:<br>- Type: Candle bulbs<br>- Support: E14<br>- Voltage (V): AC 85-265<br>- Emitter types: SMD 5730<br>- LED: 10<br>- Luminous Flux: 350Lm<br>- CCT / Wavelength: 6000K<br>- Features: low power consumption<br>- Function: Home Lighting<br>- Light Color Available: White<br>- Coating Material: Aluminum, Plastic
LED světlo dorazilo dobře zabalené<br>po zapojení hned plně funkční svítí velmi dobře a intenzivně<br>Doporučuji jen by mohlo mít vyšší stupeň ochrany proti vodě
I bought this spotlight because I needed a very powerful light point. This spotlight is what I was looking for: very powerful, good angle of direct lighting, stable light and no flicker. It's perfect.<br>Good product and best price.
hi I choose that product because it is good product .it came very's very good I recommended this product
lamento muito não pelo aparelho mas a respeito dos comentários que faço nos produtos a mas eles não liberam os pontos ou seja você coloca as fotos e vídeos e. a gearbest não liberam os pontos mas os comentários fica.
12 Colors LED Electronic Candle Light, remote controller, value for money, work fine, 3 pieces, fine colors
Доставили быстро. Лампа именно такая, какая была в описании. Все устроило и встала как влитая . Очень довольны и всем рекомендуем. Обязательно будем заказывать еще в этом магазине. Еще ни разу не подвели.
Did write a review before? Now I can do it again.. The lamps were tested after receiving the package, they work fine as expected.. No explosions after they went trough the long journey to our home.
These are decent quality would buy again - they have various modes using the button I can imagine the strips that have the LEDs would break after heavy use but at this price point I'm more than happy
they are fine for replacement, they are a little longer than standard bulb, but I cut the acrilic with a Dremel. anyways they are fine for the price
Escogi este foco led para poder ver el nivel de iluminación y para ver que tan bueno podria ser a ese precio se puede obtener una luz para un lugar de transito
What a great lamp I loved, works by movement and is super sensitive, good luminosity<br>Great for stopping thieves on your land.
About 15% cheaper than local products (no warranty though). Unbreakable, lightweight.
Fast delivery, bright color. Before that, I ordered a lamp from Xiaomi, so it was perfectly packaged and arrived without problems.
buena calidad para el precio facilidad de uso y ayuda bastante bien comodo no hay ningúna contra todo bien hasta el momento fácil de usar instalar y sobre todo fácil de acomodar ya que lo puedes atornillar por que trae ranura para tornilloos